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Size matters

It is so funny to me the things kids worry about as they get older. And I wonder where the concerns come from. Do they hear us talking and learn that it might be something they should worry about? Is it just part of their nature? Do they hear it from other, older kids?

Lately, Ryley and Grace seem to be very concerned about size. Not just their size, but the size of just about everything. Ryley is constantly checking to see how tall he is compared to me. Does his head reach higher on me today than it did yesterday? Is he still taller than Grace? And he is very proud of the fact that he is the second tallest boy on his soccer team, and fourth tallest boy in his kindergarten class. But this size comparison issue has moved on to other things. Are his meal portions the same as Grace and Ethan’s? Who has more juice in his or her cup? Yesteday, we were driving home from a meeting and he asked if our car was bigger than the car next to us, FOR EVERY CAR WE PASSED! (and this was a 20 mile trip!). It just makes me giggle….he is turning into a “typical boy”.

But I can’t just blame it on boyhood. Grace seems to be worried about this issue too. Our neighbor’s son is four. He will be for six more months. Yet he is a few inches taller than Grace. She was very confused and upset by this. When they were compared, and she came up “short”, she just kept saying “but I’m five!” not getting that age has nothing to do with height, especially between boys and girls. Grace is going to be vertically challenged. I’m fine with that, and I’m sure she’ll come to accept it some day, just as I did. But right now, it’s a little tough for her. I think it’s going to be even more difficult when our neighbor’s daughter. who is nearly three years younger than Grace, passes her by (her Mommy is pretty tall and she has been in the 80’s and 90’s for height since her birth). Poor Grace.

I do remember being a kid and always comparing. Did I get the same amount of ice cream as my brother or sister? Did I get as many gifts from Santa as my siblings? Were there as many kids at my birthday party as at my best friend’s party? Size mattered. But I’ve learned that it’s not the size of the meal, the number of guests, or the height of the child that matters. It’s the heart that matters. I just hope my children learn that as well. In the meantime, I just giggle when Ryley asks if our car is as big as the cement truck next to us and gives me a “BUMMER!” when he finds out it is not.

6 thoughts on “Size matters

  1. OH.. it must be the age. Ian did this.. and Hanna and Rachel are doing it now. They must compare who has more juice in their cups. If I have to clean up another spilled drink I’m gonna scream!! Ahhh! They are just now starting to realize the impact they have on the world, and how they measure up to everyone else! I LOVE when they stand back to back, and measure next to each other, or their friends. It’s so cute!! Oh to be 5 again! Hugs!

  2. ” Cause your little and Im big” another Sesame Street Quote! I really need a life outside the home huh … Anyhoo, I am not what you would call a thin person nor am I what you would call a Big person but I have always been the BIG person when it came to my relatives , “ooh she so big, she wont fit in the car with the rest of the cousins , so she cant go to Disneyland with us.” I never could appreciate the whole size thing when it came to that .. so me being a kid learned fast that little is better, I know better now but back then I wanted everything little ! Thats to say yeah , Im sure he will grow out of it after a while , he has just discovered an new difference in things and people! Is your car as big as the cement truck .. that is to cute! Bless you and your loved ones!

  3. I’m vertically challenged…nothing wrong with that! Most of us Asians are! LOL Mickey hasn’t hit that stage yet…thank goodness, but I hear it all the time with my nieces (7 & 10 yr olds). They compare everything…food servings, juice servings, clothes in their closets, dance gears,etc… It drives me bonkers! You’re definitely more patient than I am! “Bummer!” As the wonderful, loving mother that you are…I’m sure that your children will know what really matters…their big heart…by seeing your big heart in action. ~Jaclyn~

  4. BUMMER, how cute! I haven’t faced size issues with the kid yet, but I was the first one to notice such things as a child……..seriously the first one, every time. Would you believe that my little 17% for height son is the small size as most boys in his class? I was very surprised. However, being 3% for weight, I’m sure I’ll notice it more when spring rolls around. I’d love to hear what Ryley says when a semi drives by!! -Shonda

  5. I just had to giggle when I read this. My two are also fascinated by size. Their most perplexing problem is how mommy can be bigger(they are talking about height) than Grandma when Grandma is older. They also want to know how big I will be when I get older. It is fun to talk to them and see these ideas and notions form. And they will know about heart they just don’t know how to express it yet.

  6. They will know that size isn’t what matters. I remember doing this myself. It is a phase. They will learn soon enough that the heart is what matters. Angi “Phoenix’s mOm”

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