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Tooth fairy, finally!!!!!!!

We’re back!!!!! I missed you all last week, but we were visiting my Daddy and Mom for Thanksgiving and didn’t take time to get on Share. But you were in my thoughts, heart, and prayers! Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day!!!!!!

Thank goodness I remembered to pack the Tooth Fairy pillow when we were getting ready to leave. I threw it in Ryley’s suitcase just before we left. He woke up Wednesday morning with the first tooth missing. I freaked….thought he’d swallowed it or something. But nope…..there it was, in his bed. I have no idea how he found it. Those things are TINY! I fully expected the other loose tooth to fall out before bed, but it stuck around. So the Tooth Fairy came that night. He got $5, just because it was the first lost tooth. He was so excited the next morning! He came into our room at his usual 5:30am, waving his little pillow around in one hand and the $5 bill in the other hand. He told us that he’d heard her put the pillow back under his pillow and then fly out the window, but he didn’t see her. Oh really?!!! It was just so cute! No sooner did we finish celebrating the loss of that tooth and the visit from the Tooth Fairy than the other tooth popped out. Yep, the poor overworked Tooth Fairy had to make another visit the very next night! He got $2 for the second tooth. I guess $7 in two days is not bad for a six year old! He does look precious without those teeth. The adult teeth are already coming in. One of them is halfway in, the other just poking up, so he won’t have to sing “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” cuz they’re already there!!!

I was kind of sceeved out before the teeth feel out. I could see him playing with them with his tongue, pushing them out, twisting them sideways. I so remember doing that when I was a kid, but it was kind of gross to watch him do it. YECK! But it’s a rite of passage, and he is very relieved to have finally lost teeth! No signs of anymore coming out soon. Not another loose tooth in that mouth at this point!

We are battling the throwing up sickos in our house. I was lucky enough to get it myself last week…Yep, right on Thanksgiving. It started at 1am, and proceeded throughout the morning. Grace got it last night. Yay. I’m seriously hoping and praying the boys don’t get it. I’m still struggling, and Grace being sick last night nearly pushed me over the edge. Ah, motherhood! But in spite of sickness, we are in full-fledged Holiday mode. Some of the decorations are out, I’m 2/3rd’s of the way through my Christmas shopping (I LOVE online shopping!), we’ve been playing Christmas music in the car, and Michael put up the outside lights yesterday. I just love this time of year.

Oh, please keep my friends Jennifer and Jason in your prayers. They had a baby girl on Thanksgiving day born at 34 weeks. The baby is doing well….no oxygen needed, but in the NICU with jaundice and some issues with her glucose levels. They’re hoping she will be home within a week or two.

5 thoughts on “Tooth fairy, finally!!!!!!!

  1. Tooth faries are the best….that is one of my best memories as a kid!! Sorry that the sickies have entered your household. I hope they go away soon. I will, too, be keeping Jason and Jennifer in my prayers! Take care.

  2. Donna,
    Gotta love the tooth fairy! Quinten told me he had a friend get $20 for his first tooth he lost. He wanted to know why he didn’t get as much. That was a hard one to explain! I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that the boys don’t catch the bug. Your friends and their baby will be in my thoughts and prayers. Crystal

  3. Hurray for the Tooth Fairy! Can’t wait to see pics…you took them, right? So sorry the yucks have hit your house. I pray everyone is better soon! And it doesn’t spread! Denise

  4. $5 bucks? Really? Wow, how inflation has hit us…I remember getting a whole, whopping quarter! LOL
    Oh and I, too, hate it when my first graders come in to see me and say, “Mrs. Pham Haynes, look!” and then proceed to swing their loose tooth with their tongues. Yikes! Makes me cringe! Glad you all had a great holiday with your family. Sorry to hear that the sickies are visiting your home. I’ll pray that the boys are sheltered for them and that you girls are recovering quickly. ~Jaclyn~

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