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Could you even imagine?

For the past six years of my life, I have been buying diapers of one kind or another. I started buying preemie and newborn diapers just before Ryley came home from the NICU almost six years ago exactly. It hasn’t let up. For those six years, I have had at least one, and for quite awhile, two, kids in diapers at any given time. It seems we are coming to the end of that road. I cannot even begin to imagine what it will be like to not have to make that mad dash to the store every other week after you pull the last diaper from the package.

I finally dug in on Friday, and told Ethan we were going to go peeps on the potty now. Off came the pants, off came the diaper. I had my little half naked boy running around downstairs all morning. I put the little potty chair right there in front of the tv in the family room (I know, I’m a horrible mother…letting my 2 1/2 year old watch movies all morning, but it was effective at keeping him in one room, near the potty chair!), set the timer for 30 minutes, gave him a cup of juice, and away we went. Thirty minutes later, the timer went off and I went to put him on the potty……he’d already gone! That happened twice more, and I stopped setting the timer. He went on his potty chair all day!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!! Could it really be this easy after struggling so much for so long with Ryley? I’m afraid to even believe it. I’m afraid to even consider this might be it.

He’s done really well. He’s had just two accidents in the past four days. AWESOME!!! And completely unbelievable. He is so proud of himself. He was a little bummed yesterday, though. We’ve been telling him that he can go to preschool once he’s going peeps on the potty all the time. When he and I took Grace to preschool yesterday, he thought he was going to get to stay because he’s been doing so good and going on the potty all weekend. Poor little guy. He was so upset when we left Grace and took him to daycare. We’ll start him in preschool after the Holidays. He can hardly wait.

Has anyone seen the play “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”? We went to see it on Sunday. It was fantastic. I laughed so hard. Even Michael, who does not like plays and stuff like that, had a great time and was laughing.

6 thoughts on “Could you even imagine?

  1. Yeah for no more diapers… this is awesome and now preschool… what a big guy. Ethan is a champ for catching on so fast. We’re still working with Madalynn. She’s doing good but we’ve kind of let her decide when she’s ready to sit on the potty. She’s a great little bathroom assistant though. She gets mad if someone goes to the bathroom and doesn’t take her with them. We’ve left her chair in the livingroom too. I think it is easier when you can keep them isolated to one room to train too. It also keeps you from having lots of accidents through out the house. Way to go.

  2. Oh hurray for Ethan! Heck – hurray for Mommy and Daddy – and your pocketbook! How exciting for Ethan – starting preschool. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when that’s Em – my last baby! Take care –

  3. Yay Ethan! Congrats to you, too, mommy. Like you I long for the no more diapers days. I think we’re close, too. Logan is so very close. Only Aleks needs them.
    Soon Ethan will be at the big boy school, and he’ll be proud to be with Grace. I’m looking forward to those pictures.

  4. Yeah!! What a milestone for Ethan, and Mommy. I will keep those fingers crossed that all continues to go well!! Now what are you going to do with all that extra cash? Love and Hugs!

  5. Wow! That’s fantastic!!! I am about to start trying the potty thing, too, and I am so fearful!!! Your blog has helped motivate me… No more diapers? I can’t even imagine! Diane

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