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An unwilling participant

Since I quit my job (going on four weeks now! YAY!), I have tried to start exercising more. Well, this week, I had a new plan….a plan that Ethan would be a part of, because I can’t leave him at home alone. I decided to get up in the morning and put my workout clothes on right away. That way, I don’t really have any excuses. For the past two days, I’ve slept in a little later, put the workout clothes on, had some breakfast and cleaned up a bit. Then we’re off to take Ryley and Grace to school. As soon as E an I get home, we’re outside. Yesterday, we walked with him in the stroller, today we biked with him in the new bike trailer. I feel great, although my legs are like noodles right now.

Ethan is not such a happer camper. We’ve barely made it to the gate of our community when he’s asking to get out of the stroller/trailer, and demanding to go home. AAAAHHHHH!!! My youngest is really a little homebody. I felt so guilty. Here we are, cruising down the street, and he’s crying desperately to go home. Those huge crocodile tears were rolling down his face, he got the bike helmet sideways, and he was begging to go home. Poor little guy. I’m sure there are a million things he’d rather be doing than be party to my new exercise regimen. What’s a mom to do? I don’t have a gym membership yet, or I’d take him there where he could play. But I love being outside on summer mornings, before it really gets warm and uncomfortable. And I thought the fresh air and seeing mommy take care of herself would be good for him. A big “no go” for Ethan! Hopefully, he’ll get used to it soon. Tomorrow, we’re headed back to the Animal Park for our weekly visit. He’s already asking to see the lions and feed the ducks. At least then I know he won’t be asking to go home right away!

13 thoughts on “An unwilling participant

  1. Oh I’m happy to hear your dedicated. Sorry to hear your little participant is *unwilling*. Maybe a mid-morning snack in the trailer…or a few toys to keep him occupied while you enjoy the morning air will keep him happy. Have fun at the animal farm…that’s also a nice *treat* for E after a few days of *letting mommy exercise* ! Hugs!

  2. Oh Donna, I dealt with this recently with Kamryn. We went out and bought his/her mountain bikes. We also bought the kiddie trailer hitch. Well Kamryn is in the trailer/stroller in the back and just screams the whole 3 miles that I was riding. I felt horrible. I haven’t brought myself to do that to her again! Hang in there… hopefully he’ll come around. Amy

  3. Oh Donna, Poor Ethan! I can just picture him back there screaming while you’re wanting to get some exercise (you go girl)! I bet another couple of times and he’ll be crying to “keep goin momma!”. I hope it gets better. The animal part will surely be much more fun! You’re doing so great! Hugs,

  4. Donna, Just keep at it… he’ll get used to it. I know you feel mean, but you’re not. You deserve this.. and it really is good for you. Can you put something in it for him? Like riding your bike to a favorite destination of his? The park? Just an idea. He’ll get used to it. Will didn’t like the babysitting room at first.. until he realized his best buddy Aiden is there every time we’re there. Now he loves to go.. to play with Aiden. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your time at home!! Have fun at the Animal Park!

  5. Oh! Poor Ethan. I hope he changes his mind. It sounds like such an ideal schedule for you. Excercize and fresh air before the heat gets too oppressive. Here’s hoping! Darcy

  6. That is so great you are so dedicated!!!!!
    Your poor little guy. Maybe it will just take time to get use to for him.
    Good luck,

  7. Donna, I’m sure E will come around once the routine is set. Don’t give up…you deserve some YOU time too. Try, try and try again.

  8. Donna, What a great regimen, and a super idea to put on workout clothes first thing in the AM. Poor Ethan though, what a sweet lil homebody. I would imagine if you guys keep it up eventually he’ll get used to it. Have fun at the Animal Park! Hugs,

  9. How GREAT that you are taking some time to feel better! Good for you! Well … I’ve seen you … and you are thin and beautiful … But I too know that eating better and exercising can make one feel OH SO MUCH BETTER! Hugs! Good for you! Melissa

  10. Donna-
    Oh, I’m so jealous!! I think it’s great – exercising and getting fresh air first thing in the morning. I pray that Ethan comes around…and begins to love his morning outings with mommy!! Hugs!

  11. Poor Ethan…. maybe after a few more tries he’ll decide it’s fun to be out of the house…. Madalynn was our unwilling participant while we all played in the water slide at my Mom’s over the weekend. She would hold my hand and walk all the way up to the slide and then just freak out…. I would still take her through thinking she would get used to it and enjoy it…. she would stomp off to the door and stand after each try but always take my hand again to go…. I suppose she was trying to enjoy it and wanted so much to do what the other kids were doing… just wasn’t going to have fun…. I want to take her swimming this weekend but I’m expecting the same unwillingness…. I would say toys or snacks might help like Sharlene suggested… Good luck and enjoy the animal park…. Hugs

  12. I hope that Ethan gets used to the new routine. I am sure that it will take awhile but he will adjust. Keep us the good work. It sounds like fun. Angi “Phoenix’s MoM”

  13. Hopefully your little boy will soon start enjoying the routine. I know how it is to be frustrated about exercising and once you find something that you want to do, our kids decide they don’t want to cooperate. I’m going through the same thing right now, when i do take the girls walking with me one or both usually get mad before the walk is over. hope it gets better. Jessica

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