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Who has it?

Who has that Mother of the Year award right now? Slide that baby over here after yesterday and this morning.

Ethan, my youngest, is completely boy. He only has one speed……constant motion. He is much more of a climber, jumper, runner than the other two could have ever hoped to be. Usually, it doesn’t bother me. Lately that speed, combined with his toddlerhood, has meant a lot of accidents – bumps and bruises galore. You’ve seen the pictures of the stitches. This week, the three of them have been fascinated with the pool table in our front room. This is a fascination that has come and gone. Most of the time, I let them go at it, letting them roll the balls around on the table. There are sometimes the expected squashed fingers from this little game, but nothing a kiss hasn’t fixed. Yesterday, the boys took it in mind to start throwing the balls across the table. Then Ethan climbed to standing on the table, launching the balls across the hall/entry to the dining room. I was irritated because a) they know they’re not supposed to get up on the table; b) they know they’re not supposed to throw the balls (the balls aren’t supposed to leave the table – a discussion we’ve had a few times); and c) the launching of balls resulted in numerous dents to my relatively new wood floor. But not only did the balls connect with the wood floor, one of them connected with Ethan’s forehead. As if this kid didn’t already have enough problems going on with his face!!! Wonderful mother that I am, I was in the playroom on the computer when this happened. I’m within listening distance back here, but definitely not within visual range. I heard Ethan crying his hurt cry, but thought that it was the smashed finger type of injury. He came back here, and I immediately saw the blue dot on his forehead. At first I had no idea what it was, but right there before my eyes, that dot swelled into a huge knot on his forehead!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAACCCCCKKKK!!! I’m sure many of you know how hard it is to get a 2 year old to sit still for any length of time, especially when you’re trying to hold an icepack to his forehead. The swelling has gone down, but he has a perfectly round black and blue mark on the side of his forehead. GREAT!!!

I wish that were the end of it, but no such luck for Ethan or me this week. He loves to hang out in my bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning. He is not tall enough to see into the top drawer where all the “fun stuff” is, a situation I’ve been happy about for almost a year now. Today, he figured out that if he pulled open the bottom drawer and stood on the front of it, he could get into the top drawer and see what’s going on up on the countertop. He did this while I was in my closet getting dressed. I heard that crash – you know the one I’m talking about – and the immediate cry afterwards. I run back into the bathroom as he’s getting up and holding the back of his head with one hand, and a red lipstick in the other hand. I turn him around and see red on his blond hair, and I’m wondering, as I see the red lipstick coming at my face, how he managed to get lipstick on the BACK of his head. I clean the lipstick off my face, and then the back of his head, only as I clean the “lipstick” off his head, I realize there’s more and more of it. HUH? As I get to his scalp, I notice that he has a small cut on the back of his head. His head had connected with the corner of another drawer and left a little reminder. The bleeding was minimal, thank goodness, but geez!!!!!

No photos this time. I’m afraid to take him out anywhere right now. I’m almost to the point of wrapping him up in some Quilted Northern when he plays so he doesn’t get hurt again for awhile.

7 thoughts on “Who has it?

  1. Oh no! Poor Ethan! I believe I have kept that award since Daisy jumped off the couch a while back. When I was standing right there. I think I should keep it however because today I sat her on the couch for a few moments will I finished cleaning up the kitchen and whammo, off she flew. Luckily it is a carpeted area and she didn’t even cry, but I felt TERRIBLE. I’d done it AGAIN. I think that makes me the mother of the year Donna. Daisy’s not even a toddler yet! Big hugs to you both,

  2. Poor Ethan!!! Poor YOU!!!! Oh no, no! Neither one of you get the mother of the year award!!! I earned that baby when I failed to see Maddox take off from the pool and run into the garage soaking wet. Of course both feet came out from under him immediately. The back of his head contacted first. Yep….that’s right. That was a NICE bump for about two weeks… Thank goodness no concussion!
    I couldn’t have felt worse…. I am glad Ethan is okay. Diane

  3. Oh hang in there!!!!!
    Poor little guy! Will be thinking of him, and you for that matter! Hope better luck streams your way. Love the pics below.

  4. Sure hope his head bumps are feeling better. Hey, we all have our days, and as you said; boys will be boys! -Shonda

  5. Poor guy! Poor MOMMY! Hoping he’s all better soon! I think they sell bubble-wrap at most packing places… you could wrap him up but he could still see out. Just a thought! Kara

  6. Ethan sounds like my Mickey…pure 100% busy body, gets into everything BOY! I hope his “battle” wounds heal soon. Is that what they mean when they say “Bubble kid”? LOL ~Jaclyn~

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