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"good mom" days

I am a firm believer that sometimes some time away from our lovely children is a very good thing. Maybe I have just convinced myself of this to cover up the guilt for wanting and needing to get away sometimes. I don’t know that answer to that one. I do know that most of the time, I am so much better at being a Mom when I’ve been away for a day or three or five. Absense makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Add to that, being in Kansas City and seeing all the videos, hearing all the stories makes me realize just how precious their little lives are to me. As well as the fact that being around all of you just inspires me to be better at Mommy’ing.

That said, we’ve had a pretty good week. (And I say this knowing that this could all change in a heartbeat this afternoon! Better knock on some wood or something…..) They’ve had their challenging moments, but I just “feel” calmer, more capable of dealing with it all.

Yesterday, I felt like “super mom” – the Mom I’ve wanted to be since I quit my job, the mom I wish I could be everyday. Grace and Ethan and I ran all kinds of errands to get ready for Grace’s birthday party while Ry was at school – we hit Target, Michael’s, the book store, and the party store in under 3 hours. And I didn’t have to threaten, nor did I have to leave any stores. There simply were no fits to be had. AMEN!! Okay, so I did tell them that if they behaved they could get slurpees (a HUGE favorite at our house) after we picked Ryley up. They were awesome, so we headed to the convenience store as soon as Ry was in the car. We had an uneventful lunch, put E-man down for a nap, and then we put up our Halloween decorations. I did have to get on them for pulling the window clings down after they were up, over and over and over again, but they were fine. We made cupcakes, I boiled eggs to have in the fridge for those quick-out-the-door mornings, and made dinner (nope, no chicken nuggets, hot dogs, taquitos or frozen waffles last night! LOL). We calmly got through homework even when Ryley was getting tired and wanted to stop. It was just a good day.

Days like that make me so appreciate staying home with them. I wish EVERY DAY could be like that. Maybe it is getting a little easier. Or maybe it’s just that a refreshed mom whose had a few days away is more settled, more calm, and more capable of dealing with the little things that pop up. My patience was tested two nights ago when Ethan was up from 11:45pm until 1:15am. He and Ryley are both at the front end of colds, and he hasn’t been sleeping well much of the week. Wednesday night, however, he would not go back to sleep. When the kids are really sick, we do let up on the “no kids in the bed” rule and bring them in. So, after 20 minutes of trying to get him back to sleep in his bed, I caved and brought him into my bed. I did tell him that he had to sleep, or he was going back to his room. Well, the conversation (FOR THE NEXT HOUR!!!!) went something like this:

Momma, dess what?
What, Ethan?
Do you hear dat?
What, Ethan?
Whas dat noize?
I don’t know, Ethan. Go to sleep.
Otay, Mommy……mommy, dess what?
What, Ethan?
Mommy, where’s Bruce?
At the end of the bed. Go to sleep, Ethan.
Mommy, where Chewy?
I don’t know, Ethan. GO TO SLEEP?
Otay Mommy…..Mommy, des what?

And on and on and on it went. I’d get maybe five minutes of quiet, and then he’d start again. I finally just put him back in his bed. I thought if he was well enough to carry on a conversation in the middle of the night, he didn’t need to be in my bed. He cried for all of about 2 minutes, then slept soundly until 6:30am. Wish Mommy had!

I’ll let you know tomorrow if today held up like the week has been. I pray that it does.

Tooth Update: Ryley’s tooth is a little looser. It still hasn’t fallen out. He, for some reason, thinks that as soon as a tooth is loose it will fall out in three days. He’s learning that it just isn’t the case as we’re working on day four, and not anywhere near the tooth coming out of his mouth.

10 thoughts on “"good mom" days

  1. Donna, Wow, your day yesterday DOES sound like a super mom kind of day. Of course I am biased, I already thought you WERE a supermom. I wish we were decorating our house here in Cali for Halloween, but we decided tha since we won’t be here there’s really no point. Plus Daisy is still not 100%. I agree, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I haven’t let Daisy out of my sight (except for naps and at night) since I got home. I just want to be with her all of the time. Have a great weekend supermom! Hugs,

  2. Donna,
    Great to hear everything is just fantastic in your neck of the country. One thing I learned from this past weekend was that it is okay to leave my daughter with other people that love her too! You are so right, absence does make the heart grow fonder, Lesley has proved that. She will not let me out of her sight!!!! I mean this last week she has clung to me!!!! Your an awesome mommy!

  3. Donna –
    Wow…that sounds like a fantabulous day! And I’m with your kids…slurpees ROCK! I’m anxiously awaiting the tooth falling out…and seeing how the tooth fairy does! Denise

  4. I already knew you were a super mom. Sometimes you may just be too hard on yourself. A loose tooth?! Gracious, don’t tell Gavin who feels so betrayed that his mouth isn’t giving up a single tooth and he is 6 1/2. “and a HALF!! Mom.” lol! He is so mad that some of his friend lost teeth at 5 and he is not only 6, but 6 AND A HALF! Yay for Ethan and peeps!

  5. YOU are a SUPERMOM!!! Were you wondering? You should have just asked!! hehehe Your day sounds great! Positive reinforcement (some call it bribery) always works!! Glad it did for you. Hang in there with the wiggly tooth. Ian’s first loose tooth was loose for months.. ahmmm.. did I say months? I mean weeks.. yeah weeks… that’s what I meant!! By the way.. Ian just lost his 7th tooth this week… and the fairy rates are pretty low in our neck of the woods.. only a $1 a tooth. I think it has to do with the number of kids in our location. There’s a lot of teeth to be lost!! Hugs!

  6. Donna
    I lOVE days like that… I am also a believer in breaks..we are Moms but we are so human..and everybody needs a break (even the kids)..
    Have a great weekend..good luck with the tooth.

  7. Oh it does sound like you had a great day with your kids. I do agree, absence makes the heart grow fonder. yes… we just need a break! It was so nice coming back home to my baby and it just felt like our daily routine was so fresh and new and the smiles that she gave me just seemed more bright. *sigh* Sounds like the tooth fairy is knockin at your door! -Sarah

  8. One whole buck? Wow, remember when we got 10 cents? Well, at least in my days! LOL What a nice day and week you had! I’m sometimes envious that I’m not a stay at home mom but being a teacher provides me with lots of “vacation” time. Then during hte vacation time with being around Mickey 24/7, I’ll glad to have a job to go back to…for a break! LOL Seriously, I know I’m a much better mom being a working mom. I want a Slurpee too! Love ’em…and Blue Coconut Slushies from Sonic!!! Yummy! ~Jaclyn~

  9. I am glad that you feel like a new mommy. That is what a couple of days away will do for you. I hope that everyone starts feeling better soon. Angi “Phoenix’s MoM’

  10. I LOVE days like that! Those days when you have it *all figured out*… Those days when everything goes according to plan and you’re children are more than manageable….they are truly enjoyable. Well…those days are heaven! Every now and again, I have one, and it is worth it’s weight in gold!!! Here’s to *more* heavenly days!

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