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I am a Daddy’s Girl – no two ways about it. Being born near Father’s Day might have had a little bit to do with it. My Daddy was my hero growing up, along with my big brothers. Michael says my voice still changes when I am talking to my Daddy on the phone, or we’re visiting with him. And no matter how old I get, or where I am in my life, he is still Daddy to me.

I have the best memories of my childhood…..things that still take me back, make me feel like Daddy is right here in the room with me when I think about them. My dad was a bit older (for that era anyways) when I was born. He still had some old ways about him. He was a strict disciplinarian, and we quickly learned to behave because Daddy meant business! He never hurt us, but we knew he was the parent, and we had better behave!

Daddy liked to cook. One of my favorite meals ever is his teriyaki hamburgers. I always ask him to make them when we go see him. YUM! He was the barbeque’er extraordinaire! I can just picture him by the grill in the backyard on the 4th of July.

Daddy loves his sports. I think that’s where I get it. To spend time with my Daddy meant spending time watching sports…..Football, baseball, Nascar, golf…….He was/is an avid Raider fan and A’s fan. I remember all the old names of racing (don’t really watch it anymore). We spent many a summer afternoon out in the bleachers at the Coliseum in Oakland. In the Fall, we’d spend Sundays after church with a plate of salami, cheese, chips n taco dip, and french bread in front of us, watching both the morning and afternoon games (with a nap mixed in for good measure). Monday Night Football was an EVENT at our house.

Daddy loves the outdoors. I think I was 9 or 10 when we got our first boat. From then on out, we spent most weekends during the summer out on the river. I was 10 when I caught my first fish, with Daddy’s help of course. He wanted me to reel it in…I tried and tried but wasn’t getting it in fast enough, and that fish was zooming back and forth under the boat. Finally, after a “Daaaaddddyyyyy!!! Help me!”, he came to the rescue, and I pulled in a striper. One of my favorite memories is of Daddy steering the boat down the river on a hot summer day.

Daddy loves his music. Saturday mornings were spent cleaning the house and working in the yard when I was growing up. There was always music on – Mom’s and Dad’s. His choices were Neil Diamond and Johnny Mathis. My music appreciation started with those Saturday mornings.

Daddy doesn’t live as close as I would like. We get to see him and my step-mom about three or four times a year, sometimes more. His health is not perfect (I’ve blogged about that in the past), but he’s hanging in there. He’ll be 74 in August. He doesn’t seem like it at all. My Dad lives life to the fullest. He has an amazing wife, great friends, and children, grandchildrend, and great-grandchildren who adore him. He TALKS to me, gives advice when I ask for it but not when I don’t ask for it, he is supportive and so encouraging. He is wise, and giving with his wisdom. He would do anything for his family.

Father’s Day is my time to honor him. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. Being your Daddy’s Girl is pretty awesome.

Momma, Papa and Ryley

8 thoughts on “Dads

  1. Donna, What a relationship you and your Daddy have! I can only hope that my girls remember their Daddy like this someday! Thanks for sharing such an important figure in your life with us.

  2. Donna! What a beautiful post. It just warms my heart to hear such loving and devoted words spoken of your daddy. What a special bond you have … What a treasured relationship … HUGS! Thanks so much for sharing the other man in your life with us. Warmly, Melissa

  3. Donna-
    I am so happy you have such a great relationship with your Daddy.
    I wasn’t as close with my father but Domonique has become such a Daddy’s girl that it just melts my heart.
    I am hoping your daddy has a very happy father’s day. Karen

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your father. You have somw wonderful memories of him that you can have with you always since you are so far from him. Angi “Phoenix’s MoM’

  5. What a great blog Donna! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful daddy and no doubt he knows how blessed he is to have you as his wonderful daughter! Such a beautiful tribute to a man who sounds like has given you the world. Hugs,

  6. What an awesome blog for Father’s Day, Donna. We all relish the time with our fathers, and we all wish we had the relationship you did….and still do. I love that you’re so close. I love seeing *daddy’s girls* and how they grow up and still remain *daddy’s girls*…it’s precious. Hugs to you, and thanks for sharing such great memories! Hugs!

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your Father and what an awesome picture!!!… I hope you print this off and frame it for him with this photo ..I think it would be a cherished keepsake for him… How awesome the relationship you have,… Love Ya

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