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Oh bummer!!

Ethan has learned a new phrase, as you can see by the title of this blog….I don’t know where he got it. He seems to come up with stuff out of the blue. It is just the funniest thing, to me anyways. Now, whenever he falls down “Ohh…bummer!”; whenever he drops anything “ohhh….bummer!”; whenever anything breaks, “ohhh…bummer!” You should have seen the look on my Dad’s face the first time he heard Ethan say this.

We went out to visit my Daddy and step-mom (I don’t call her step-mom, just mom, but don’t want to confuse anyone!) over the holiday weekend. We try to avoid going out to AZ in the summertime, it’s just too hot, but we haven’t been out there in almost a year, and I needed a Daddy and Mom fix. I can’t believe how quickly four days can pass by. We didn’t do anything real exciting, just hung out for the most part, but isn’t that the best part of time with family? We were just there, together. We went to the pool everyday, did some shopping, watched some baseball and car racing on the tv, caught an old movie or two, and just spent time together. It was so relaxing, so refreshing, and I even worked on my tan a bit! Michael got to golf a couple of times, and go to his favorite restaurant once, Macayo’s….everytime we go see my Dad, we are REQUIRED to go to Macayo’s. Pretty decent Mexican food, and margaritas, yum! We are SO busy this summer, it was just nice to take time to hang out. But yeah, within an hour of getting to my dad’s, Ethan had fallen, and said “Ohhhh…..bummer!” My Dad just about fell out of his chair laughing. Where do two year olds come up with stuff?

HOW could I have forgotten the biggest highlight of the weekend??????? Ethan has been asking to go potty on the toilet!!!!!! Unbelievable. Maybe he will be another easy one to potty train. We did put him on when he asked (except for a couple of times when we were running out the door). Nothing happened of course, but this is a sign, isn’t it? Maybe he’s ready….we’ll have to see. I am “guardedly optimistic” as my friend Jennifer and I like to say. Only time will tell! I was stunned, and I was excited. I so hope this kid is easy with the potty training. I don’t think I can take another nightmare like potty training Ryley has been……

9 thoughts on “Oh bummer!!

  1. I love it! Oh bummer. I wonder where he heard it? Or perhaps he came up with it on his own? Your weekend sounds so nice and relaxing, I’m glad you had a chance to breathe. Saw your A’s won last night! Hugs,

  2. Oh bummer! How darn cute is that?! Ahhh little Ryley is growing up. Oh Bummer! And probably a little, Oh Relief! too! Hugs! Melissa

  3. It was great talking to you! Thanks for the good cheer. Ethan is hilarious with his “Oh… bummer!” stuff. You’re right… kids are hilarious. Glad you had fun in AZ. You’ve got a busy summer planned! Don’t forget the camera. Darcy

  4. It sounds like you had fun with your family. That is the best kind of vacation to take. Where does he come up with that stuff. I think that is cute. I hope that you have an easy time potty training. Good luck to you. Angi “Phoenix’s MoM’

  5. Awww how cute!!!…. Out of the mouths of babes…. One thing about these little guys, we never know what will happen next… Jacobs newest phrase is; “Ah Man”…. He says that to everything!!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful relaxing few days, that is awesome, those are the best kind….. Sounds to me like Ethan is on his way…. Good for him.. He is getting to be such a big boy!!! Huge Hugs!!!!!!

  6. Donna-
    What a great way to spend the long holiday weekend. I’m glad to hear you had a good visit with your family.
    I’ll bet you dad was tickled to hear little Ethan come out with such a teenage expression!
    I hope the potty traing goes well. Karen

  7. Donna, AHAHAHA!! That’s too funny! I love it! Glad you had a great visit with your Daddy, and Mom. Sounds like just what you needed.. some down time to relax! Missed you around here. We’ll have to chat soon! Hugs and Welcome Back!

  8. What a cute little phrase to be saying! And just think of all the others that wouldn’t be so cute. Sounds like he is showing interest in the potty. I guess you just keep encouraging him and see how he reacts. We haven’t started potty training yet,but will shortly. -Shonda

  9. Ethan’s so cute…and to hear that come out of him…oh man….it’s got to be adorable…and hilarious all at the same time!! I’m glad you had a good visit with your parents…and got to relax, and work on your tan. Yeah for interest in potty training…that’s a great sign!! Hope it means what you think it means…and he’s easy on you!! hugs & love,

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