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Michael – the daddy

I think I’ve mentioned that before I met Michael, I had made a list of 18 or 19 things that I wanted in my husband. One of the things on that list was someone who was comfortable around kids, wanted kids, could play with them and discipline them, and be a good daddy. And, as I’ve mentioned before, Michael had every one of those things on that list. I couldn’t ask for a better father to my three children.

Michael and I dealt with infertility for 18 months before finally getting pregnant with Ryley. The infertility was due to problems with me, but Michael took my pain and frustration as his own. He was so calm throughout the entire thing…..always there, always supporting, always convinced that things would work out and we would eventually have children. The day we saw Ryley’s heartbeat on u/s for the first time, he cried. He was so proud. As soon as he could get to work and scan the u/s picture in, he was emailing it out to all our friends and family, and I got home to see it posted proudly on the refrigerator door. When I started having problems with the pregnancy, Michael became very protective. I’ll never forget the sound of his voice when I called him from the massage therapist’s to tell him I was bleeding heavily and headed to the hospital. He was there within 20 minutes (a grand thing in rush hour traffic in the Easy Bay Area!). His parents had already been called, he brought (almost) everything I needed to the hospital. He stayed with me, never leaving my side for the next four days. During that first u/s in the hospital, we considered finding out the sex of the baby, scared of what was going to happen. He wanted whatever I wanted at that point. Michael never faltered over the next 2 1/2 weeks. He was ever-confident that things were going to work out. He was protective, he was encouraging. He still had to go to work, still had to take care of the pets at home, pay the bills, return the phone calls, etc. But he was there. The night I got the infection, I dont’ think he slept at all. He was constantly watching everything the nurses did, still protective, still positive that somehow everything would be okay. When my water broke the next morning, he was quickly on the phone, trying to track my sister down, getting his parents to come back up, letting everyone know what was going on. When our son was born, and the doctor wasn’t speaking, not even to tell us if we had a son or a daughter, Michael was the one to look over, and tell me we had a boy. I could instantly see his face take on that “I did that! I have made a boy!” manly look……His son was tiny, so very early, and in trouble, but he was proud, oh so proud. Michael spent the next five days running what I called the loop……He would stay overnight at the hospital with me, leaving at 4:30am to go to work an hour away, then from work to home to take care of the pets, etc., then to Ryley’s hospital to see how he was doing, taking more and more pictures and video (he bought a new video camera the day after Ryley was born), and then he would come back to my hospital to update me and show me the pictures, etc. He held me when I cried that I was not with my son, he helped me when I was frustrated over the pumping. Michael essentially took over. Michael is the investigator in our relationship….he reads, he watches, then he takes the lead (not on all things of course! LOL!). When I FINALLY got released from my hospital, Michael quickly took me to see my baby….he showed me how to wash my hands, how to see which room Ryley was in, which baby was ours, how to read his stats from the night before, etc. Over the next 3 months, Michael was my rock. He couldn’t go to the NICU everyday, but he was never more than a phone call away when I was losing it. He never berated me for the times I just couldn’t take watching a procedure and would walk out of the NICU. He was so optimistic about our son’s future…..He said he knew all along everything would somehow be okay because “everything works out for a Sc********”, and it did. The look on his face when he held Ryley was priceless, and brought me closer to my husband than I thought possible.

We added two more kids to the herd, one a year later (Grace), and then Ethan 2 years ago. Grace is the Daddy’s Girl….she had her Daddy wrapped around her finger from the minute she was born. She is his princess. He wasn’t so sure about having a third baby, but now he says he knows our family wasn’t complete without E-man. I love to watch them all play together. I love to listen to him read to them at night. I love the pride I hear in his voice and see on his face when he talks about his kids. When I put on that list of mine that I wanted someone who would be a good daddy, I had no idea that I would be getting a man who would exceed my expectations wildly. I have that in Michael.

Happy Father’s Day, Michael. You are an amazing Dad.


daddy and baby grace

Daddy and Ethan

8 thoughts on “Michael – the daddy

  1. Donna, What an exceptional man and human being your hubby is. I loved reading his story – I’ve heard and seen in other blogs that many of the daddies ’round these here parts have a lot of common characterisitcs. They are giving, strong, warm, pillars – they keep us going. I’m so happy that your kiddos have such a wonderful daddy, and that you have such a super hubby. Love,

  2. And not too hard on the eyes either! (kidding) I believe you can tell a lot about a guy by his devotion to his family. Guys living for the goodness in life are hard to come upon. But when you do, you know it. Bravo, Michael!

  3. What a great blog about such an important man in your life…and in your children’s life. He is the one they will take after when they are older…your boys will be like him…and Grace will want a man like her daddy as a husband. What a great role model he is!! Happy Father’s Day, Michael…and thanks for being another great daddy in the spectrum of life…we appreciate guys like you!! Hugs to you, Donna!! Enjoy your family…and this weekend!!

  4. Donna, I’ve had the joy of meeting your sweet husband before …. And I hear you often speak of what an incredible husband and father he is …. What a GREAT guy to have in your life. Thanks for sharing your hubby with us. Hugs! Melissa

  5. What a beautiful tribue to your wonderful hubby Donna! Such a great father and you couldn’t have a better match in your life! Congratulations Donna, you have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Hugs and Happy Daddy’s Day to Michael.

  6. What a beautiful entry about a fantastic father. Your kids are fortunate to be so loved by their daddy. What a keeper!!

  7. Donna, I hope you print this and give it to him to read!! What a blessing you have in this amazing Man. You and your kiddos are so very fortunate to have such a special person to call Daddy, and Husband! Happy Father’s Day Michael!

  8. Donna, What a beautiful tribute to Michael.. You can see by the look on his face in the pictures you have posted what a caring father he is, as well as the pride he has for his babies….. Thank you for allowing us to get to know Michael.. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!! Happy Fathers Day Michael

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