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11 thoughts on “Some pictures

  1. Wow – great pictures! What a view…. Will Ethan have a scar? I’m sure he’ll love it – what boy wouldn’t love a “war wound”? Hugs!

  2. E-man will have a scar. We have to wait six months to see how it’s going to go. The worry is that it’s not a straight cut, it’s kind of a V-shape, and the corner isn’t looking so good. Just have to wait and see. But I’m sure he will be proud of his “war wound”.

  3. Looks like the boy need to learn shaving a bit better. Both my sister and brother took chin first diggers when younger. I on the other hand decided to land teeth first when I was eight. Youch! Ah yes… Maine… God’s country to be sure. What do think of the state slogan… “the way life should be.” oh so true. where were you guys? we go up there all the time to visit family.

  4. Yep, Maine was beautiful. We were in the Belgrade Lakes area….we stayed at a B & B in Belgrade Lakes and the wedding was in Wayne, Maine. Pretty remote areas, but absolutely gorgeous. I guess Ethan just thinks he needs to keep up with his big brother. Ah, boys.

  5. Donna, Love the pictures… you and Michael look amazing! Maine is heaven on Earth… beautiful, peaceful. Try vitamin E on E’s face… it has been known to reduce scaring… and seems to have done so on Hanna’s face all three times she’s had stitches.

  6. Karri is right – vitamin e should make that lil’ nic disappear! What a wonderful looking couple!!! and those shoes!!! take care

  7. Okay…now that chin looks painful!!! Poor little guy! The pics of Maine are beautiful!!! Such a good looking couple! Diane – Maddox’s Mom

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The stitches look like no fun. I must have been a clumsy child because I remember getting stitches all the time! Good luck with Ryley’s first day of school.. I’ll be looking forward to pics. Crystal

  9. Your pictures are beautiful, Donna. And OUCH! On the stitches. You are such a passionate soul … such a poetic spirit … I can see you tending to Ryley’s journal with such warmth. Such grace. Such love. And in my mind, I picture you flipping through his journal to the very begining …. when you were so scared and he was so sick. These are the moments that change life. Hugs! Our families … Yours … Karri’s ….. Mine (along with so many others) is changing … Our kids are growing up. But we find ourselves in a better place …. and a voice of inspiration. Our kids have made it. They made it to here. To school. To life. And our family is not broken. We are stronger because of the sorrows we’ve shouldered …. And life is too precious to live in the past, at least dwelling there for too long. HUGS! Have a beautiful day. Melissa

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