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Seeing the light dawning

I want to thank all of you for sending your warm wishes, thoughts, and prayers for my brother. It makes it easier for me to know that he, and I, have so much support and concern from so many. This is one of the many things I love about Share. I know I can come here and share my heartfelt fears, and find comfort. I know I can ask for thoughts and prayers, and receive them. You are awesome!

So Ryley’s been in Kindergarten for 3 1/2 months now. I have been impatiently waiting for the day when the switch would turn on in his brain and he would be reading. I think that is one of the most amazing moments of a child’s educational life. So many worlds open up when they learn how to read. He knows all his letters, he knows all his sounds. They have had “words of the week” which they have to learn to say, spell, write and read, and he’s done wonderfully with that. But that seems more memorization to me than actually “reading”. I watch him now, starting to sound things out. I know I need to push him and make him do it, instead of just telling him what the word is. So we make him make the sounds, and help him put them together. And I see the light start to dawn. I see that switch getting closer and closer to turning. And I am in awe. My baby is going to be reading soon. How his life will change…..and how mine will too as I’ll have to stop spelling things when I don’t want them to know what I’m saying! AAHHHH!!

Michael and I both love to read. We have stacks and piles of books and magazines literally all over the house. The kids have their own very full library, and they get new books for every special occasion. They love to go to the bookstore and library just as much as we do. I just hope that when they do learn to read, they love it as much as we do.

I love watching this transition. To me, it’s as magical as watching him learn to roll over, crawl, walk, talk, jump and run. And he is so proud of himself. This morning, he came into my bathroom while I was getting ready. He picked up the shampoo bottle and started spelling the words out. First he asked what they said, but then I asked him to sound them out. It was a struggle, but he got shampoo (mostly emergent reading on that, I believe), and then got Grins (it was the kids’ Grins & Giggles shampoo). He struggled with giggles until I gave in. Double consonants and silent e’s are a little tough yet. But I was just so proud of him. He’s trying, and he’s so close to doing it. My tiny baby boy is learning to read!

This is my baby boy on the day he came home from the NICU…..Christmas Day 2000…..with his Bella and GrandBill (Michael’s parents). Seems so hard to believe that six years ago, I was still waiting for my boy to come home, and now he’s learning to read!


7 thoughts on “Seeing the light dawning

  1. Watching this transition has been among my top favorite times with my boys. It feels like magic, like you can almost watch as those little neuron synapsis click. It’s so beautiful to see those eyes light up with pride as they connect the sounds.
    Congrats to Ryley on this MAJOR milestone. Now you’ll just have to spell more complicated words! Darcy

  2. I love watching Quinten read things now. It is like a whole new world. His little mind gets more and more complex concepts almost daily. Congrats…

  3. Donna: I teach kids in 3rd and 4th grade who have Learning Disabilities and usually, by the time they come to me in 3rd, they can barely read. By the time they leave me at the end of 4th, they can read 100+ words in one minute. It IS magical. I LOVE it and look forward to the next few years of Alexis learning how to read! Enjoy the process. It is fun. Still praying for your brother…

  4. You are right about waiting for the “switch turning on”… that is how it happens and I remember when I first “got it” and it seemed like no time before I was an advanced reader. I love books and lately haven’t had time to read (except for online)….. but seeing a child “get it” is amazing. To see a little one comprehend something new….is awesome. I know that Ryley will love reading books to his siblings as well as to you and Michael. I love the sweet picture of Ryley and his grandparents. More prayers and thoughts for your brother. Hugs, Krystal

  5. It really is an amazing process… even more so than walking, and talking!! It’s not really gradual.. it just clicks! I’m watching the same thing happen for Hanna. She’s so proud, as I’m sure Ryley is too. We should have them write to one another.. they could be pen pals!! Congrats on having a reader. Just remember… now you can’t spell words out to other adults in front of him! That picture is so, so sweet! Love and Hugs!

  6. I too love books. Most women want a fancy kitchen, but I’d take a library over that any day! It is so fun to see our little ones read. Camden (2) is trying to read “Sam I Am”, she goes from memory but it is still cute! -Shonda

  7. Donna, As a former 1st grade teacher, my favorite thing was to watch that light grow brighter and brighter as they “get it”…the process of words…what makes a word…how words work…I just love it! My phamily is huge on books as well. Billy keeps telling me we have too many books already but one can never have enough is my standard response. I just can’t help myself! LOL Congrats to Ryley and well wishes for continued successes. I’m sure he’ll have the love of books just like his parents…what great role models you both are. Sweet picture. ~Jaclyn~

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