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Welcome to the super soccers!!!

Ryley started soccer yesterday. This is going to be an interesting adventure. He’s on the Super Soccers, YAY!!! My husband and his family are the soccer fans. It’s not really my gig, but I know how he feels since I felt this way when Ryley started T-Ball last Spring. Michael is in heaven right now. Ryley’s actually one of the tallest kids on the team, but definitely nowhere near the “biggest”. He did pretty well considering it was his first practice. Funny to watch them try to learn ball control and such when they still have occasional trouble just walking in a straight line. Gotta love 5 year olds!

Actually, I think Ryley could be pretty good at this game. He really goes after the ball, and, not to be a bragging Mommy but, he’s pretty fast. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I see the writing on the wall….I have lost him to baseball. Soccer is probably going to be his “thing”, if yesterday is any indication. DARN!!! There goes the dream of having the next Eric Chavez in my family. And soccer just takes up so much more time. Two practices a week, and games every Saturday from now til November. Have mercy. I know I shouldn’t complain….I did tell myself when we started having kids that as long as they did one thing – sports, music, art, whatever – I would be fine with whatever they chose. I just don’t really like soccer. And I’m not a soccer mom. Heck I didnt even have a chair to sit in during practice yesterday, nor had I thought to take a water bottle for Ryley to practice. UGH! The things I have to (reluctantly) learn! I know if this were baseball and he was this excited, I would be jumping up and down!!

Michael and I did have a disagreement after practice. Ryley’s team had split up to play a little practice game. Ryley was so aggressive after the ball that he unintentionally tripped about four of his teammates. I told Michael that we needed to have a conversation with Ryley about NOT taking out his teammates in practice. Michael got pretty upset, and said he wants Ryley to be aggressive after the ball and that he didn’t want him to let up just because it was practice. I see many more conversations coming up on this particular topic. Watch, my son will be the first U6 player red-carded!!!!!!!!!!!

The funny part? There is a girl on his team named Riley. This could get interesting.

DRAT! My pictures are too big to attach. Well, I’ll have to try again at tomorrow’s practice or at his first game on Saturday. BLECH!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the super soccers!!!

  1. hehehe….Donna, you are hysterical! He is so gonna suck you into this game….wait you’ll see, by this time next year you might even be the coach!!!
    Soccer has never been my thing either (I can’t say any sport is really)but the way Domonique kicks that ball, I just know I’m gonna be the oldest soccer mom in the stands!
    I can’t wait to see pictures of Ryley. Karen

  2. I’m not a big soccer fan either, but like, if Daisy someday wants to kick the soccer ball around then so be it. I of course would rather she play piano, paint or do children’s theatre, but she will be who she is. I’m with you – I don’t know that Ryley needs to kill his teammates during practice, although I’m sure my hubby would agree with YOUR hubby. Looking forward to the pics of your soccer boy! Sam

  3. My* Donna? Diva D?? A soccer mom?!Next thing you know you’ll be a minivan-driving, suburbanite (like me! ha!). Can’t wait to see Ryley’s pictures.

  4. The minivan ban remains in place at the Schweitzer house!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! Now I know I would be living in another universe if I became a soccer mom AND drove a minivan! LOL!!!

  5. Donna, You.. a soccer Mom? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oops! Was that out loud? hehehe Glad to hear Ryley liked his first practice. I can’t wait to see the pictures!! Missed your blog on am Kindergarten… So happy to hear he got am. I know that’s what you wanted!! Love and Hugs!

  6. You mean they actually played soccer and not “clump ball”? LOL That’s what we call soccer for little ones since everyone runs after the ball…no position playing. They are too cute to watch, aren’t they? I’m sure you’ll be Ryley’s biggest sideline cheerleader! Can’t wait to see pictures. ~Jaclyn~

  7. Soccer… My Quinten is a musician and could care less about the sports scene. We’ll have to see how Gavin feels about sports. Their Dad isn’t the biggest soccer fan either. Crystal

  8. I can’t wait to see that pictures. I hope that Riley enjoys playing soccer. Good luck!! Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  9. Oh Donna…we ARE long lost sisters! The mini van ban still remains at the Rock house too – and we’re praying that Leighton doesn’t discover soccer. NEITHER of us like it – so we’re hopeful that if we don’t mention it…it’ll never come to be! We both push softball and even football! Hey, girls can play that, right???? Either way….I’m with you. Soccer isn’t my favorite. But hey – he’ll still look adorable in the uniform, right? Hugs!

  10. Soccer’s not my thing, either. However, my husband played soccer all through his school years, college, and he then coached college and high school soccer. He and his family are HUGE fans, to say the very least, so I have resigned myself to the fact that I, like you, will have to endure this sport! It could be fun, though! Heck, we’re going to love watching our kids do ANYTHING!!! I’m glad to hear he’s good at it! That will make it even more fun! Diane

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