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Where to start?

Wow, Page 5?!!!! Guess it has been awhile. I was so busy at work last week, finishing things up and training the person taking my place………

I don’t even know where to start. Today is my first day of not working at all since Ethan was six months old and I went back to work two days a week. So far, it has been an awesome day. I still got up at 6, but that’s better than 5:30. And I had time to eat breakfast, get the kids dressed in clothes that actually matched, everyone’s hair combed and teeth brushed, and we were still on time getting Ryley and Grace to school. I know this is the honeymoon period, which will probably be over by 3 this afternoon when they’re all fighting and destroying things as per their normal behavior, but right now, I am so happy, I can’t even explain it.

None of the three of them would leave my side this morning. Ryley and Grace were right on me all morning. They kept checking in to make sure I would be picking them up before lunch time at school. They kept asking if I was going to work today. They were just so excited. When we got to school, they were telling anyone who would listen that they didn’t bring lunches to school because their mommy isn’t working anymore and they are getting picked up before lunchtime. So cute. It just reaffirmed that this is the right decision for my family at this particular point in time.

So, the holiday weekend…..Hope everyone had a good one. We had beautiful weather this weekend and outside of a poker party Friday night, had a family weekend. Took the kids out to dinner Saturday night. They were really good, until we went to the video store and Ryley couldn’t make up his mind on a movie. The countdown started and when done, he still hadn’t made a decision. He completely flipped out. He’s never done anything like that to that degree in the middle of a store, ever. It was awful. Screaming, yelling, kicking, crying…..Michael picked him up and carried him out the car. Ryley didn’t stop the entire way home. He was just kicking the back of the driver’s seat, yelling, and crying. It was awful. And it didn’t stop when we got home because he had his movie taken away from him, and staying up, and getting some ice cream. He got a bath and was put to bed, still crying. Ten minutes later, he was crashed out. But oh the stress when it was going on. He just became a completely different kid in that mode……Michael looked at me like “where did this come from?” Sometimes, I still wonder and worry…..you know…THAT worry….That something is wrong with him. Ryley emotionally could not handle it. But then, I think he was just so tired. Why can’t I just relax already?

Yesterday, we went to the beach. Ethan’s not a huge fan at this point in his life. Within a half hour of getting there, he was saying “all done, beach” and “ready to go Momma?” while doing his sign for “go”…….Poor kid. We were there for three more hours. He finally gave in and started playing, but started in again about an hour before we left. The other two didn’t want to leave. My tub is full of sand right now. But it was a beautiful day. I love days like that. And even though it’s a pain and takes forever to pack everything up and get ready to go, then forever to unpack and clean up, the kids have such a great time that it’s all worth it. I took the camera, but didn’t get one picture yesterday. The daddy’s kind of took over the kids, and the mommy’s just relaxed.

9 thoughts on “Where to start?

  1. Donna,
     Sounds like a really great beach weekend. As for Riley… when Gavin is overtired he does that, too. And it’s worse because at this age you know they know better but even though they don’t want to be rotten, they just can’t control themselves. Gavin also usually falls asleep within minutes of behavior like that, too. And heeeeyyyyyy… stay at home, mommy! Sounds like your kids are tickled about the extra time with you. That makes any sacrifice worth it! *hugs* Congrats! Darcy

  2. I bet you are excited to be at home with your children. I know that they must be excited too. You will have a summer full of fun and memories. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom’

  3. I”m so jealous! I wish I were home….lucky you! I imagine the kids – and mommy – are VERY excited! Good for you all. Leighton does that exact thing. Trust me, I know it’s ugly to witness! Charlie usually gets way more stressed than me…but it’s stressful regardless. Denise

  4. Ohh you lucky lucky lady! I would love to be a stay at home mommy! I miss my girls so much when Im at work! Enjoy it for all of us! Bless you and your loved ones!

  5. Hiya fellow SAHM! Doesn’t that look like some sort of army division or something? Sounds like your kiddos are loving you being home, and that you’re enjoying it as well. You’ve totally earned this, so soak it all in. Big hugs Donna,

  6. Oh, Donna, what a beautiful weened it sounds like you had! So glad to hear you are home now with the kiddies! I bet they are just beside themselves with excitement! You sure deserve it! I worked for almost 20 years and when Emma came, I was finally able to stop and it’s worth every second! So, congratulations! Sorry to hear about the little tantrum! Hope he’s doing better by now! Love and Hugs,

  7. YAY… Welcome Home SAHM!!! That’s it your new nickname.. “Diva Sahm”! I love it.. now if I can just get you to move closer.. then we can really enjoy your stay at home mode. AH.. the beach.. maybe I should move your way. How I love the beach! Sounds like a great weekend, barring any kicking and screaming. Tired will do that to a 5 year old. Hugs!

  8. Donna,
    Congrats on your last day of work. I’m sure the kids are just tickled. I’m glad you had a great weekend (small meltdown aside)
    I look forward to reading more frequent blogs from you now.
    Take care,

  9. YAY!!!! What a great feeling seeing how excited the kids were that you were able to “pick them up before lunch!!” Glad your weekend was good!

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