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We’re back!!!!!! Yesterday was a VERY long day of traveling….we got to circle over Dulles in DC for half an hour, then when leaving DC, we got to sit on the plane at the gate for an extra 40 minutes, then another hour of sitting on the runway before taking off. Why is it that the more you want and need to get home, the more delays there are? It was awful. I just wanted to cry. But we did finally make it home, waking the kids up so we could give them some hugs and some loves, and peacefully go to sleep.

It was a great trip. We got to see friends we haven’t seen in three years, and meet their precious baby boy. Maine is BEAUTIFUL, but the area where we were is pretty remote…..no cell service, we didn’t see any tv for five days, and the drive to get to anywhere that has anything is an hour. I don’t know what it is……I thought I was a compassionate, fairly emotional person before I had children, but I had nothing on the way I am now…I cried buckets at this wedding. The groom’s father passed away a few years ago. Just thinking about it broke my heart, and then the tribute they did to him during the ceremony had the lump going in my throat, and tears streaming down my face. I can’t remember the last time I cried at a wedding (outside of my own almost 8 years ago)! And then, when the bride’s father danced with his daughter at the reception to Pooh Corner, I cried again. I wasn’t the only one…..all the girls knew her Dad used to sing that song to her all the time when she was growing up. And the father’s toast…..not a dry eye in the house. I think after having kids, I feel things more deeply. I thought about Grace and the day her father will give her away. I thought about the days I will see my sons will each take a woman to be his wife and how I might feel on those days. I thought about where we started with Ryley….how I could never before imagine the day he would stand at the alter awaiting his bride. I can almost see that day now, and that in and of itself filled my heart with joy and pride and amazement.

We met some new friends…..I love when that happens. Friends of friends have become our friends. It made five days in Maine awesome. One couple lives near my Daddy. A year ago, they lost their 23 week daughter 14 hours after she was born. Once again, my world was rocked. I cried with them as they told us their story. The woman, S, said she never expected grief to go so backwards, forwards, and sideways. I told them about SHARE, about MOD, so thankful again for this wonderful place. She said she is going to check it out, and I hope they do. I hope she finds the peace and healing and encouragement that I have found here. And I hope with all my heart that they are one day soon blessed with a full-term baby.

I did follow my usual pattern for when we are away from the kids….T’he first three days, I was fine. By day 5 – especially surrounded with children of other people in and at the wedding – I was getting a bit frantic. Night six, we talked to my mil. Ethan had fallen into the coffee table at her house and cut open his chin, requiring seven stitches. I lost it. I very nearly asked Michael to get us a flight out that night. I knew Ethan was in very good hands, but my heart just broke that I was not with him when he went through the emergency room and got stitches. I SHOULD have been with him, holding him and comforting him. I couldn’t wait to get home to do those things, to make sure with my own eyes that he was all right. He is fine….we’ll take him to the doctor on Friday to get the stitches out. And I am so glad to be home. I am so glad to know that it will be awhile before I travel again.

Oh, I forgot the two best things that happened over the course of the week!!!!! First, Michael found the “lost” camera!!!! It was in his golf bag after all, which he had searched at least three times, and I literally dumped out twice while looking for the camera. YAHOO!!! AND, I got a free purse! We were shopping in Freeport, and popped in a store that has my favorite bags. Michael said I could buy one, so I picked one out and took it up to the counter. The salesperson handed me a scratch off card and told me we could get anywhere from 10 to 100% off. Now I NEVER get more than 10% at any of those things, but when I scratched it off, it said FREE!!!!! So I got a free purse! That made my entire trip! Everything else was icing……

Pictures to come….I haven’t had a time to download the camera yet, and want to get some of E-man’s stitches but he’s napping at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Oh man – a free purse! That ROCKS! I never win anything! Glad to hear your trip was great – even though Ethan got stitches while you were gone! I look forward to seeing pictures (of the trip, of course….well – of Ethan’s stitches, too!!) Hugs! and Welcome Back!!

  2. Welcome home! Did someone say a free purse? Where? Where? I love purses, bags, anything that I can put a ton of stuff in. I think at last count I had around 30 different bags, totes, packs, purses, etc. Before Daisy I was somewhat of a fanatic. Poor E-man’s chin, sounds like he is doing fine though. Blah, flying is such a pain – we had a delay on the way out to Wyoming. Our first trip on a plane with Dilly and we’re delayed two hours in a nasty airport filled with sneezy, coughy people. It was still fun though! Welcome home, we missed you! Hugs,

  3. Those camera’s are never too far away are they…. I was telling you in your other blog about how my Mom thought “someone took it”…. and it was in her mess the whole time… for like 2 years… just glad yours was recovered much sooner. I bet Michael feels better now too… and the pictures are not lost that you had already taken. A FREE PURSE…. OMG I would have been in heaven…. I am a purse, shoe and jacket freak…. My siblings laugh at me because I refused to buy any of these things lately because I cannot find just the right one. I will wear old shoes, jackets and use old purses until then… lol. I hope that Ethan is doing good after getting stitches…. poor fella. I’m glad it was a great trip… and I don’t think it’s just having kids that makes you feel things more deeply… it has to be age because I’m a weepy mess for the same reasons in the last few years… lol Hugs Krystal

  4. woo-hoo! gotta love some handbags!! Maine is definitely beautiful – my old roomie moved up there and I visited a couple of times – she was in Portland. Very remote – but very relaxing. Sounds like it was a beautiful wedding, and you have enjoyed yourself. And you are right – there is defintely something to having kids and – dare I say – softening up. So sorry Ethan hurt himself. Glad the stiches come out soon!! You are most brave – 5 days was it? so whats your secret keeping sane away from the kiddies!? let me know – I need a vacation!! take care!

  5. Congratulations on your 100th blog. Glad you have had a safe trip and a safe return. Isn’t it amazing what gets people emotional after they have had children and have lived through rough times. Friends are awesome. My blog tonight was dedicated to my friends and your bit about friends of friends reminded me of things I had written. Looking forward to pics from the vacation! Crystal

  6. Donna, Well, this blog is chalk full of stuff. First.. Poor E!! Owie!!! Give him some extra snuggles from me!! The poor baby. Second.. A FREE purse!! That is icing… of the best kind. Third.. Lost camera… found!! That ROCKS!!! I can’t wait to see the pics that are on there. Lastly… I’m convinced God leads us to specific places in our lifetime. You meeting this Mom.. a Mom of a preemie Angel. I know that is not just coincidence… it was meant to be. You have been a part of her healing… and hopefully she will come to Share.. and continue to find peace and healing. I’m glad you’re back.. safe and sound.. despite some horrible delays!! UGH.. that stinks. Can’t wait to chat!
    Love and Hugs!

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