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Flip flop girl and other things

Gracie is a true child of southern California. We moved down here to SD when she was about 8 months old. She’s never really known anything else. We do have mild weather….sometimes boringly so. I miss the seasons, even though the ones I had in Northern CA don’t compare to what most of you all deal with! My kids all love the beach. They spend most of their time playing outside. Every Christmas we’ve spent here, we’ve been in shorts and t-shirts. Michael often golfs the day after Christmas. It is different, but it’s kinda cool too. I’m sure my children will all be beach bums. They already have either blond or streaky hair. I’m just waiting for them to start saying “dude” all the time!

Gracie seems to have taken to it the most. That girl insists on wearing flip flops every single day. Doesn’t matter what else she’s wearing, she wants to wear flip flops on her feet. We do get down into the 30’s at night, and it is often in the mid-40’s when we’re leaving the house in the morning….enough for jackets and gloves….but there she is, with her flip flops on! I think she has about 6 or 7 pair of them, in all different colors, and of course with as much sparkle as possible. She complains that tennis shoes make her feet feel closed in. Cracks me up. She’s my flip flop girl!!!! Given the chance, she’d never wear anything else.

Our anniversary dinner was nice. Kinda weird in a way. We went to this new restaurant in town. It’s part of a brewery, so I was expecting the usual for that type of place. And the items on the menu started out sounding like normal, but then they’d put this really weird twist on it and make it so strange. I’m a picky eater anyways (goes along with being high maintenance doesn’t it?)….something would catch my eye and I’d start reading the description, only to find something on my “no-can-eat” list ie coconut, fruit, fish……I ended up with a buffalo burger, which was great. It came with onion rings, which I normally love but the weird bbq sauce they came with and whatever they were dipped in were just kinda disgusting. I tried to be adventurous with the dessert and ordered this thing called avocado cheesecake. Only it looked nothing like cheesecake when it came out. It was more the consistency of mousse or pudding. But I bravely took a bite….there were three flavors that I liked, one that I hated, and something in it that I had to really chew. Turns out there were actual pieces of mint in it, instead of just mint flavoring. It was kind of disgusting actually. I don’t think we’ll be going back there. Bums me out because we could really use some new restaurants around here.

On a more serious note, please keep my brother Kip in your prayers. He has been having heart palpitations for the past few months and went to the cardiologist yesterday. They have scheduled an angiogram for Tuesday because one of the tests indicated part of his heart was not getting all the blood that it should be. It could be a false-positive, but because of our family history (ticker problems on both sides), and the palps, he gets the test. He’s pretty concerned, as am I. He’s only 41. He’s an awesome brother. Again, any prayers would be so very appreciated!

10 thoughts on “Flip flop girl and other things

  1. Prayers on their way up for Kip. He’s *much* too young for serious problems! Your little flip flop girl is a hoot. Thank goodness you all live in S.CA. Her little piggies would freeze here in the tundra. Sending you some virtual “real” cheescake!

  2. Of course I will pray for your brother Kip…. I will keep you in my thoughts as well…. Gracie is a girl after my own heart… and I live in Kansas… it’s cold here. I would wear flip flops every day if I could too especially after foot surgery. I wear them with blue jeans on cooler days… my jeans cover my feet anyway… lol. Sounds like the new restaurant is a little “out there”…. I am not really picky but I would probably have had the same reaction you did to their menu. We’ve had a ton of new restaurants go in around here and some I’m so happy about and others not so much. Head on to the cafe… we’ll serve you up some yummy fat free, calorie free cheesecake. Hugs, Krystal

  3. Ahh- gotta love a flip flop girl. Admit it, your feet do feel much more free! I would wear the too, if I didn’t live in IA!
    Keeping your brother in my thoughts.

  4. We’re a flip-flops phamily as well. But I do draw the line when it’s cold! LOL We have more in common, I am the pickiest eater around. When I go out to dinner with friends, they roll their eyes at me when I order…”Can I have this instead of that. Can that be grilled and not fried? Can I have that on the side? Please make sure…” I, too, am called high-maintenance. Who me? LOL I will definitely keep Kip in my prayers. ~Jaclyn~

  5. I want to be a beach bum! I would be so good at it. I love the beach. Actually, I probably could do what I do at the beach…and I live about two miles away from one. The problem is…it’s going down to 19 degrees! On a more serious note….Kip will be, of course, in my thoughts. Especially because it’s time for no more medical crises in your family!

  6. I am with James! Kip is in my thoughts!!! Truly, your family has been through so much … Kip *must* be okay. As for your little beach girl… I can so see it. She is a mini you. That little gal is going to be high maintenance too … sparkles and all. Hugs!

  7. Donna
    I’m sending out good thoughts for Kip. I hope it was a false positive and everything turns out good. I am a picky eater also. Never been into that fufu food. Meat and potatoes for this girl! I didn’t acquire a taste for seafood until I was in my late twenties. Now I love it (well not all of it…but a lot)
    I remember the last time I was in SanDiego (I think circa 1991?) Went to the Chart House (is that still there?) I was being adventurous and had the Teriyaki Mako Shark….yummy! It was fantastic. I’ve been hooked ever since (no pun intended!) Karen

  8. Donna: I will say some prayers for your brother. He is too young to be having problems with his heart. I hope things turn out well with for him! Keep us posted!

  9. I’d give anything to wear my flip flops right now……….and London REALLY watnts to wear his. But at 10 degrees, no can do. -Shonda

  10. I will be saying prayers for your brother. A lot of heart problems in my family, as well…. So scary.
    I truly hope all is well with him. We usually have fairly warm weather here in the winter, too, and I LOVE it! Wouldn’t trade it for the world!!! However, the past few days have been quite chilly, and I want my 70 degrees back!! I’d wear flip flops year ’round, too! I’m with Gracie! Diane

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