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A guilty feeling

Hubby and I leave tomorrow for a week-long getaway to the Northeast. Friends of ours, whom we love dearly, are getting married on Saturday. I couldn’t be happier for them. Originally, we had planned on taking the children with us to the wedding as they adore the couple as well, but after our very recent vacation, we decided a few months back that this would just be a Mommy and Daddy trip. Now that I’ve packed them up to head to Bella and GrandBill’s house for the week, I’m feeling guilty. Well, just a little bit.

I know I will miss my babies so much. The first couple of days will be great…..no one’s food to fix or cut, no diapers to change, no fights to break up, no more creative play ideas to come up with, and uninterrupted sleep. But I know from experience that by about day 3, I will start missing those things. I’ll begin to look around for a sippy cup that needs to be filled with “mil-deez”, and if any child says “mommy?” I will check to see what my baby needs even though I know he or she isn’t there with me. By day 5, I’ll be in desperate need of a sticky-fingered hug, and by the day we come home, I’ll be frantic as we get off the plane, get our luggage and drive home to wake them just to say hi and tell them that we love them.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this time with my husband, grateful for this time to refill and refresh, kid-free. For me, time away, time as just me is necessary. It is vital to me as a person who is not just a mom. It is vital to my marriage to be a just a wife for a few days, to reconnect and be reminded WHY we got married to begin with. For the past few years, we have taken a week away together, just hubby and I. We are blessed to be able to do so. We also take at least one “date night” a month….we talk, have a nice long dinner, and just spend time together. We try to not talk about schedules or parenting or household stuff on those nights out, instead focusing on us, our relationship, and how we’re doing. For us, these nights and these getaways have helped get us through some rough times, some big changes, and huge challenges like Ryley’s early birth, moves to new cities, new jobs, family losses, and family additions.

I will miss my babies. I do feel a bit guilty for leaving them behind, for selfishly wanting a few days away, but I know in my heart that it is good for me, and it is good for them.

I’ll miss SHARE too while I’m away. Take care!! and Big Hugs!

7 thoughts on “A guilty feeling

  1. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Of course … I know you love your kids with all of your heart … But being away sometimes reminds us how much we love doing and caring for our babies. Enjoy the trip. Eat a lot. Drink and be merry! Connect with each other over grown up food and music. Safe travels. Hugs!

  2. Donna, I know those feelings well. I’ve told Kirk, my limit is 5 days… kids free….. that’s it!! Can’t do it a day longer. I miss them way too much!!! You are very right though.. you need this, your marriage needs this… to be a good Mommy… and to provide a stable environment for you precious babies!!! Have fun… enjoy your kid free meals… sleep filled mornings.. and catching up with old friends. We’ll miss you!
    Love and Hugs,

  3. Have a great vacation Donna! Nothing wrong with a refresh – we all need it once in a while. Take care and have fun!

  4. I hope that you all have a BIG time. There is nothing wrong with getting away. Have fun. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  5. ooooh Donna I’m turning green with some envy here… I hope you enjoy yourselves, do focus on the two of you, enjoy the wedding and open bar (tee-hee)… and enjoy each other. and think of those amazing hugs your kids will give you upon your return!!! ENJOY!

  6. And I get to say that I know a world traveler! Se safe, have fun, see ya when you get back. Get some r’n’r for me! Darcy

  7. I hope you and your hubby have a nice trip. It is usually when it is quiet and we are gone that I start to really have that longing for my kids. I of course miss them all the time, but Mom and Dad time is very important too. Crystal

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