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Another great idea

Tired of me yet this week? When was the last time I had this much to say all in one week?

I have jumped on the Project 365 bandwagon (although I did forget to take a picture on New Year’s Day, so I’m down to Project 364), and am loving it. I just keep my camera handy and get pictures of our daily life. Today was the kids eating their cinnamon rolls – they love those things and beg for them nearly every day. Yesterday it was the giant pile of kids’ laundry that I sorted and put away. The day before that was pics of the kids on their bikes/scooters – the new rage for them since Ryley got his training wheels off. This is fun, and I know I’ll loving having a year of pictures of just normal, everyday stuff.

I am a scrapper at heart. I’m not the most creative, and I don’t get to scrap as often as I’d like. I am so far behind on my kids’ books that it’s humiliating when I meet up with real scrappers. But I’m working on it. I do get a scrapping magazine every month. I scraplift pages and other ideas all the time, and find yummy new products. Rarely do I actually read the articles or try the projects they have. But as I was reading the newest edition, a page caught my eye. And I’m now in love with this idea. I really can’t wait to try it and create my own.

You know how we always complain (or at least I do) about our kids not coming with instruction manuals? Or even our husbands for that matter? Well, this project is you creating “little instruction manuals” for our children, siblings, hubbies, and even ourselves. I just thought it was the coolest things. I can just see myself making these for my kiddos, and then handing them over to their prospective spouses on their wedding days. Isn’t that awesome? The wheels started spinning and I started thinking about all the little quirks my kids have….what they like to eat and how they like to eat it, how they go to sleep every night and what their morning wake-up routine is, what they prefer to wear, what kind of movies they like, and so on…….There were funny examples and there were touching examples. And now I can’t wait to get started.

For those of you interested, the article was in the February issue of Creating Keepsakes. I believe they have it online at http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com. Let me know what you think. I’ll bet you come up with lots of little instructions for the care of your kids too!

4 thoughts on “Another great idea

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I’ve been very good with the 365 project, this is awesome. Especially because the guy who gets Katelyn is gonna need a manual, haha. Thanks for the beautiful Xmas Card! I love it! I hope all is going well in your area… I love reading your blogs. Amy

  2. I love the idea as well but that requires too many brain cells for me. LOL Maybe one day. Right now I’m focusing on P365…took my 4th picture today…LG playing in the bathtub. Also, I just purchased a Christmas scrapbook kit so I’m ready to start scrapbooking…haven’t done a thing since my first page at ShareUnion. Wish me luck! LOL I’m heading off to check out that website. Thanks. ~Jaclyn~

  3. Hey Donna! I can’t add anything about scrapbooking…but drat….now I’m STARVING for cinnamon rolls. I’m so impressionable. james

  4. Very cute idea. Good luck with Project 365. We are working on that here too. Maybe I could make a manual for my boys that says that they need to come visit their dear Mama a lot because deep down they are Mama’s boys. Crystal PS…James cracks me up!

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