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First day report from ryley

He made it!!! I was waiting out in front of school when Ryley’s class came out. He looked so proud and sure of himself, and also like he couldn’t wait to come running out and tell me all about it. They sang a couple of songs in class, colored a book about the rules of the class, and had the all-important recess. Ryley said he had a great time in Kindergarten, and that it was a good day. I asked him if he made some new friends and who he played with. One of his preschool cohorts is in the class next door, and that’s who Ryley played with at recess. He hadn’t yet made friends with anyone in his class, though, and seemed a little unsure of himself. I reminded him that no one else in his class knows the other kids either, and that he should just introduce himself to someone today, and ask if they want to play. His face lit up like I had just given him the magic key. I guess it never dawned on him that all the other kids are in the same boat he is. Ah well…..He’ll be fine by the end of the week I’m sure. That’s just the way he is. We talked about when he started preschool and how he didn’t know anyone else then either. Then he really got it.

Two funnies for you…..

When Ryley’s class came outside to line up and be led out to the pick-up zone, I noticed that the teacher had a portable mike on. Interesting. I thought maybe she had put it on because they were outside, and there were two other classes out there. Maybe it would make it easier for her class to hear HER voice over the chaos and get to where they needed to be. Intrigued, I asked Ryley if she had just put it on to bring them outside or if she had it on all day. He said she wore it all the time during the class and outside. Hmmmm…….There are 20 kids in his class, and they are five year olds, but I just found it kind of amusing that she would need a microphone for a Kindergarten class……..

Michael and I decided to start a new Mommy and Daddy tradition for the night before school. On Sunday night, after the kids were put to bed, we each grabbed a glass of wine and headed out to the backyard to sit and talk and enjoy the calm before the storm of school, busy Fall, etc. We had been sitting at the patio table for less than 2 minutes when Michael tells me “don’t move!” and then “Quick! Get out of your chair!” Not one to question, I jumped up. There was a huge spider that had been hanging over my head, and was slowly dropping. It would have landed in my hair if I’d stayed there. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I think I’ve blogged before about how much I hate bugs. I was done with outside for the night, and used the rest of my glass of wine to restore myself, INSIDE the house! So much for new traditions!

Morning two went really well. Grace didn’t have school today, so we walked Ryley to school. I love that the school is so close. Again, as soon as the bell rang and the teacher took the class inside, Ryley went without one look back. Four kids were crying today as they stood in line, and didn’t want to go in. I don’t know which is worse….your child crying – which would completely tear me up – or your child walking away like it’s nothing at all to leave you!!! Can’t win with that one I guess.

Edited to add:
Thanks to my Share friends for pointing out to me other reasons why the teacher had a mic on. Definitely worth thinking about. Nope, not a telephone headset, but one of those older portable mic’s that goes behind the neck and then up in front of the face. I’m sure I’ll hear more about it as the days progress. I don’t mean to sound insensitive at all – the thought honestly never entered my head yesterday that there might be a hearing impaired child in Ryley’s class, just found it interesting, and a little different. You’d think I’d be more aware and more sensitive to situations requiring the teacher to wear a mic being on this site all the time, but I think I was just caught up in what we are going through with Ryley’s first day of school, and just never thought outside of that box. So, we’ll see what happens, and I’ll let you know what I find out!

10 thoughts on “First day report from ryley

  1. My first thought about the teacher was that perhaps it’s an FM transmitter and one of Ryley’s classmates is hearing impaired. I know when I was a student at the Speech and Hearing Center the teacher all wore mics and the kids could tune their hearing aids to the same frequency. Or maybe she does just need to be louder than 20 5-year olds. I was thinking about the crying vs. not crying. For kids, the first day of school doesn’t mean nearly as much as to us grown-ups. At five, they probably don’t grasp the milestone of it all. And since he has been “walking away like it’s nothing at all…” for either preschool or daycare for several years, maybe for him it’s just “location, location, location”. I would be proud of his sense of independence. *hugs* You’re a great mommy. About the spider… eww… maybe next year’s tradition can relocate?! Eek!

  2. Hmmm….I never even thought about there being a hearing impaired child in his class. I didn’t notice it at all Friday or yesterday. Thanks for the insight!! Hugs,

  3. Could it have been a telephone headset? I know I wear one all day and it is relatively small. Since I’m mobile most of the day at work it makes it easy for me to take care of my phone calls and still get other work done as well. As for crying vs going to school without a fuss…. I would also choose to have my little one just walk in independently…. this to me says that you gave him enough confidence to take on new hurdles in life. I loved the pics from yesterday’s blog… all 3 are so very cute

  4. I think Darcy might be right on the transmitter. I wore one my first year of teaching. I had the sweetest little 2nd grader who was hearing impaired. Sweet but a little mischievous…she would turn it down (or off) if she didn’t use it or listen to me! Imagine that…not wanting to listen to me! LOL Glad Ryley is having a great time at school. Kids make friends easily…I’m sure he’ll have tons by the end of the week! I’m with you on the bugs…hate ’em! Enjoy your day with Grace.

  5. Just as Darcy said, I thought that mic might be for a child that is hearing impaired. I am a nurse in audiology so thats maybe why it came to mind. Interesting none the less. I am so glad things are going so well for Ryley!!!!!!
    Keep the bugs away!

  6. Well no need to offer my thoughts on the headset.. someone has probably covered that. I’m glad all continues to go well for Ryley, and you are adjusting. I know how hard this is!! Love and Hugs!

  7. Right on! Sounds like Ryley is going to take to school like a fish to water. Maybe the headset/microphone was a device repeating the words “do not smack the children…do not smack the children…” If it is for hearing impaired children, that’s a very cool solution. As for your spider infestation…you’d better burn the house down, they’re probably everywhere, like in your shampoo and definitely under the toilet seat, they love it there. Kidding, I hope.

  8. Thanks for your edit, I too was trying to figure out the situation. What a nice teacher! Your back to school tradition sounds great! -Shonda

  9. Oh…yeah!!! I am glad school is going so well. Please keep us updated on all of the friend making that is sure to be happening very soon! I am confident that you will have loads of funny stories! Glad you hopped out of your chair when your hubby told you to! I would have definitely asked, “Why?”, and a spider would have already started making a new home in my hair. Diane

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