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I didn’t even realize that I had reached a milestone of 100 blogs until Crystal pointed it out to me. Thanks, Crystal. Amazing…..100 blogs. Who knew I had so much to say? Well, maybe some of you did. What can I say……SHARE inspires me. You all inspire me. Most of all, my children inspire me.

When I was telling the mom of the preemie angel about SHARE, I couldn’t get it all out without tears flowing. I’ve said it before, but before I found SHARE, I had no idea that I needed to heal from our preemie experience and our time in the NICU. I had no idea that I hurt so much and felt so broken even 4 1/2 years after Ryley’s birth. And once I realized the pain that was there, once I knew parts of me were dark and scarred, I found SHARE, and in that, I found a place where people understood, people cared, people loved and supported and encouraged. And I began to heal. I knew I needed to make something good come out of something so awful. SHARE helps me do that. This wonderful place, and MoD have given me a mission, have given me purpose. THANK YOU!!! With Ryley starting a new adventure in kindergarten, I’m quite sure I have at least another 100 blogs in me! And I apologize in advance! LOL!

Does it ever amaze you how quickly children grow and develop? We were only gone for 7 days and yet I see changes in my babies. Ryley is THANKFULLY having fewer potty accidents since we left. Grace’s whining has slowed down and she is swimming like a fish, without floaties! Ethan…..goodness. Aside from the stitches, he seems taller and thinner. His speech is amazing…..all of the sudden he is using “the” and “this” and possessive words which he definitely was not using when we left. Weird that I notice that when I never would have thought about that as a developmental step before Ryley came into my world.

Once again I am wishing that time would slow down – that somehow my babies would stay young for just a little while longer. We’re really staring kindergarten in the face right now with school starting in a few weeks. It just doesn’t seem possible.
I got my new scrapbook magazine and it has a few articles and layouts for the first day of school. I know it’s coming, but I just can’t mentally picture that day yet. I think my mind has put a block up to it. Once we start on this road, there’s no turning back. Next year, Grace will be starting kindergarten, and a couple of years after that, Ethan will go. Then I really won’t have any babies around the house anymore. What will I do with myself? I already have some of those thoughts, understanding that in the Winter/Spring (depending on Ethan’s potty training skills), E-man will be going to preschool a couple of mornings a week. Seven hours a week without kids…….It sounds enticing, but lonely at the same time.

Here’s to 100 blogs…..100 thoughts and ideas….Here’s to SHARE and all of you here……And here’s to new beginnings.

8 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. Donna, You will always be dear to my heart. SHARE is part of what it is … because of your sweet leadership very early on the site. And what you bring now … You have such a beautiful light that shines out from your words … and your great big heart. HUGS! Congratulations on making it to 100 blog posts! Best wishes! Melissa

  2. 100 Blog Posts! Yay Donna!!! I’m just getting caught up on your blog, and wow!!! It’s a lot of information to take in!!! I’m glad your trip went well, and I’m sorry about Ethan’s stitches… I bet your were exhausted by the time you hit bed that night! Again, Congrats! Blessings, Amy

  3. WOW !!!! A 100! Keep talking we love to hear what you have to say.
    I know how you frrl about time flying. It’s amazing to see how all of our kids have changed in the two years that I have been here.

  4. Your very welcome! I’m all about milestones ! It is amazing how much we have to say. It is so nice to have a place to share it and feel comfortable doing so! School is hard.. It does get easier I think. I never like to see Quinten go back, but I know it has to happen. Quinten’s first day of school every year I think will always be an emotional one for me. You see..I missed his First First day of school because I was still in the hospital after having Gavin. They grow up too fast sometimes. Here’s to another 100+ blogs *cheers*! Crystal

  5. Wow – 100 blogs! That’s awesome.
    I’m with Melissa – you have helped make Share what it is today…and I thank you for that!
    And if we could figure out a way to slow down these kids…make them grow up slower…we’d be millionaires!! WE should work on that! Hugs!

  6. Wow Donna, we’re going through the same stuff… kids growing up too fast sometimes… sounds like you’re having a fun time between the winces of stages. Congratulations on the 100 blogs! Peace

  7. I hope that his first day goes well. Wow 100 blogs!!!! That is great. I look forward to the next 100. Angi “Phoenix’s MoM’

  8. Donna, I knew you had 100 blogs in you… to offer support… compassion… and your great big heart!!!
    Congrats on an incredible milestone!! You will forever hold a place in my heart.. your children share that space. You are an intricate piece of Share. I’m so blessed to know you.. and have you in my life. Thank you for your dedication to Share.. and the families we encounter here. You are amazing!! Love and Hugs!

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