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Turning another corner

Today was Ryley’s last day of preschool. Weird. I got all choked up when I picked him up, watching him say goodbye to his teachers, to the director, and to the other kids. My baby is really no longer a baby, no longer even a “little boy”. I think he might qualify as a “big boy” at this point. I love our school. They have been so amazing with Ryley – brought him out of his sometimes-shell, helped us with his potty issues, been so cooperative with his asthma, and just generally helped him grow so much, and with so much love. We took donuts to commemorate the day. The teachers gave me the evil eye (they are on diets like every other mom I know just about!), but loved it just the same. I even caved and had one. The kids, of course, loved the treat. They’ve actually been getting quite a few treats these days with many of the pre-k’ers moving off to Kindergarten.

I know this is just another corner in this long journey. An end that leads to another beginning. We still have years to go at this school…..Gracie has one more year there, and Ethan will start in the Spring. I thought about what it will be like on our true last day when Ethan is heading off to kindergarten himself. That really brought the tears out. I just can’t imagine our daily school lives without Ms. Shari, Mrs. Michele, and Ms. Tori!!

In honor of our last day of “summer”, we are headed to Disneyland tomorrow right after Ryley’s Kindergarten meet n greet. The kids are so excited. I am too….I haven’t been there in 13 years! We’ve been on the website, mapping out all the rides they want to go on, and all the characters and things they want to see. Too cute. I can’t wait to see it through their eyes. I honestly can’t believe that we live less than 2 hours away, and haven’t taken the kids there yet! Mom of the Year, yet again! I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes!

Last night, just before bed, Ryley and Grace put on a show for us. It was adorable. At the luau we went to in Hawaii, they were discussing having their own luau at my in-laws while Michael and I were in Maine. My MIL, God love her, put it all together. She got each of them grass skirts complete with head and arm flower bands, and helped them practice their hula dances. And they had a luau while we were gone (not with a roast pig, but with hot dogs and fresh fruit and stuff). We were bummed to missed it. Ryley and Grace decided to do their dances for us last night. As they were SO impressed with the fire dancer at the luau, they had their own version of the fire dance, with flashlights. Michael and I just sat there and watched, clapping and laughing and encouraging the whole time. It was just so precious. About halfway through the “show” I finally got the video camera out. I had to get this on disc – something to show their future spouses way down the road of their lives. Gotta love their uninhibited imaginations. This is a memory I will take with me forever.

2 thoughts on “Turning another corner

  1. What a bittersweet day for you. Maybe they won’t glare at you if you bring them bagels instead. LOL I’m sure your little dancing luau was just too cute. What great imagination at work. Have fun at Disneyland. Can’t wait to see pictures. ~Jaclyn~

  2. Awwwwww, Donna! You are moving on to another BIG milestone. Parenthood includes so many of them. I agree … It is sad. Saying goodbye to different stages … Knowing that things will always be different … Realizing how quickly life changes … These are HUGE confrontations to grown ups. Most people don’t love change. And change is something parents are frequently required to do … everything from sleeping schedules to activities outside the home. Change. Change. Change. I know Ryley will do wonderful. Wow! You and Karri will both have children in the big K. Wow! Just watching your beautiful children grow through share … helps me to see how quickly time flies. Your kids were *just* babies! Take care, my friend. I am thinking about you in the days to come. Enjoy Disney Land. BTW … the luau sounds SO GREAT! Pictures? I’d love to see them. Already, I have so many pictures in my head. Hugs! Melissa

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