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The weird weekend

Well, I’ll get the bad news out of the way first…..My grandmother passed away on Saturday morning. I am sad that I will not see her again in this life, but joyful and celebrating the 97 years she had. Wow…..97. Kind of amazing isn’t it? My Daddy seems to be doing okay. He sounded much better when I talked to him on Saturday, and have had reports from two siblings that he was doing well yesterday and today. I’ll see him tomorrow for myself. The services are tomorrow and Wednesday, so we have a long drive up tonight, and an emotional couple of days ahead. I will be thinking of you all while I’m off SHARE for a couple of days. Thank you all for your hugs and prayers for my family.

In the midst of all of this, we had our Walk on Saturday. Ryley went with me, early, to host the Family Team tent. It ended up being a nice day, and the Walk was beautiful, right along the ocean. Our team, Ryley’s Walkers, ended up more than tripling our funds raised from last year…..I was so excited about that, and already have big things planned for next year. Ryley is just really starting to get what this is all about, and that this was a day for babies like him that came to early, or were sick and stayed in the hospital just like he did. He is asking A LOT of questions about his prematurity and time in the hospital. I struggle over what to tell him and how to tell him…..what and how much will his 5 year old brain understand?Will he get that I cried every night that I left him? That I didn’t want to leave him? That I was more scared than I’ve ever been in my life? Will he understand what a charmed life he leads and how blessed he is? Someday yes, for now, we struggle through the explanations and the guilt, in hopes that he gets SOME of it…….

And now for the funny, or the horrible, or the worst parent award getter…….

Many of you know about the haircut disasters that have occurred in our house at the hands of Ryley. Grace was the recipient of Ryley’s first two attempts at playing hairstylist. It wasn’t pretty. Gracie is just now really looking like a girl again. And I was so proud of the fact that it had been a year on April 8th since the last haircutting fiasco. I think Ryley must have forgotten the smoke coming out of my ears as I yelled and screamed at him after the second haircut he administered, because he did it again over the weekend. THANK GOODNESS he didn’t get Grace’s hair. I think I would have completely lost it. Nope, this time, Ethan was the lucky customer. I was TRYING to take a nap on Saturday afternoon after getting up at 4:30am to get to the Walk site at 6 (we were late because I have lost my car/house/mail keys, but that’s a WHOLE other story, still ongoing!)…….Michael came into the room and said he had to take Ethan to the barber to get his haircut. In the fuzzy-brainedness of TRYING to sleep, I was seriously confused. Not long before this, I had heard Michael hollering, “DUDE (yes, he does say dude to the kids), you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE”……I thought maybe he was talking to Ethan, maybe Ryley……another mud incident, someone coloring on the walls, something else in the house destroyed……..I never imagined what had really happened…..So, back to Michael telling me he had to take Ethan for a haircut……Peanut butter or gum in the hair? It never crossed my mind in those first moments that we would have a repeat haircutting incident. Michael corrected my assumptions right away…”Ryley cut Ethan’s hair”………WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!! I had to see for myself. I ran to my baby, my precious surfer-boy baby….his hair, all over his head, was cut, chopped, hacked………He had bald spots on one side and on the back of his head. Then I panicked…..had he gotten to Grace? One little snip in the front which you couldn’t see, THANKFULLY! Ryley spent the rest of the afternoon (over 2 hours) in his bedroom. Michael took Ethan to the barber where he got his first, and last if I have anything to say about it, buzz cut. I thought I didn’t have a baby anymore after he turned 2….Well, I really don’t have a baby anymore now. He does not even look like the same kid to me. So sad. I think Ryley is going to live the rest of his life having to tell people that they’re going to have to cut stuff for him because he is NOT ALLOWED anywhere near scissors!!! At least this one was on Michael’s watch…..what dad gets the craft box out for the kids to use at the kitchen table, then doesn’t pay attention when they then go outside? That’s NEVER a good sign. I hope he’s learned his lesson too! What kind of parents are we that this has happened now THREE TIMES? Here is a before, and two after pictures……..So sad……..

more t-ball, e mud and flooring 057



10 thoughts on “The weird weekend

  1. His hair looks so cute! He’s adorable, even after having to get all of his hair “Chopped” off. I like the buzzcut. Jessica

  2. Donna, First, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother!! Know I’ll keep your family in my thoughts & prayers this week. Now…Ethan, I hate to say it…as horrible as it is that Ryley did this THREE times, but he looks ADORABLE!! Ryley must’ve thought he was too hot for summer…so he attempted to give him a summer haircut. He DOES look much more grown up than 2…but looks happy about the whole thing…and so darn cute!!! Dads, scissors, and hair…wow…lethal combination in your household!!!! But look, just LOOK at the grin on that boys face….he’s SOO proud of his new haircut!!! So…that makes it all okay…for you…not for Ryley (little stinker)…he may be training for a life as a barber when he’s older!! Here’s to fast growing hair that’s perfect right now for the summer CA weather!! Hugs, hope, and healing,

  3. Donna, Sorry to hear about your granny, but I am truly thankful that your daddy seems to be doing okay. It’s never easy to lose someone you love, and I will be thinking of you and your family this week. Please travel safely! As for the haircut, I think he looks adorable. What a sweet face, it makes his eyes pop. Poor Riley, two hours in his room? The agony! Hugs to you,

  4. Oh my gosh, he does look like a new boy! No more baby… big boy! No, no, no once the baby always the baby!

  5. Oh Donna! So much going on in your world lately. I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear grandmother. She is in my thoughts … as are you .. in the days and weeks to come. I’m glad your dad is seemingly feeling better …. Certainly your grandmother lived a very full life …. I’m sure she accomplished a lot … and she’ll always live on in your extraordinarily big hearts. Ethan looks adorable… different … sure … but you can’t cute out cute when you are so darn cute! Hugs! Blessings! Much love! Melissa

  6. Donna –
    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your Grandma. And extra sorry that you have to watch your daddy go through this. I will be thinking of you in the next few days. And I hate to say it – but I think Ethan looks ADORABLE. Totally. And he looks so thrilled with his new “do”. I’m certain Ryley is sorry – right?? . Ugh – kids are so hard! Hugs-

  7. Donna, I know the next few days will be very emotional for your family. Again, I am so sorry about your grandmother. Even 97 years is a tough consolation prize… selfishly, we always wish they could stay. I pray the services are beautiful and worthy of the life they celebrate. Warm thoughts for your dad. And…. I know you don’t want to hear this…. but I really like Ethan’s haircut! I really like it! Yes, he looks older… but oh so handsome! It really makes those blue eyes pop right out. Glad it was Michael’s watch and not yours!

  8. Dearest Donna, UG! So much going on in your world! I’m soooo sorry about the loss of your dear grandmother. Boy, 97! Who can ask for more than that? What a full life! You and your family will be in my thoughts as you say goodbye to your granny, but certainly not forever. Poor Ethan! But his hair doesn’t look bad at all. When I was reading your entry, I was afraid I was going to see a horrid outcome but it’s really not bad at all. Same cutie pie! Thank you for your caring reply to my blog entry! My ears are still “backed up” and I pray soon they will pop (but am dreading the pain)! Thanks for caring and sharing!!!! Big Hugs,

  9. Donna….
    I am so sorry for the loss of your grandma…but am thankful that you had so many years with her. Congrats on a fun walk day…ours is this Sunday and I hope it goes as well. I am not looking forward to the early AM set-up though. I cut my own hair when I was younger…typically my bangs and always crooked.
    It is nice to see that this tradition goes on…
    I however do not look forward to it happening in my house to my children but I know it is inevitable. I think your son’s third time was the charm…I think he made his brother cute and ready for summer weather.
    That is how most of the boys in Chicago wear their hair for the summer…
    Thanks for sharing your crazy weekend with us.

  10. Donna, I’m so very sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. Regardless of her time here on Earth, saying good-bye is never easy. Ethan, *really* looks like Ryley now!! Wow.. never saw it before. He’s just adorable, but I feel your pain on the buzz cut. Kirk took Will two cuts ago, and had the barber buzz him. I was livid… it was *way* to short.. and he didn’t look like the same kid. He just had is his first haircut 2 weeks ago, after not having one in almost 8 weeks. It needed to grow out. In time E’s hair will grow out again too. He’s still so darn cute!!! Hugs to ease your pain.

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