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Since you usually hear about my trials and tribulations with the boys, I thought I would share the wealth, and write a bit about Grace. This princess has issues all her own, typical of a four year old – going on 25 – girl.

Grace does not like to sleep. She’s never liked to sleep, really. Oh, initially, she was a good napper, for about four or five months. Then the real Grace appeared. She never really fell asleep well if someone was holding her. She preferred to fall asleep in her swing, in her exersaucer, in her bed. She would just fidget and fuss until you put her down. This was probably a saving grace (no pun intended, I promise!) because Ryley, only 12 months older, still wanted to be held all the time. Anyways, Grace must have felt like she might miss out on something if she slept. She’s still that way. If people are over, if anything’s going on, something “good” on tv, she fights and fights and fights going to sleep. I’ll find her in her room (if she actually stays there) an hour after we’ve put her down, “reading” her books to herself, or dancing around her room. She regularly wanders into my room between 3 and 3:30 am – coincidentally or not this was always the time she would wake me up with her kicking when she was in utero – just for a hug/kiss or to go potty or from a bad dream or just to ask for us to put her back to bed. It’s gotten so that I almost automatically wake up at that time, and kind of start to worry if she DOESN’T come in my room then! Can’t win I guess.

Grace was the first one to give up naps in the afternoon. DARN IT! I’m convinced Ryley would still nap if it weren’t for Grace. When Ethan was just a newborn, and I was home on maternity leave, I LIVED for naptime in the afternoon. For the first few months, I could get all three of them down for at least two hours right after lunch. It was awesome. I could get some rest or whatever. Then Grace started the wonderful battle. I would fight with her for over an hour, trying everything. By then, Ethan was starting to wake up to eat again, and she’d woken Ryley up with her antics. I finally, depressingly, gave up. No more naps.

Needless to say, with all this staying up late and no napping, she is frequently tired, and whining, and full of the drama. BUT, now she will fall asleep almost anywhere – in the car, on the couch, at the dinner table, or even on the stairs. The other night, we put her to bed at the usual time. About 20 minutes later, she was downstairs saying her tummy hurt (a common occurrence in which nothing is actually wrong with her, it’s just an excuse to come out of her room). So, back to her room she goes. All was quiet then. We thought we were done, safe after just one excursion. Michael and I talked, watched some tv, and cleaned up dinner for another hour or so, then I headed upstairs for bed. As I walked toward the stairs, I saw two little feet hanging off the second step (you can’t see but the bottom two steps of the stairs from the kitchen/family room). I peeked around the corner expecting her to be sitting there. She was there, but not sitting. She was COMPLETELY asleep, laying on the stairs. I have no idea how long she was there, nor how she stayed there without sliding all the way down. So, being the wonderful mother I am (and one who scrapbooks), I took photos. This isn’t the first time she’s done this, but the first time she’s done it laying on her back.

Oh, and another funny….I am a scale fanatic. I weigh myself daily (I know I shouldn’t, and I really try not to, and refuse to weigh myself if the kids are around). Ryley and Grace know what the scale is and pretty much what it’s for. The other morning, Grace came into my bathroom, and stepped on the scale. I almost fell over laughing when she turned around and asked me, “Mommy, how many points do I have?” That girl cracks me up!



Grace asleep on the stairs

10 thoughts on “Gracie’isms

  1. I love the pictures of her sleeping on the stairs!!! Too funny, she looks like she just sort of passed out in the last shot. Her name is beautiful, we toyed with the name Grace when we were first pregnant. Thanks for making me smile! Love,

  2. Oh Donna, I see Grace and imagine what you were like when you were a little one. She is such a sweetheart. Doesn’t want to miss anything. Is dramatic and passionate … Well …. I suspect one day she *will* be passionate. One day …. She’ll be an amazing woman. She is already such a doll baby girl! My Ben fights sleep ALL of the time too. So it isn’t just a diva girl thing. This little guy wants my undivided attention 24/7 … He does nap .. But only if I sit over him. *sigh* Hugs! Melissa

  3. Donna LOL!!! I love those pics! lol.. I can’t stop laughing… she is JUST like Jayson… he’s 22 months and no second naps… AH!!! he stays up later too then his twin… and he will fall asleep anywhere… coouple months back he fell asleep in his walker… Mike and I gave him some props (an empty cognac bottle and a shot glass)… the pics are hysterical!!!! HUGS!

  4. Too cute!! Isn’t it amazing how she can just fall asleep on the middle of the stairs. I guess watching mom and dad doing the dishes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Domonique has only fallen asleep once outside of her crib. One day(last year) I was just rubbing her back and I looked down and she was sound asleep. But even that was understandable compared to kids who fall asleep in their high chairs — or in Grace’s case–on the stairs! lol Great pics!!

  5. Adorable pics…. Grace is such a cutie all crashed out on the stairs. Madalynn’s sister Hailee could fall asleep anywhere too… we still have to keep tabs on her in the evening to make sure she hasn’t fallen asleep somewhere. She never fought nap or bedtime… she asks us “Can I go to bed now…. I’m tired”… her brother is the exact opposite…. he’s the sneaky night owl… they are only 15 months apart in age and she didn’t get much rest either. Hugs

  6. Oh, Gracie, Gracie, Gracie…. how cute is it that she doesn’t want to nap/sleep because she’ll miss out on the action. She is going to make a great college coed… and she’s ready for those all-night study sessions!
    She’s so sweet Donna… I laughed so loud about her sleeping on the stairs that I woke up the cat and my husband (who is asleep in front of Leno again)!

  7. Oh how incredibly hysterial Donna! I just love it how she can fall asleep anywhere! I love the one of her passed out face up on the stairs! Just too adorable! Hugs,

  8. FUNNY!! That’s hilarious….that she’ll fall asleep anywhere…on anything!! She is such a *girl* that she’s afraid she’ll *miss* something…that’s how I was…and that’s how Taylor is. I swear her & Grace are so much alike, but so different….Taylor’s tummy aches come in the mornings…so she can stay asleep. Taylor’s afraid she’ll miss fun, or TV shows, or what not, and won’t fall asleep either…until she *crashes*…wherever!! We found her one day she was at my sisters, under the dining room table….on the floor…she said it was *warm* cause the dog had just gotten up from there I love that Grace is like this…so different from the rest. Sorry it messes with your sleep in the afternoon…but I think she’s hilarious!! hugs to your drama queen!!

  9. Donna, Gracie’s pictures brought back so many memories for me. I could sleep anywhere, anyhow, any way! Gracie sounds like she’s lots of fun! Sorry I’m laughing…sorry you don’t have the luxury of naptime anymore. Jaclyn

  10. Donna, Oh my gosh The pictures are awesome!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!… She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Hugs to you and Sleeping Beauty

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