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Living in gracie’s world

Ah, girls. Where would I be without my Gracie? My middle baby? My princess? This week, I think I’d be living in peace! I honestly think that pms starts with girls from the beginning, even without the “rest of it”. She’s been on a serious tear this week, and it’s making me NUTS I tell ya!

I think Grace is having to adjust right along with Ryley. Her behavior this week has been awful – she’s defiant, she’s whining (even more than usual), she won’t sleep, and is acting out. Now I’ve had my issues with her whining, and she usually only gets into trouble when she AND Ryley get into stuff, rarely on her own. This week, she’s had timeout after timeout, and it still doesn’t seem to be having any effect on her at all. The other day, I was talking to her, on her level, about what she was doing. She put her hands over her ears and started singing. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did this come from? And she hasn’t wanted to go to school the past few days, clinging to me when I drop her off. This morning, she even started to cry. This is just so abnormal for her. I’m wondering it it’s a stage, if she’s just adjusting to being in a new routine, or if this is going to be her true nature and it’s just coming out. I miss my sweet little girl. The other night, we were up with her from 12:30 – 2:30am. I kept putting her back in her room, and ten minutes later, she’d be out in the hallway, screaming. I was losing patience about an hour into it. I don’t know how we got through two hours of it. She’s never been a good sleeper, but lately, it’s gone beyond ridiculous.

There have been occasional views of my sweet girl in the past couple of weeks. The other day we were walking Ryley to school, and I had to stop to laugh. I think I’ve blogged before about Grace kind of being in her own world, taking her sweet time to do things, getting easily distracted off course. I think she has music in her little world. I’m pretty sure of it actually. As we were walking to school, she was behind me. I turned around to tell her to catch up, and there she was, kind of dancing/hopping/skipping down the sidewalk to a tune only she could hear. It was just so darn cute – her in her little dressy dress, hair up in a pony, flip flops flapping. It was one of those moments you just want to capture, and I have it on one of those brain videos in my head. This girl loves music, and loves to dance. We started back in ballet this past Saturday. She was so excited to get there, we were 20 minutes early. Sitting in the car waiting for her class to start, she was anxious to get out, saying “but I just want to dance!!!” And we got her pictures back from the recital. Adorable. I love that she loves music and loves to dance. That part, she gets from both of her parents.

I guess we’ll survive this latest challenge with her. She has just been so easy for much of her life. It’s hard to see her dealing with anything, hard to be patient with her changes. But again, where would I be without my precious little girl?

Gracie ballet recital portrait

7 thoughts on “Living in gracie’s world

  1. I’m sorry… You must be mistaken…. You couldn’t POSSIBLY be speaking of that ADORABLE girl in that photo. Why, she’s an angel…and I just cannot IMAGINE her acting out!!! Ha! I do not know about girls….but, man oh man, some of the moods and phases of my boys are certainly more trying than others. And where they come from, I have no idea!!! Hang in there,

  2. Donna –
    All I have are girls…so all I know are mood swings and crying for no reason. Trying to reason with a little girl is ridiculous – it’s just not possible! That picture is adorable…. Denise

  3. Donna, What a darling picture – it IS hard to imagine her ever behaving like anything other than a little angel. Awww, I know all too well what “mischief” lies beneath a cute little girl’s face. I’m sure she’s just trying to find a way to adjust – there have been lots of changes for her in the past couple of months. How wonderful that she loves music and to dance – she’s definitely got music in her heart. Hugs,

  4. Grace is so beautiful! Whenever I see her cute little self in pictures, I imagine this is what you *must* have looked like as a little girl. How sweet! You got a precious girly girl that you always wanted …. and I know you will have such a special relationship through all of the life stages Grace will go through …. That makes a huge difference. HUGS

  5. Oh yes, I must agree that PMS does start from day one with girls. Hang in there sis, just help her get through this hard time of not having Ryley with her. I remember that feeling too well. I can so picture her with her hands over her ears and signing. Too funny! Amy

  6. Oh my! What a cherub she is. That picture is great. She looks composed, beautiful and *Grace*ful! I hope this is just an adjustment phase and soon you’ll have your sweet girl back. Hard to believe that sweet face can be doing what you say she is! *hugs* Darcy

  7. You have an adorable little Gracie! I can’t wait to see my little Lily Grace is dancing outfits! They are just too cute! Mickey’s has been up and down with his behavior lately as well. He’s whiney which he’s not usually. He’s defiant as heck! He’s coming home with yellow and red faces from school instead of the desired green face! And he’s only 3! I’ve been pulling my hair out! Billy and I think it’s because he’s not able to nap as much during the day at school like he’s been used to this summer. Please clue me in as well…I could use some needed advice. Jaclyn

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