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There must be something in the air. Is there a full moon out this week? (I haven’t even had a chance to look) I don’t know what it is, but my three have been nothing but challenging lately. Maybe they sense that I’m feeling a little sad and a little guilty for leaving them for five days, and they’re doing everything they can to make me feel REALLY GOOD about it. Whatever it is, I need Calgon, and I need it right now!

Ryley has been a challenge from day one. I think it must be something about preemies. The exact traits that enabled him to survive have somehow become the things that make me the most insane. He is stubborn and determined to a fault. I don’t know why I let it happen, but we often get into these battles of will. I think he should do what he’s supposed to do, he thinks he should do what he wants to do. And it goes from there. I’ve gotten better at it, at letting things go once he starts and just ignoring him. He’s taken to screaming (and I literally mean screaming) and throwing things to try to get my attention at that point in the game. Yesterday afternoon, I sent Grace across the street to play just to clear the house and give him less of an audience for his theatrics. He calmed down within ten minutes. But it was a really rough 20 minutes before that. It’s been this way for nearly a week now. He is constantly pushing the limits, testing me to see how far he can go (which isn’t very far anymore….), constantly defying any authority, continually throwing fits.

Grace….well, she’s gotten a little better in the past week, but still has her moments. We have, once again, gotten her to stay in her room at night. We had a bunch of plastic gold coins left over from the pirate birthday party, and each of them had made treasure chests at the party as well. Now, they get a coin if they behave for the day. Grace gets another coin if she stays in her room all night. When they have five coins, they get a treat (ie cookie at McDonalds, slurpee, etc). When they have ten coins, they get special one on one time with Mom or Dad. Grace is almost at her treat. Ryley went back down to zero yesterday, which is really tough on him because there’s a movie he really wants to get that comes out today and he’s now nowhere near getting it. Anyways…back to Grace. I can’t stand it when I hear “why?” or “I didn’t do it” or anything like that when they are told no or told to do something. I get this CONSTANTLY from Grace. We’ve been working on this for a few weeks now. It’s gotten a little better. Yesterday it seemed she forgot every discussion we’ve had on the topic. And then, she was getting dinner at the neighbors (we often trade off dinner at each other’s houses for the kids), she refused to eat what Jennifer had made, and wouldn’t even try it. And she wasn’t very nice about it either.

As for Ethan…..I don’t even know where to start. When Ryley was 2 1/2, Grace was 18 months old. It used to seem they were so much more difficult than Ethan because there was two of them, and they caused SUCH chaos in my house. I don’t really think that way anymore. If this is Ethan at 2 1/2, in the “terrible two’s”, then I’m in HUGE trouble when he turns 3. He has a major fascination with water…..water from the sink (with soap of course), water in the toilet (yecky!), water from the fountain in the courtyard, water from the hose in the backyard (yep, he knows how to turn it on), water in the fishtank, and water from the dog bowl. Lately, he has been focused on the fishtank. I can’t tell you how many toys have taken a fishtank bath lately…..Those poor fish. Everytime I walk by, they look at me like “what the heck are you letting happen in here?!!!” This morning alone I pulled out a flag, a lego wheel, and a fake fried egg. We’ve had the tank since before E was born. He’s messed with it before, but stopped doing that MONTHS ago. But he’s back at it again.

Last night, by the time we had them all in bed, I felt like I had been beat up. I was physically exhausted. I felt like I’d run 10 miles in the day. And there wasn’t even time for a Calgon bath last night. Can someone bring some to KC for the ShareUnion? I just might need it.

5 thoughts on “Calgon……anyone??????

  1. Actually there was a full moon over the weekend – it was amazing! My mother would say that’s the source of your problems… Wow, Ryley definitely sounds like he is in a mood – you’re such a great mom Donna. It’s hard to deal with angry, stubborn OUTSPOKEN children. I’m feeling incredibly guilty, this morning I cried just sitting holding Daisy on the couch. Ugh! It’s just five days right? No big deal right? I’ll be glad when we’re all in KC! See YOU tomorrow night! Hugs,

  2. Oh you poor thing! I think it will be good for you to be able to get away for a few days and when you come back you will be a bit refreshed and ready to deal with the kiddies again! I hope it gets better for you soon. Hugs,

  3. Well it sounds like you need the time in KC!! I know what you mean! Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and exausted at the end of the day and I only have 1!! Sometimes I think we all need time to just breathe with out hearing 50 “mommy, mommy” in the background! Have a wonderfull time in KC!!! Tabby

  4. Donna –
    Have Calgon – will deliver! I am printing this post off…because Charlie thinks only Leighton acts like this. I tell him it’s all kids – and they all go through it at different times. It’s difficult, though – when they tag team you! hang in there…won’t be long now! Denise

  5. Donna
    I so know what you are talking about. Although Grady is 7 (my baby will be 8 in November)
    I remember those days. Now I hear it from daycare children, but the nice thing about that is they all go home at the end of the day.
    Hang in there-KC is only a few more days away!!

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