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Parent/teacher conferences

Wow, it’s amazing how quickly a blog gets shoved back to page 5 around here these days! It’s so awesome and amazing to see this community growing by leaps and bounds.

Yesterday afternoon, we had our first parent/teacher conference. It’s so hard to believe that 1/3 of Ryley’s kindergarten year is over already. I was anxious for the conference. I don’t know why. I’m in his classroom enough to have a general idea how he’s doing. But you just never know……and I am continually worried about him, wondering if other people see in him what I see. Michael even left work early to join me. I wanted and needed another set of ears there to help me digest it all, and I wanted and needed him to hear firsthand what Mrs. I had to say about Ryley.

It actually went well. She blessedly does see Ryley’s charm. She does get his little quirks. She is amused by his need and ability to share even the tiniest tidbits of information about his life. He is doing well. He has adjusted to Kindergarten life and the new routine of school and classroom. He has made friends. He behaves. He is learning. She showed us some of his early work, just so we could see his progress. It’s amazing. I remember being in kindergarten and my biggest concern was being able to tell the difference between a lion and a tiger, and whether it was “boys’ day” or “girls’ day”. Nowadays, they are expected to learn so much more, and much more quickly. But he is holding his own, and keeping up with what is expected of him. He got “meets requirements” or “at grade level” for almost everything. He is ahead of schedule on knowing all of his letter sounds, including the combination sounds (ch, sh, wh, th), which made me just about burst with pride. HE KNOWS ALL HIS LETTERS SOUNDS!

She did say that he needs improvement on listening to and following directions, as well as staying on task. Michael says Ryley is a “big picture” kid. If something is happening around him, he has to know what it is, and why it is. This distracts him from the task at hand. In addition – and this is my perspective, knowing my hubby and Ryley so well – Ryley believes that he already knows how to do everything and/or that everything should be done his way, so why listen to – much less follow – directions? He just starts in on whatever they’re working on, and then has to do it over or ends up with something weird because he didn’t wait for Mrs. I to tell him how to do it. It is kind of funny in a way. Something to work on.

The other thing she said is that Ryley is a perfectionist, and hard on himself when he makes mistake. Again, this was not unexpected news for me. I know this about him. He has always had a very low frustration level. And he is a perfectionist. When he makes a mistake, he gets very upset with himself. He wants to stop whatever it is he’s doing and just give up, or start completely over. Honestly, he gets this from me and Michael. I’m a perfectionist, and Michael is VERY detail oriented with most things. Something else to work on…..letting him know that it is okay if he makes a mistake, that he doesn’t have to be perfect. I know this is something I still struggle with, and I don’t want him to stress himself out for the rest of his life.

And that was it in a nutshell. We got to bring home a lot of his projects and homework. I love that. I love seeing him learn to write and read. I love seeing him grow and learn. I love all the little projects he brings home. They made the cutest “I am thankful for…” book and a Thanksgiving story book fashioned after Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We also got a “book treasure box” to decorate however we like, to put all the little books in that they have made for each letter of the alphabet, and each holiday. So cute. I will treasure these things. They will go in a box for Ryley to have. It’s all just too precious. I know that in the blink of an eye, he will be graduating from high school and growing up…..so I will keep these little reminders of the little boy he is now.

Soccer is done! We had our last game Saturday. They lost every single game this season, but it was fun, and we made some new friends. Oh, and those two loose teeth? Well, they’re still in his mouth – with the adult teeth coming in behind em. Guess the tooth fairy may be visiting us at my Daddy’s next week!

4 thoughts on “Parent/teacher conferences

  1. Donna-
    It sounds like Ryley is doing wonderful. I can’t imagine going to Domonique’s firts P/T meeting. I get all teary eyed just thinking about it. Ryley must have been so proud bringing home all of his works of art. Good luck with the tooth fairy! Karen

  2. Donna~
    Yeah for Ryley!!! It sounds like he is adjusting well! Isn’t funny how they pick certain things up from mom and dad You sound like one very proud mama! ALL the letter sounds, that’s awesome!
    Way to go Ryley!!!

  3. Donna, Fabulous news! Sounds like everything is right on track for Ryley… That is just great! Those teeth are still hanging on?!? I’ll be anxious to hear how the tooth fairy visit goes! Diane

  4. Donna, Kinder can be scary sometimes, but it’s apparent that Ryley is doing fantastic! Digraphs are difficult for even 1st graders so for Ryley to have those sounds down is way about par! Kuddos to him! What kid (and adults for that matter) doesn’t have trouble with following directions? They’re kids…they’re suppose to have “not follow directions”. As a teacher, my day would be so boring if all my students listened and did everything I asked of them. I don’t always listen and do what I’m told…why should I expect that of them each and every day…just not possible. I hear the Tooth Fairy…”Have teeth, will travel”. LOL Hope Ryley makes a killin’ off those pearly whites! ~Jaclyn~

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