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Sleep – less

I don’t know what’s happening at my house. My champion sleeper, my easiest ever kid to put to bed has been invaded by the sleep-less monster. Since we got back from our trip to my grandmother’s funeral last week, Ethan has not wanted to sleep in his bed, and is waking up at night. This is so unusual and abnormal for him. Since he was about 7 months old, we’ve had a bedtime routine. We get jammies on, brush teeth, read a few books in the rocker in his room, turn on his aquarium or music, hug and kiss, and he goes in his bed. There are hardly ever any tears. Usually, he just says ni-ni Momma, yuv yu, and it’s off to sleep for him. Last night, he cried for over an hour. I finally went in there, just to make sure everything was okay. No messy diaper, still water in his sippy cup, no fever or anything……..I rocked him for a few minutes, and put him back in his bed. He promptly stood up and reached out for me, tears streaming down, “please Momma, uppee”……It broke my heart as I said good night and walked out of his room, closing the door behind me. He just sounded so sad. Fifteen minutes later, he finally crashed. At 1:30 this morning, he was back up again. I tried to let him cry it out and fall back asleep on his own. I lay there, waiting for the crying to stop, knowing I wouldn’t fall back asleep until he did. When he started crying “please Momma, please, uppee, please Momma”, I couldn’t take it anymore. I went in there to try to comfort him. When I tried to put him back in his bed, it started up again. Exhausted, worn out, and feeling like the worst mommy ever, I brought him into our bed. He was out in five minutes and slept the rest of the night.

I can’t keep doing this. I can’t make a habit of letting him sleep in our bed. We didn’t do that with the other two, unless they were sick or had nightmares, I’m certainly not going to do this with Ethan. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with him, but he’s been doing this now for nearly a week. I’m wiped out. He’s wiped out too…..He is still napping in the afternoon, but he’s so tired from the crying and waking up during the night that he’s falling all over the place during the day, and cranky. This is just not normal behavior for him. And it just breaks my heart to hear him crying. He’s old enough to understand that mommy isn’t answering his call. This cry is a hurt cry and it goes straight to my heart, that mother’s heart that says my baby is in pain and I need to go to him. Ahhhhhh…….how to get through this latest phase?

11 thoughts on “Sleep – less

  1. Oh Donna – I wish I could offer some advice. But alas, I’m dealing with the same thing. Emerson – my GREAT sleeper – has been doing this also. Last night – she went down great – but awoke 1 hour later. She then screamed..off and on…for the next 3 hours. This has been going on for a little over 2 weeks. I tried putting her in our bed – but since we’ve never allowed it – she doesn’t know what to do. She thinks it’s play time. We’re wiped out.
    I am blaming it on teeth. Truly, I’m doing that to make myself feel better. If I have something to blame it on – then it can’t be that this will last, right? Good luck to you – and I’ll pray for more restful nights at your house! Denise

  2. Donna, You said it perfectly, this is a phase. Which means temporary. I know that doesn’t help you all get more sleep, but at least know it won’t last forever. Poor little guy and poor mommy! You are much stronger than I am, if Daisy said please Momma, uppe” just once I probably would have picked her up and slept with her in our bed. Heck, I do that sometimes when she just won’t go back to sleep in the night. Maybe you need a change in his routine? I don’t know – something I once read talked about taking a glass of water and telling your child that it’s magic sleep juice. That when they drink even a sip of it they will sleep well and have no bad dreams. It sounds a little hokey, but apparently it worked for a bunch of families. Will be sending you sleep vibes and hugs! Take care,

  3. Donna, How frustrating when sleep patterns get all amuck!! I’m so sorry the nights are rough and he’s going through this phase right now, and I wish I had words of hope for you – but I’ll be right here – prayin’ you get answers to whats really going on with him, and why the change, so you both can get some rest!!!! Hugs & much needed rest to you, sweetie!!

  4. Oh Donna …. I wish I could help … Since we moved to OKC our kidlets have been driving us bats with their disturbing *new* night routine. They are put to bed around 7:30 … 8:00 … and they play, run, jump, giggle, cry, scream, and bang doors until 10. They ask for milk…water…. Donovan even says he’s “constipated” (I know ….what a GREAT word for a kid to know) … I too am at my wits end with this …. I can handle whatever the day brings … as long as they go to bed at night without a fuss… But because we live in a small place … and they are the same age …. I can’t win for losing. I am very sorry. Truly, I know how it feels. Hugs! Melissa

  5. Oh my goodness! After reading all of the above and your entry today, Donna, I feel so part of the “share group” again. What is it with these kids, must be the weather or something because for the past month Emma has been giving me such a hard time getting to sleep. But the one thing I refuse to do is bring her into my bed with me. Just a bad habit and I don’t want Emma taking over our bedroom. Stick to your guns and let him know who’s boss! I know how incredibly tired you are now but I believe it totally is just a phase and he’ll be back to his old self soon enough! I’m still praying for Emma……….. Hugs,

  6. Donna…. What is up with this?!?!?!??!?! Ryanne was up for about a half hour last night just calling for Daddy….thank goodness she looks for him at night. He has always done the night duty even though he is the worker in the house….he is just better at it then me.
    She was crying and begging him to read her one more book.
    I like you hope that this is short lived…
    Ryanne has been doing it for about 3 days now…so I am sure Jason is going to be pushing me tonight so I take a turn so he gets a good nights sleep.
    The funny thing is even though I don’t physically get up to help him…I am sitting there wide awake until he comes back and she quiets down anyways…
    I wish you luck tonight!!!

  7. Sounds like Denise, you and I are all in the same boat! Man alive whats with these darlings? The cry just breaks my heart too. Good luck to you tonight, if I’m awake I will be thinking of you!

  8. Well, we might have a little bit of an answer….it seems he is getting two of his 2 yr old molars. I’m hoping this is what’s causing the nighttime change of sleep routine for him……thanks for the hugs and support…..Weird that so many are going through this all at the same time. Hmmmmm….maybe there is something in the weather or whatever! I’ll think about you all when I get up in the middle of the night!!! HUGS!

  9. If it helps Katelyn is getting her 6 year molars and going through the same thing, without as much crying but still having a hard time going to sleep and getting up during the night. I feel your pain! Amy

  10. Donna, OH You poor woman!!! I’ve been there. Ian did it, Will did it (not to long ago). Oddly enough the girls didn’t do it, but they had one another… *that* was a whole other issue!! I have decided after careful thought… It’s a stage, with the age. E is about the same age, Ian did it, and Will was a bit older, but not by much. Our dilemma was they were both in their big boy beds, so they just repeatedly got back out of bed, and would come to our room. I’m with you… no one sleeps in our bed unless they are sick (can stay all night) or scared for some reason (this one only gets a small reprieve then back to their bed). When we were ready, we just kept putting them back in their bed, with no conversation, and they eventually got the hint. Will got it much quicker than Ian (I won’t tell you how long it lasted with him). You are so right… it is heartbreaking when they are pleading, and using the “magic” words. Hang in there… when you’ve had enough, you’ll bite that bullet, and E will get the message. Until then, enjoy the snuggles. Hugs!

  11. I am so sorry about your loss. I know that this is a big adjustment time for your family. Just know that you are in my prayers. Angi “Phoenix’s mom”

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