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I don’t know about all of you, but I am a list-keeper. I have been for as long as I remember. I don’t know how it started, but now, if I don’t have a list, I forget, can’t function, don’t know where to start or end. My husband makes fun of my lists – he says I even have a list of all my lists (which I guess I do, in my head!). I have a grocery list, a life-goals list, short-term goals list, a list of books to read, house-project list, daily and weekly things-to-do lists, vacation lists, gift ideas list for family and friends, list of things I ate today, etc, etc, etc….I guess you’re getting the picture. I take great joy in crossing things off of any list that I might have it on. Usually, on Sundays, I make a list of things to get done that week. I normally finish all but maybe two or three things. I love seeing that list on Saturday, neatly crossed off. So here we are, on a Monday. A full list of things to get done BEFORE Friday when we’re headed out to see my Daddy and Mom Lois….just a little stress that I have a lot to do, and only four days to do it, but ah well……such is the life of a wife and mom of three young children.

I leave my weekly/daily list by the phone in the kitchen – a place I’m sure to see it many times during the day. Usually, that motivates me to get stuff done. For some reason today, that list was nothing short of taunting me. Everytime I walked by it, I turned my head away. It ended up being 90+ degrees outside here today, which normally wouldn’t be THAT bad (this coming from a person who physically cannot take the heat at all – really, I used to spend most of my childhood summer afternoons in my room with all the lights off, sleeping the sleep of the medicated because I would get these horrific headaches from the heat – except for the fact that the humidity level almost matched the temperature. It felt like a sauna. Not normal for our area of Cali, really, but there ya go. After lunch, Ethan went down for his normal nap. Ryley and Grace were BEGGING to go in the blow-up pool that I bought last week (in light of the fact that our neighbors with the pool are out of town for 2 weeks!)….I quickly gave in. Within five minutes of watching them bask in the glory of cool, 10-inch deep water, I was upstairs putting my own suit on, slathering sunscreen all over, and heading out to join them. For two hours, we played and baked. I found out that the pool I got them is perfect for laying in, head resting on the side – the perfect depth and amount of cushion to stay cool while soaking up some rays. For two hours, I watched my babies splash around, splashed a bit myself, and just enjoyed the summer afternoon. I took the afternoon off. Not one thing on my list got done. Nothing was crossed off or checked or scribbled out. But it was a GREAT summer afternoon.

7 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I’m a list doer too…but not a physical *lister*…mine are all mental. Once in a while, us *listers* need a break to just enjoy life as it goes by so quickly. I’m glad you and the kids had fun in your pool and were able to enjoy the summer day. They’ll remember days like that when they grow older!! Sounds like a great pool….and a wise investment for all of you! Hope you get lots of use out of it this summer!! hugs!

  2. Donna, What fun!! I’m glad you put your list aside and played in the pool. It sounds like the perfect day with your kiddos! As for lists… I know *exactly* how hard that was to do.. I’m a list person too… and if I walk away from it.. I can hear it calling my name. Hugs!

  3. Now I can mark off my list…Read Donna’s blog!! hehe!!! and you can mark off your list…Read Michele’s comment! Some of the best times in life come when you don’t have them on your list of things to do! It is the little things…you now have a memory that will stay with you forever!!! Love ya, my Diva D!!

  4. Donna –
    We ARE long lost sisters! I do lists too – of everything. Cracks Charlie up. But alas, it’s how my life works best. But I agree…putting the lists aside to spend some quality family time is something priceless. I’m glad you did it! Hugs!

  5. Donna, Are you my daughter?????… This is toooo funny!!! Phil makes fun of my lists as well.. I have been a list maker for as many years as I can remember… Even in school I would make a list of the homework I needed to do before I started it…. There is some positives to being a list maker …I have a Christmas list for EVERY year of every Christmas Gift my Boys received… as well as Birthdays, and other Holidays… It is fun to look back on the things that was popular through the years…. I even have an organizer for my lists.. I carry in my purse… I am glad you put your lists aside and enjoyed some fun in the sun …I think the weather right now is crazy wherever you live for some reason… We have been having daily storms for nearly 2 weeks now, most of them being severe… Have a great day!!!
    Love & Hugs

  6. Donna,
    I sooo understand the list thing. I have to have a list to go to the grocery store or I will forget something (and it is usually something important). I don’t make a list for everything but Jim does have goal and to do list that we share. Sounds like you and the kids had a blast in the pool. What a perfect thing to do on a hot afternoon. I am going to take my kids to the pool here at the apartments this afternoon. They love splashing around and I can get some tanning time in (trying to tan my white legs) and read a book. God Bless,

  7. Donna, I too am a list keeper – I write everything down. We’re leaving for Wyoming in about three weeks and I already have three lists of things I need to get done before we go! How wonderful that you were able to ditch the list and spend the warm summer day relaxing and watching your kiddos. Sounds like it was a blast. Hugs,

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