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Average, or so i thought

Gracie had her five year old check up yesterday. Overall, and outside of some eczema, she has been my healthy kid. We did take her to the ER when she was 11 days old because she made a really funny sound when she breathed and cried, but it was nothing. She’s my beautiful, smart little cookie.

The doc was pleased with her growth….50% on both height and weight. Nice…..Average…..We talked about her picky eating. Dr. S made Grace promise she would try at least one bite of one new food each week. HAH! Grace wasn’t really happy about it, but she knows Dr. S will check back in to make sure she’s sticking to the bargain! You know, when you focus so much time and attention and worry on your preemie, things about your full-termers can sometimes slide under the radar. Grace has one flat foot…one. Weird. Of course, this does not go well with Grace wanting to wear flip flops all the time. So I can either buy the new, expensive flip flops that have an arch on them, or make her wear better shoes much more often. Hmmm….I think we’ll be going with the second option on that one. And the eczema continues, but this was nothing new to me.

I’ve talked about Grace’s very poor sleep habits before. I’ve even discussed them with Dr. S before. When Grace was 2, we actually went to an ENT doc to check her adenoids and tonsils. She snored like a machine, and we thought that might be disturbing her sleep. Not either of those, but we did find that the little flap in her throat was a bit big for her throat and causing those weird noises and snoring. We were told she would likely outgrow it. It was also suggested that we have a sleep study done to see if there was anything else going on. I happened to be about 8 months pregnant with Ethan at the time, so we put it off. And she seemed to really have improved so much by the next birthday, that we just forgot about it all together. It came up again yesterday. And Doc S referred Grace for a sleep study. She is concerned that Grace isn’t getting good rest and it will affect her in the long run, both health-wise, and in school. She said too that Grace’s tissues in her nose and ears indicate some allergies. I was kind of surprised. Outside of skin rashes, I never ever even thought Grace would have respiratory issues of any type. It just never even crossed my mind. So, we came away from our appt with a referral to a pulmonologist for the sleep study, and a prescription for Nasonex. I guess it just goes to show you that even 40 and 40+ weekers can have their own little “issues”.

There was one moment that as a Mommy, made me giggle. Dr. S flat out asked if Grace was in ballet. I danced growing up, and have known lots of dancers in my life. Dancers have a distinct way of walking and standing. It seems that after just 1 1/2 years of ballet, Grace is already developing this walk/stance. And it made me smile. My little ballerina!

6 thoughts on “Average, or so i thought

  1. Donna,
    I’m glad things are going well for Grace for the most part! It will be interesting to see what the sleep study says. Our neighbor just got referred to do a sleep study w/ theiry 2 1/2 year old who still wakes up crying 4-8 times a night.
    It also made me laugh about the dancing comment…when i was probably 10/11 I was very big into competitive gymnastics and went to the doctor b/c I had achilles tendonitis so bad and the first thing he said the first time we met was “you’re either a gymnast or a dancer” I was sitting on the table w/ my lets together and toes pointed…silly silly!
    Good luck w/ the shoe wearing too Maybe santa can bring ONE good pair of flipflops???

  2. Donna,
    I just read your last blog and I wanted to say that is fantastic news that your brother isn’t showing any blocked arteries. Stress can be pretty damaging. Hopefully he can find a solution. It sounds like Grace’s doc is very thorough. That is great. I sure hope her allergies clear up soon. I am also very interested to hear the results of the sleep study. Keep us posted. Karen

  3. Sounds like *Grace* is living up to her name – your little ballerina! I hope the sleep study goes well. Take care! Kara

  4. Hope the nasonex helps with the allergies. It will be interesting to see what the sleep study finds. Sounds like you have a great doctor.

  5. How funny that the doctor made her promise to try a bite of everything! I hope it works! You are right, dance certainly gives one a great stance, how neat that Grace has taken to it. -Shonda

  6. Donna, How funny that I thought the same of you when we met in KC! I knew that of Grace but not of you so I didn’t want to ask. It’s a great, graceful walk. Wish I had it…no such luck…2 left feet here. LOL Hope the sleep study goes well. ~Jaclyn~

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