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A great day

I am giddy…..giddy I tell ya! Today has been a GREAT day!!!

First, I got news from my sister Debby. For those that don’t know, on the day I gave birth to my youngest (almost three years ago), a 15 lb tumor was found inside my sister’s abdomen. Since then, she has been diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. She’s been on various chemo treatments since January. None had seemed to be very effective. She started a clinical trial medication/treatment in August. She just had a scan this past week, and for the first time in nearly three years we’ve received good news. There are NO NEW lesions and one lesion on her lung shrunk. AMEN!!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. The tears flowed as I read her email this afternoon. Debby is such an amazing person. I would say that even if she weren’t my sister. She has fought this battle with such grace, and such strength. She makes us laugh when we just want to cry for all she’s going through, and all she’s been through. This summer she did a Walk For Life, walking as a survivor. That’s just how she approaches life. For those that have been praying for Debby for the past year or so, thank you so much. I am truly convinced of the power of prayer.

The other reason I’m giddy? Well, it may not mean as much, but it’s still REALLY AWESOME!!!

I have been an A’s fan, pretty much since birth. The A’s moved to Oakland a few years before I was born. My Dad was a fan from the first game they played in Oakland. I grew up on them. My first major league baseball game was at the Coliseum. My brother and I shared season tickets for seven seasons straight. We’ve been through the good and the bad with this team. The year I was on hospital bedrest with Ryley, the A’s were fighting their way to the American League West title. They played the Yankees in the first round of playoffs that year. Ryley was in the NICU by then. One Saturday, I left the NICU early, got on BART, and met my brother at the Coliseum to watch them play Game 5 of the ALDS against the Yankees. They lost. The next year, they played the dratted Yankees again, and once again, lost in the first round of playoffs. They made it back two years later, only to lose it in three straight after going up two games against the Red Sox. I’ve been a fan for the highs (winning in four against the Giants in 89) and the lows (the home run a barely-walking Kirk Gibson hit for the Dodgers in 88).

Today, the A’s beat the Twins to win the ALDS in three games. This is the first time in 15 years they’ve made it to the American League Championship Series. And I’m giddy. I love it. I’ve been jumping up and down since the fifth inning of the game today. I love sports, and I especially love baseball. The only problem is that now they will be playing either the Tigers or the Yankees in the ALCS WHILE I am in Kansas City. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! You can bet that every chance I get, I will be tracking down a tv to check the scores. I get updates on all the playoff games on my cell phone, so I may break out into cheers or tears at any given time. JUST KIDDING!!! I’ve said all season long that as long as the A’s made it past the first round, I would be happy. Their particular curse was broken today. And I’m giddy. Did I say I was giddy? It’s been a GREAT DAY!!!!!!

7 thoughts on “A great day

  1. First of all, what awesome, fabulous news about your sister. God is good, merciful, and never waivering, isn’t He? Just super-fantastic!!! As for your A’s, you are totally too funny! You are giddy! I’m giddy for you! Enjoy your weekend! ~Jaclyn~

  2. Donna, Sweetie, I am so glad that Debby is improving!!!!!! That is fantastic, and when you sent your e-mail …. It put a huge smile on my face. That is wonderful. What an inspiration! Ryley is lucky to have you as his mom. It is okay that he needs extra help. And he is a beautiful, active, intelligent boy…. you have every reason to be proud. HUGS! Melissa

  3. What great news about your sister… It sounds like Ryley has a great doctor…. I hope that the new protocal works. He’s lucky to have such a wonderful mom that is there to walk him through such a challenge. I know that you will help him get through this. Hugs Krystal

  4. Donna, So glad to hear that your sister is improving – that’s awesome! She sounds like such an amazing woman, just like you. Congrats on the A’s – thought about you today while we watched them whip the Twins. Looks like they’ll be playing the Tigers, could be really interesting games. Hey, I’m sure we can find a tv or two while we’re in KC. Hugs!

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