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Dare i say this out loud?

A few weeks ago, Ryley really started complaining about still having to wear pull-ups at night. For those newer to my potty training tales of woe, it has been nearly 3 years since we started potty training Ryley. He just recently got to the point where I can pretty much count on him to stay dry all day, but nighttimes…no way. This had been a long road, extremely frustrating, and very much a roller coaster ride. I totally thought when we started that it might take a few months to really get it down, and maybe a year to have the nighttimes too, but as the weeks and months passed, my frustration and sometimes even anger mounted. WHY? What is wrong with my son that he can’t or won’t do this? I’m terrified to even THINK about training Ethan, and just pray that we don’t have near the repeat of what we’ve had to go through with Ryley.

But there is sunshine on the horizon. Yes, for the past two months, I have been able to confidently walk into his preschool classroom and not see that plastic bag full of wet clothes. I have been able to go for hours without stressing over him wetting his pants while playing or going out shopping or to eat. I still kind of hold my breath, thinking it’s probably going to go downhill again, but so far, so good. RELIEF!!!!!!!!!! One of the reasons we held him out of kindergarten this year (along with many others) was the whole potty training thing. I just couldn’t do that to him…..I couldn’t let him be “that kid” that wets his pants. I didn’t think he would ever live that down and I did not want to set him on the road to being a social pariah at such an early age (he’ll have to earn that one on his own if that’s where he’s going to end up! LOL!). AMEN! We have dry days!!!!!

A week ago, he refused to put a pull-up on to go to bed. Grace hasn’t worn one in nearly a year, and Ryley has really been pushing against it for awhile. We have always told him that if he went five nights with dry pull-ups, then he could go without one. He has NEVER done that, nowhere near. He is usually completely soaked in the morning…..no spiders or stars to be seen on his pull-ups. I was nearly convinced, and Darcy will vouch for me, that Ryley may be one of the first to go off to college wearing pull-ups. But the night he refused and fought so hard, Michael and I just looked at each other and said “let’s try it”. And we did. I put the mattress pad on the bed, being a negative nellie, sure there would be reason for it. Michael woke him up twice during the night to go potty, and he was dry in the morning. I am completely and utterly amazed. He has gone for a week now, no accidents at night, and no pull-ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night, we didn’t even wake him up at all and he was dry this morning. Can this really be the end of it? Did he just have to decide that he was done with it? No working up to it, just over? I am afraid to say it out loud. I’m afraid to even think it, because it has gone this way for the past 2 1/2 years with the rest of the potty training. Just when I would think he was okay, just when I’d think we were past the point of worrying, he’d start wetting again.

It’s always been this way with Ryley. I would completely have to give up hope that he would ever do whatever it was we were waiting for him to do (breathe on his own, stop having brady’s, eat without dropping his sats, roll over, crawl, talk…..EVERYTHING), before he would do it. It almost seemed I had to say out loud that I had given up….he was never going to do it, before he would do it. Once he decides to do something, that’s usually the end of it. He takes off and there’s no looking back. I just pray it’s the same with this. Oh, the thought of only buying diapers/pull-ups for one kid instead of two or three…..WOW!

Here are some pics of the finished floor at home. We have baseboards left to do, but the floor is completely in. And I LOVE it!!!!!!!




7 thoughts on “Dare i say this out loud?

  1. Whoohoo! Go Ryley! I love it! I think that our kids sometimes just have to make a decision that they are going to do something, and it sounds like he has made this decision. That’s awesome Donna! I LOVE YOUR FLOORS. I am so envious – we had beautiful wood floors in our old house, and although I like not having to wear slippers in the new house, I miss my floors. They are gorgeous! Happy Friday! Hugs,

  2. Donna, Love the floors!! They are gorgeous!! I see why you love them so!! Glad to see all the dust and outside commodities paid off so heavenly in the end! Dare I say *Congratulations* to Ryley!! I’ll say it!! CONGRATULATIONS RYLYEY!!! One night…without being woken up…that’s AWESOME!! I think this is a boy that will get what he wants out of life, as long as he puts his mind to it!! Way to go, buddy!! We are…SOOO proud of you!! Your preemie is growing up, Donna!!!! Hugs & what a great Friday post!!
    Have a great weekend…and a dry one!!
    Love ya’

  3. Oh Donna! That is *wonderful* news!!!! Sweetie!!!!! Yay!!!! I remember you assuring me my kidlets would not go to college in diapers … So I’m certainly glad Ryley is out of them …. Perhaps one day … my kids will be inspired by his story. Your house is beautiful. Just beautiful. Hugs! Melissa

  4. Hi Donna, The house looks absolutely beautiful! Yahoo for Ryley. I’m terrified of training Emma but you give me hope, girl! Seems all you had to do was think he wouldn’t. I should start doing that with food, telling Emma all food stinks and maybe the kid will eat! You go Ryley!!! Hugs,

  5. I love love love your floors! They are beautiful! Yahhh on the potty training!! It took me 18 months to get Devin potty trained. It can be soooo frustrating.

  6. Way to go Ryley!! Auntie is so proud of you!! Hang in there sis, he’ll make it through. He always does when we least expect it. Love the floor. Going to have to make a trip down there to enjoy it with you. lvya,

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