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Did i say….?

Remember, maybe it was last week, when I blogged about a weird weekend? Well, it has been a weird week. Ever since my grandmother died, I have felt…Oh, I don’t know…out of whack. Things are just not “normal”. We finally got Ethan to sleep through the night again, but he is still SCREAMING, whining when I put him down for a nap and at bedtime. This is just so not usual for him. It breaks my heart to walk out of his room every night when he’s standing up, reaching out to me, saying “uppeez, Momma, peeeeeaaaaazzzzzz” AAAHHHHHHH!!!! How do we do this to ourselves? At least we’ve gotten it down to 10 minutes of crying from an hour and a half of crying.

All was going well until Tuesday night. I got Grace (and everyone else) home and she was complaining that she was cold (it was in the low 70’s here that day). Hmmm……..she got on the recliner, covered up in a blanket, and was shivering. I took her temp. 102.3. DUH! No wonder she’s shivering with the back door open. Medicate, and put her to bed. GREAT! I’m either home or she’s going to work with me the next day.

Wednesday comes, and we have our Q & A meeting with the principal of the school we are planning on sending Ryley to next Fall. That’s going along fine until they reach a certain point in describing the curriculum for the elementary school. I knew, as soon as the principal described this particular thing that my husband was going to completely baulk. Which he did. DEALBREAKER! We decide he’s going to think and sleep on it, and will give me his decision the next day. (BTW, I was fine with this particular part of the curriculum, but Michael and I settled certain things before we even got married, and this was in direct contrast with that decision). Okay, so go to work, Gracie in tow because it’s Wednesday after all, and we have staff meetings every Wednesday. Just before the meeting, I get a voicemail message on my work and cell phones. That can’t be good. It’s preschool, so I call Ms. Shari back. Ryley’s now running a fever. Oh, and by the way, he got into a fist fight on the playground with one of his best friends, lied to the elementary school (yep, the guy that heads the school we WERE going to send Ryley to for kindergarten) principal for 10 minutes about fighting (even though TWO teachers had witnessed the event AND Ryley had already copped to the fight to one teacher and the director Ms. Shari), AND THEN used potty language (a high offense at our school and at home….not a bad word in the sense you or I might consider a “bad word”, but literally, potty language) regarding the other kid involved in the fight. GREAT! I can’t leave work due to said meeting, so emergency call to hubby, which produces not results, and another emergency call to the neighbor who immediately says she will pick up and keep Ryley until I get home. AWESOME! This day is going straight into the toilet! A stressful 2 hour meeting later (at least Grace behaved awesomely while she was at work with me!), I’m finishing up and heading home.

Thursday, Grace has to stay home from school since she was still running a low grade fever on Wednesday, and Ryley’s fever shows no sign of dropping. I stay home with all three kids, and I work. I spent most of the day with videos playing for them, and one ear listening while they play and Ethan naps. I actually got A LOT of work done. The kids were so well behaved (an obvious sign they weren’t feeling that great), thankfully, and I felt great that I’d been able to contribute at work even though I wasn’t physically in the office. Thursday night I got almost no sleep. Ryley’s fever would not come down, even alternating meds as directed. I was TERRIFIED he was going to have a seizure last night, and couldn’t get any good sleep in spite of the fact that he was sleeping right next to me. AHHHHHH!!

Friday, I spend the morning at home with Ryley who is STILL running a fever, waiting for Michael to finish his meetings so I can go into my office. My vpn link to work was not working, and a call to the IT guy produced no results until 30 minutes before I left for the office anyways. So, I finally get to work and get going. Two hours later, one of my bosses is back in from the field, (I work for a contractor) and I get called into his office. Now, I know I have a good job, and get a lot of stuff that other people don’t, but this just threw me over the edge. He told me that I needed to start taking vacation days on the days I stay home with sick kids. WHAT?!!!!! I proceed to tell him that I worked from home yesterday, and actually got a ton of work done, in spite of having two sick kids an one healthy kid at home with me, at which point he asked me how I did that and paid sufficient attention to my sick children that needed tending. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? He made me feel like I was a bad parent for working from home instead of “taking care of them/tending them” at the exact same time he made me feel like a bad employee for not being in the office in the first place. I got so mad…..I can’t remember the last time I was THAT angry. He said it wasn’t fair to the other employees that I could work from home and did when the kids were sick, and that it was causing “friction” with the other employees who didn’t have that option (mind you, only the techs who hardly know me anyways because they work strictly in the field, the receptionist, and the accountant don’t have this capability), AND that someone had asked where I was yesterday, was I out AGAIN?….,….AND he’s still mad because I negotiated three weeks of vacation annually with my direct boss who is the other owner when I went full time. I could not believe what I was hearing. He offered to talk to the other owner about it before making it policy, but from now on, he wants me to take a vacation day to stay home with sick kids instead of working from home. Unbelievable. I was planning on quitting anyways, at the end of June, but now I will be giving notice next week, effective the end of the month. It will be a stretch for us for a little bit, but so well worth it after this conversation……

Wow, sorry this has gone on forever. I just had to vent. This week has been so weird, I can’t even explain. Oh, I forgot to mention…..I turned in Ryley’s kindergarten packet at the public school he will be attending now. Did that yesterday. That just added to the weirdness of the week. He has his kindergarten readiness evaluation on Tuesday afternoon. GREAT….more stress, AND I have to leave work early to get him to it! HAH!

6 thoughts on “Did i say….?

  1. Donna, So sorry to hear about your stupid boss, I’d be po’d. Really glad that you will be giving notice, although extra income is helpful it’s just not worth it. Ryley fighting?! What a little stinker. Vent away my friend, that’s what we’re here for! Sam

  2. Donna,
    Gosh, talk about trying to please everyone and having it just blow up in your face.
    Well, at least you gave going back to work a shot. I am a field rep and if I have to miss a day either someone(four hours away min.)has to run my route or I have to reschedule my customers..Either way someone winds up resenting me and wasn’t I just off that one day six months ago! Geesh! I say take care of you and yours first. On another note, Riley starting kindergarten. omg
    how exciting and scary at the same time. Glad to hear Ethan is starting to get back on schedule. Domonique has been giving me a hard time (for the first time ever) since our trip last week.
    I hope all the kiddos are feeling better real soon.
    Hang in there,

  3. Hi Donna, You poor thing! I’m sorry you have been having such horrible days this week but the weekend is here now and I’m hoping for you that things start turning around. So glad you are giving your notice to that little stinker, who obviously knows nothing about having children and working at the same time! You go ahead and vent. That’s what Share is here for and I’m hoping for a speedy recovery for the sickies over there. Big Hugs and I’m thinking of you,

  4. Okay.. we were IMing when you got this news… but I must now add.. Your boss is a *&%#!! Opps… am I allowed to say that? He doesn’t sound like he treated you very fairly at all. He should have been glad you got *his* work completed for him, and thanked you for going above and beyond your duties.
    You are a terrific Mommy! Don’t let this put any doubt into your head. I know you’ve been looking forward to the end of June, but now Christmas is coming early!! You’ve earned it!! I know you will be so much happier at home with your sweet kiddos.. and I’m sure they will enjoy their time at home as well. Hugs to calm your nerves… and quiet your heart!!
    Have a great time tonight at your party, and relax!!

  5. So a big ol’ bah-humbug to your boss… but yay for staying home with the kids! What an exciting thing. I’m sorry it had to be under these kind of circumstances… boy are they going to realize their mistake!
    Congrats on making a decision about Ryley’s kindergarten. Can’t wait to hear how the readiness mtg goes. (I’m not worried!)

  6. I am sorry to hear of the bad week that you have had. Some people don’t get it. Everything will be fine with your meeting. I don’t blame you for wanting to quit. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

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