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Birthday present

Part of my birthday present from Michael was tickets to two Padres’ games this week. They’re playing MY team, the A’s. We went last night, and we’re going again this afternoon. FUN! Even though the A’s got completely KICKED last night, we still had a good time.

I love watching people, especially in situations like sporting events. It’s amazing how walking into a ballpark makes some people feel completely uninhibited. We had a little baby boy behind us….so cute! Dressed all in his Padres get-up, he blew bubbles and babbled most the way through the game. I just wanted to squish him he was so adorable. We had a couple sitting in front of us that alternately fought and snuggled their way through the game. I love when people get put up on the big screen and don’t know they’re up there……you see them at their “finest”….always good for a giggle. I’m not malicious in the least, it’s just funny to watch people when they don’t know 30,000 other people have their eyes on them. Have you ever noticed that guys don’t usually get up and dance or sing to the music in between half innings, but girls almost always will at least mouth the words to the song? Why do you think that is?

There were quite a few A’s fans around….it was depressing to see my team play SO badly…pitching, defense…it was like watching the Bad News Bears at one point. I’m sure they made the bloopers on ESPN for at least one, maybe two plays. It’s much more fun to watch your team in their home stadium, even when they lose. Kind of weird to watch them in a different town. But it was baseball, and for me, that’s just a little bit of heaven on a hot summer night. Right now I’m debating whether to put Ryley and Grace into their full-on A’s outfits to go to the game. I don’t think Michael will approve! LOL!

7 thoughts on “Birthday present

  1. Donna, What a great birthday present!! Sounds like you had a blast, even though they got clobbered!! I too love to people watch…people do the strangest/funniest things when they think noone’s *looking*!!! I think you should dress the kids to the *gills* in A’s paraphenalia…..and phooey on Michael…you’re using *your* birthday presents!! Pictures….want to see pictures if you do!! Hugs! Enjoy the game today! Sounds like a perfect summer day!!! Family, fun, favorite team!! Sharlene

  2. I say head to toe – decked out – in mom’s favorite team! *That* should be part of the birthday present, too! I’m so glad you are able to go with the family and have a good time watching baseball, even if they can’t seem to do well. Have fun at the game today! Eat a ballpark frank for me! Darcy

  3. Donna, What fun!! Thanks for the drinks by the way.. they were tasty. Funny how beer just taste better in a baseball stadium!! I’m with Darcy.. do the all out A’s attire!! It’s too cute not to. Now.. have another drink for me.. and maybe some cotton candy too! Hugs!

  4. That sounds like a great birthday and what a wonderful present and I am so happy you got out and enjoyed yourself.Hugs to you Steff

  5. I love going to sporting events and watching people. I have a good time just doing that. It is funny when they don’t realize that people are watching. I hope that you have fun at the game. Angi “Phoenix’s mom”

  6. Donna-
    I’m not a much of a sports enthusiast, but I do admit when you actually are there in person it is awesome. I don’t even understand the games too much but just hearing the crowd roar gets me excited.
    On a side note I did collect hockey cards when I was a little girl. Go figure! Back in the early seventies when I lived in Philly, I was a huge Flyers fan–knew all of their names. Now I couldn’t even tell you the names of the teams!! Karen

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