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Something new and seeing the future

My kids have the awful habit of rising before the sun. For someone who loves her sleep, and relished the thought of “sleeping in” once I stopped working, this is NOT a good thing. My husband doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem (but then I remind him that he is up BEFORE they are, so why would he?). It’s been making me crazy, and has only gotten worse since the time change. Yesterday, after the third day in a row of a 5am wake-up call from my Princess Grace, I’d had ENOUGH! She even got Ethan out of his crib yesterday morning, and they were both playing in her room. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear them playing together, laughing those great belly laughs, just not before the sun has peeked up over the hills in front of our house.

My sister had a great suggestion at one point…..Grace has a clock (Princesses, of course) in her room, so Amy suggested telling Grace that she couldn’t get up until the little hand was on six. The problem is that Grace hadn’t really figured out numbers, and couldn’t see the difference between the little hand and the big hand when the clock was on the wall. Toss that idea. But it stuck in the back of my mind. We’ve tried telling them they can’t come out of their rooms until the sun is up in the sky. That didn’t work either. Hmmmm…….enter a digital read-out alarm clock. I have an exta one, so yesterday, it went into Grace’s room. We learned what a six was on the clock, and set the alarm (music) to six am. I told her she couldn’t come out of her room until she heard the music come on. Six is still pretty early, but I’ll take it, anyday, over 5 am!!!!!! Well….IT WORKED!!!!! She walked into my room at 6:04 this morning. And because she was not up, the boys were not up. AMEN!!!!!!! I’m off to Target today to get another digital alarm clock…Ryley was bummed that Grace got one and he didn’t. Does it ever end?

Yesterday, I worked the Book Fair in the library at Ryley’s school. It was really a lot of fun to see all the kids, and to see them so excited over books (an English Major’s DREAM!). I had a great time shopping for books for the kids’ Christmas too. Anyhoo…..all the classes came in at one point or another, K – 5. I loved listening to the conversations among the boys. The kindergartners through pretty much second grade are still too scared to really let themselves be “boys” in the school library. It seems that fear has worn off by third grade. THIRD GRADE!!! That makes them, what, 9? The comments were alll about bodily noises, degrading each other, teasing to no end, and you could see that they were definitely differentiating between the sexes. They were not “sweet boys” any more, or at least they knew they were not “allowed” to show it at school in front of all the other boys. They have to be tough, they have to build a heirarchy, they have to test themselves against their peers to see where they stand. It was funny, it was interesting, and it was scary. I saw my future yesterday….a future that is only a few short years away. It made me want to hold onto my son who wasn’t afraid to give his mommy a hug in the middle of the library, in front of all his classmates, when his class came into the Book Fair.

TOOTH UPDATE!!!!! Ryley now has TWO loose teeth. The first one is nearly there, and the permanent tooth is poking up behind it. Guess the Tooth Fairy better really get ready.

ETHAN UPDATE! Ethan has a new word for the week: Boo-yah! Like you would hear from one or another of the ESPN announcers. AND he uses it in context. I just about fell out of my chair the first time I heard him say it! This kid cracks me up!

4 thoughts on “Something new and seeing the future

  1. Great problem solving skills there Momma!! I’m glad it worked. We only had one day of way to early wake up at our house as a result of the time change… THANK GOD!!! Don’t worry.. I don’t know when it stops.. but Ian still gives me hugs, and kisses in school, in front of his friends. Granted he’s only in 2nd grd. this year.. but I’ll take it!! Love and Hugs!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad the clock worked and that you were able to get some shut eye. Daisy is an early riser as well… or at least I thought so until I heard 5am in your house. She’s more of a 6:30am girl – which feels early to me. Whoohooo for loose teeth and hee hee for Ethan’s new word. Booyah. Love it. Hugs,

  3. Maybe you can start adding 5 min each day and soon you may even get a 7 am wake up call. One can wish anyway. Yay for loose teeth. Gavin would be so jealous! I can’t wait for the All I Want for Christmas pics with the teeth missing! Booyah!

  4. Boo-yah, right back at Ethan!!! That was clever of you to put a clock in Grace’s room. I hope that you got some sleep. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

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