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A little enlightenment

You know, when you have kids, you start to realize all your parents went through, and that they were a lot smarter than you gave them credit for when you were a kid. I have apologized so many times to my parents for anything and everything I did when I was a kid (well, the stuff they knew about, anyways!) since having my three. It’s all in the perspective.

Driving 16 hours with three kids, much of which is in the middle of CA and nothing around, you try to find what you can to entertain the munchkins, as well as yourself. Every little thing on the side of the road becomes something of excitement. Ethan is still discovering this world, so cows, horses, trucks, birds, and windmills were enough to entertain. I found myself pointing them out frequently on the rides there and home again. Nothing new….I guess a lot of parents do this. Pretty normal. We have a family of bunny rabbits that live right outside of the gate to our neighborhood….the kids get really excited if the bunnies are out when we come into or leave the gate. I’m always checking to see if the bunnies are there to tell the kids. Again, I guess this isn’t anything new in parenting.

One of my most embarassing moments as a pre-teen was coming home from a music thing (I played the clarinet in orchestra from 6 – 12th grades), and the boy I’d had the hugest crush on from 5th grade on was getting a ride home with us. As we drove down the highway, my mom, being a mom, piped up with “Look! There’s cows!!!” The boy just looked at my mom, then looked at me, and said nothing the rest of the way home. I was mortified. Who cared about cows on the side of the road? I was so mad at her for so long for making me look like an idiot who would care about cows in front of this boy! Mortification stayed with me for a long time. It wasn’t like I was five or something. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

As we flew down the highway on Monday, we saw lots and lots of cows. And I pointed them out to the kids every time. Given my children are 5 and under, it wasn’t the same as my most embarassing moment, but as I said “Look, cows!” when all three kids happened to be asleep, it dawned on me….My mom didn’t say that on that fateful trip to embarass me, she was being a mom. I think it is a mom’s reflex to tell her kids about animals along the road, whether the kids are awake, or even there. I’ve seen those bunnies a few times when the kids were not even in the car, and still said out loud “oh, there’s the bunny rabbits” to no one in particular, then realized what an idiot I was. Mom Reflex. At least I know I’m not alone……One day, my friend Jen and I were taking some Mommy Alone time. Those bunny rabbits were there in the grass near the gate, and she told me “oh, there’s the bunny rabbits!” I just looked at her, and then we both started cracking up. Not a single kid in the car.

The next time you point out animals or other “interesting things” on the side of the road to your kids (or yourself, your hubby, or your best friend), think about it….Mom Reflex.

8 thoughts on “A little enlightenment

  1. Isn’t it funny how we get so excited about things that excite our kids? Taylor loves Tweety bird and leapord things…so I’m always on the prowl for things with that in it…for her! Anything to provoke a smile or a *thanks Mom*! Mommy Radar at it’s finest…even when the kids aren’t around…you’re still a Mommy!! Hugs!

  2. LOL… that is so funny.. and Oh so true!! I can just here you now.. exclaiming to anyone interested.. “Look there are some cows” I love it! I’m guilty of driving down the road, completely alone… to realize I’m singing along to the “The was a dog, and Bingo was his namo” Both signs of parenthood! Hugs!

  3. You know Don just did this to me the other day. We were on our way home from running errands (no girls in the car at all) and he spotted three jackrabbits in a field running in line around the field. I swear we both got more entertainment out of that moment than the girls would have had they been with us. Thanks for the laugh, I can totally picture you and Jen seeing the rabbits and laughing! Amy

  4. Oh Donna, This is the chuckle I’ve been waiting for all day so Thank You!!!! I am just laughing because it’s so true. You’ll always be your mommy’s little girl and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were driving with her today and she pointed out some cows on the side of the road! YOU GO GRANDMA! Love and Hugs,

  5. Donna, So I’m not the only one who gets excited and points out cows, deer, rabbits, etc. Now in Florida, I’m not looking forward to ever saying Oooh look Benjamin, an alligator…..but I bet I’ll say it!!! I’ve had those moments where I have dropped off Benjamin to school, started driving to work and then saw something cute or exciting…..then heard myself calling out to Benjamin…completely forgetting he was no longer in the car!!! Duh…..I thought I was just getting old and senile! Thank goodness it’s just a loving case of Mommie-itis! Thanks for the enlightenment! Hugs to you, Brenda

  6. Donna,
    how funny. We always have to pass by cows and horses when I drop Domonique off in the morning. Of course everyday I point them out to her–sound effects and all. Moooo!
    One day I almost caused a bicyclist to fall off his bike….I was pointing to the field of cows and because she is in back you can’t even tell she is in the car sometimes. He thought I was trying to tell him to look at something and almost fell off his bike trying to see what I was pointing at. Maybe he thought I was saying Mooove. Karen

  7. I catch myself saying the silliest things to my kids, then looking around to see how many people heard me. I can also remember my mom embarrassing me a few times, and sometimes still today,but I guess that is her job. Funny you should mention cows. Camden is stuck on them, she says, “moo cow” all the time. -Shonda

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