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While reflecting on my reflections of yesterday, I realized some things…..My kids are growing up, and things are changing for them, and with them, QUICKLY. Some are good, some are sad, and some are just there……..

Two years ago, I dragged Ryley and Grace into our pantry, stood them against the wall, and marked off their heights. Then I dated it. Since that day, they had been put against that wall two more times, and Ethan was added this past November. Yesterday, I took them back in to see how much they’ve grown in six months. Ryley grew another inch, Gracie half an inch, and Ethan is now as tall as Gracie was the first time we did this exercise (Ethan was ah, about six weeks old then, and Grace was 2 1/2). Amazing…..Ryley and Grace have each grown about 4 inches in two years. How does this happen? Why can’t we see this happening unless we put them up against the wall with Sharpie lines and dates on them? Where did my “little” kids go? The sad part is, Ryley hasn’t even put on an ounce in nearly a year. He keeps getting taller, but he also keeps getting thinner. And he’s my best eater of the three. Beginning to wonder if maybe he doesn’t have tapeworm or something. I keep telling myself he is just taking after his Daddy, but geez…I feel like his arms or legs are going to snap in half sometimes he is so thin.

Gracie is growing up as well…..She is becoming protective of her girlness….wanting less and less to play rough and tumble with the boys, and more and more of the house/school/shopping games with her dolls and stuff. She’s getting a definite opinion about what she wants to wear (or not), which shoes go with which outfit, and what she “needs” when Mom goes shopping. And did I ever mention her capacity for talking your ear off? That is, of course, when she can get a word in edgewise around Ryley’s running commentary on life. The saddest thing…..She no longer calls Ryley “Brother”…..for nearly two years, she has called him nothing but Brother. Then one day it was gone. We didn’t really notice it at first, but then it hit both Michael and I at the same time. We were coming home from church and she starts yelling about something “Ryley” is doing to her. Michael and I just looked at each other, and I was the first one to ask “Did she just call him Ryley?”, and then we both looked at her. When asked, she said she just decided not to call him Brother anymore. And she hasn’t, ever since. So sad. I miss the “Brother”. I could distinguish her calling for him from any other kid calling for their sibling. Somehow, in my heart of hearts, I wish she would call him Brother forever.

Thank goodness for my baby. Ethan must somehow know that his Mommy needs him to be a Momma’s boy for awhile longer yet. I’m completely sad that I no longer have a baby, but he is just so snuggly that it almost makes up for it. Don’t get me wrong, he is extremely independent, and a talker himself, but he is also the first one to throw his arms around my neck and say “Ya-yu Momma” (love you Momma), which gets me every time. He climbed out of his crib the other day. I nearly passed out. I’m so not ready for this. I’m praying it was a one-time deal, and he’ll forget he can do it for oh, about 9 or 10 more months. I’m just not ready for him to be in a bed instead of his crib. I need my now-toddler to stay that way for a bit longer. One change at a time…….

9 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Donna,
    It is sad to watch them grow up because they seem to do it so fast. William is usually the first one to say I love you and throw his arms around my neck for a hug. Enjoy them now while you can. You know I still have one girl who is rough and tough and one girl who is becoming more like a little girl each day. Sometimes I am at a loss as what to do because I was always a little tom boy growing up. But I am learning a little more everyday. Maybe Ethan will wait a little while more before needing a bed. You can never tell. God Bless,

  2. I use to have a growth chart for Katelyn, but I threw it out! haha I was too sad to see her grow. Kamryn tonight bit the tip off of her bottle nipple for the 4th time. I cringed at the thought of taking her bottle away from her, but it’s just time. It’s something we face, as moms that just doesn’t happen easy no matter how hard we try! I’m glad Ethan is still allowing you that baby moment! hugs, Amy

  3. Awww what an adorable blog…. I can totally relate…. I look back and wonder where the time went… They just were not little long enough.. I had one of those bean poles too, still do…. My oldest Son from second grade he just shot up and didn’t seem to ever gain as weight as he did height…. He will be 30 years old in October and is 6ft 6in tall and still thin.. (he does not take after his Momma by the way)… Enjoy every minute, we have the best job in the world…. Being Mom..
    But I have to tell ya being Nana is pretty darn awesome!!! Love ya bunches

  4. Donna, I know how you feel. It just goes so fast. I want to freeze them little. I just recently did molds of Cade’s hand and foot and am so sad I didn’t do it for Devin and Nia. Don’t blink a eye because in a second they grow up.

  5. Growing up is hard to do …. Or maybe the song should go …. Kid Growing Up is Hard for Mom to do …. ? Hugs! If you were not sentimental … If you wanted your kids to hurry up – grow up – and get out of your hair …. If you never stopped yelling and rushing long enough to enjoy your babies …. THEN I would worry … But you put such love, faith, and joy into your role as Mom …. Your kids are growing up into beautiful people … Hugs! Melissa

  6. I don’t wanna grow up…cause maybe if I did…I couldn’t be a Schweitzer kid!! Had to throw that in there….your kids are so sweet…so cute…so fun…and growing so fast, yes, it’s true…. Where’s that remote to stop this process…and keep them young forever? I cringe at the day Taylor starts middle school (only a year away) cause that means she’s not longer a kid!! 😦 I’m right here with ya’ sweetie! Take lots of pics…make lots of memories…do lots of growth chart slots….and your kids will grow right along with all of this…as you capture the moments!! Hugs & love,

  7. Hi Donna, I blogged about this the other day and you’ve said it perfectly. You watch them grow day to day and in an instant, they are grown again without you even noticing! I like Sharlene’s idea, pictures, pictures, pictures! When I look back at pictures of Emma as an infant, I remember the times so much better and smile! Love and Hugs,

  8. Donna, I have been thinking about this very topic quite a lot lately, especially as Daisy nears the 1 year mark. She is still my baby, but she does so much more, so many things that are turning her into a “kid.” I’ll definitely hope that Ethan forgets how to climb out of his crib and stays in it for at least another 2-3 years. Hugs,

  9. Don’t you wish you could wave a magical wand and they would stay little forever? I had a nickname that my little sister gave me and one day it disappeared too. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

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