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Geez……get busy for a few days and all of the sudden, your blog is relegated to page 4…..PAGE 4?????!!!!!!!!!!

It has been another one of THOSE weeks…….Ethan came off the slide funny on Sunday evening and has been limping ever since. Who has that Mom of the Year Award right now? I did take him to the doctor on Monday. Saw the NP, who manipulated his foot, ankle and piggies all around. He didn’t flinch. But I have to tell you, this kid has a very high pain tolerance. She said not broken, maybe just strained something. It’s Thursday. He’s still gimping around. Didn’t get a chance to call back to the dr’s office today, but you can bet I will in the morning. Good grief!!!!

Work has been……..insane, busy, stressful, frustrating. We are in the process of hiring a new admin. Guess who has to review all the resumes and do the initial interview? Yep, me. The two candidates I loved and sent on to my boss, he shot down. Not even a possibility. So, I put it all back on his plate. He’s doing all the interviewing of the new set of people tomorrow morning. DONE with it!!!!

Our Walk is in 10 days. My director emailed yesterday asking if I had any ideas for the Family Team tent. I’m so glad he’s incorporating me as a volunteer, but 10 days before Walk?!! I’ll hand it to him though…..this is his first year with MOD, first Walk, and a pretty large metro area that has two Walks. And he is a sweetie. So, we’re going to have a polaroid, pens, and a banner to take pics of the Family Teams, have them write a note on the pic, and then attach the pics to the banner. Should work out. I’m really looking forward to our Walk…..10, actually 9 now, days!!!!

And now, the reference to the title of this entry….bugs…………….
We have been dealing with bees in our courtyard for a couple of weeks. Not just bees flying around in the courtyard, but a full on hive. It’s up at the top of the second story, under the eaves. They’ve been active in one set of three airvent holes. There are screens but the bees can get through the holes, which they have. After two weeks of Michael spraying and spraying and spraying, I was DONE!!!! Called the exterminator out yesterday morning. He went through four cans of spray to kill them all off. Then he looked through the vent holes to see if maybe he could pull the hive out if he cut part of the eave off…….Then he came down the ladder and asked me if I was sure the bees had been there for only a couple of weeks. Yes, I told him……give or take a day or two, it had been two weeks since we first noticed them up there. Apparently, the hive is HUGE, and it’s in my attic. And he can’t get to that part of the attic from the access because there’s a firewall between the access and where the hive is. yippee. Worst case is, he cuts a hole in Grace’s bedroom ceiling to get to that part of the attic and remove the hive. If we don’t take the hive out, the bees will keep coming back. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! But we HAVE to get rid of them. I’ve been having serious nightmares about bees getting in the house. I have an irrational fear of bees. My father in law is severely allergic to bee stings. None of the kids has been stung yet, and I’m afraid of what might happen if they do get stung and are as allergic as my fil. TERRIFIED!!!!! So, in two weeks, the bee terminator comes back to try to take out the hive. Should be interesting. I know bees serve a purpose, but not in my attic!!!!!!

The good news……the wood floor is getting installed today and tomorrow. It will be done by the weekend….YAY!!!!!! I’ll post pics next week of the finished product. Dare I trust Michael with the project of putting the baseboards in?

PS…….I ended up getting Michael a gift cert to Barnes and Noble. He also went golfing Saturday and Sunday, we went out with friends Friday night, out to dinner with his parents and the kids Saturday night, and had a few friends over for a bbq Sunday night. In all, I think he had a great birthday!!!

6 thoughts on “Bugs

  1. Donna, Hi sweetie! What an interesting life you always lead. Glad Michale’s birthday came with celebration and love. I’m sure that any gift you gave him though would be appreciated in the spirit you gave it in …. BEES! Yikes! I would be done too. Let someone else get rid of these stinging ..swarming …. tiny monsters! I know you *must* be so excited about your new floors. HUGS! Melissa

  2. Donna, I’ve missed you…been wondering where you were!! Sounds like things are crazy busy on your end of the world!! BEES!!!! ICK!! I hate….hate bees…like you, am petrified of them. I’m with you…get ’em outta there…for GOOD….no takin’ chances with them things that – if you’re allergic – can be very dangerous!!! Hope you’re bee free really soon!! Sounds like you did a great job with Michael’s birthday…and I’m sure he had a great time!! Almost done with your floors..you must be estatic!! Can’t wait to see the pics!! Poor Ethan….hope it’s nothing serious….let us know what’s going on with his *limp*!! HUGS!!

  3. Oh no, not bees!!!! I am scared of them too. Your poor Ethan. give him hugs. Glad to hear Michaels b-day went good! I have my hubbys coming up, maybe you can help me, LOL!

  4. Donna, YUCK… I hate bees too!!! I just can’t believe how productive these things are… that nest sounds enormous! I hope the pest guy can clear this up for you.. and not take too much money in the process!! Sounds like Michael had a great birthday!! HUGs!

  5. Bees! Eek. Even I – the woman who housed caged bugs as pets – would freak out about a hive in my attic. Dont. Like. Bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome about the floors though. Can’t wait to see the pics. Happy Easter!

  6. Eeeek – bees? I am SO allergic to them…I’d be petrified. I can’t wait to see the floors! You give me inspiration!!! Denise

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