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Quick update on my brother

I want to thank you all for your prayers for my brother. He came through the angiogram this morning just fine. There are no blockages….AMEN!!!!!!! All his problems stem from stress. He will be out of the hospital later today. They do make him stay there for five hours after the procedure to make sure he’s okay from the angio itself. Thank you, so much.

Kip does get on Share every now and again to check up on my stories of my babies. He read my blog the other day, and your beautiful responses regarding his test. He was so moved, and so appreciative. So thank you from him as well.

Hugs! Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!!! 13 more days!

8 thoughts on “Quick update on my brother

  1. I am so glad things worked out for Kip!!!! and Kip, if you are reading this…you have one AWESOME sister!!!!!!! She has become a very good friend! I do have one question for you though…What was it like being raised with a Diva? hehe!!! Love ya, Donna!!
    Hugs and so glad Kip is fine!!!!

  2. Amen! Amen! Amen! What a relief. He (and the whole fam) must feel very relieved. Wishing Kip a very merry holiday. Darcy

  3. What wonderful news! Thank God. The power of prayer is amazing, isn’t it? 13 more days? No, it can’t be…I need at least 31 more days…LOL ~Jaclyn~

  4. Donna, I was so glad to hear that your brother is doing well after his angiogram . Thank God!!!! Know that I am here & I was glad that he did well. Please take care. Love Alex’s mom My Vanilla Puddin’ Alexander

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