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Sick baby and exhaustion

Well, I thought Ethan was getting better, and he seemed to be feeling better, until just after lunch today. EVERYTHING came right back up. UGH! Yep, right onto my kitchen floor. DOUBLE YECK!!! Poor baby…he is still freaked out by the whole throwing-up-thing. This is his first go-round with the stomach flu/virus/whatever, first time he’s been sick to his stomach outside of the normal infant spit-up adventures. He just loses it, in more ways than one. I just feel so bad for him. He keeps saying “I done Mommy” when he’s not really done, and then he just cries. Hopefully we’ll be over this quickly. I can’t take watching him like this. It just breaks my heart!!!

It doesn’t help right now that Ryley’s behavior has gone crazy. It has just been an awful week. I know part of it is that he went back to school this week after two weeks of being off. Getting back into a routine is always difficult for him. Change does not go well with this child. And he is completely wiped out, exhausted. In a way I feel bad for him. It’s almost like he can’t even behave, even when he’s really trying. It seems like he’s about to explode, if that makes any sense, unless he does what he’s doing, which is everything he’s not supposed to do. Today has been no different. He was completely losing it. He was warned, and he lost his playtime with the neighbor for three days. He continued. He was warned again, and then lost his XBox for 3 days. He very nearly lost his bike for three days as well, when I finally just told him to get a blanket and lay down on the couch. He wasn’t thrilled with that idea, but again, I let him know his choices. He finally decided Mom meant business and got the blanket and laid down. He was asleep within 5 minutes.

I hate getting in these battles with him. Lately it seems like he has to continually push and continually test my limits and determine if I really mean business. Bad news for him…I do mean business and I’m not going to let him go completely out of control with his behavior. If it’s like this thought at six years old, how much more is he going to test boundaries when he’s 10, 12, 16? Will it get worse, or will he somehow figure out that we are going to stand firm, and start to behave? As tired as he is, I’m just as tired right now!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Sick baby and exhaustion

  1. Poor E!! That poor baby.. how sad. I hope he turns a corner soon, and is feeling better. And Lord I hope no one else gets this! I’m sure Ryley is just trying to figure out how to handle all the changes that come from the holidays.. and try to draw himself back in. Hang in there, and get some sleep!
    Love and Hugs!

  2. Oh, I sure hope Ethan feels better soon. Stomach viruses are the worst! I hate to see them suffer that like as well. You just feel so bad for them. Mickey normally sleeps a solid 10 hours minimum each night (and that’s even with a 2 hr nap each day). So when he’s cranky and becomes a terror we know that he isn’t getting enough sleep. Eventhough we know he’s completely exhausted he tries to fight it (and us) off to stay up and play. That’s when he gets thrown in a bath, which calms him down, and then he’s off to bed. It’s so hard being a kid sometimes. Hang in there.

  3. I hope Ethan feels better soon. I just hate to watch my kids when they are sick and throwing up. They are just so miserable and you can just see the looks on their faces when they are going to throw up again. Yuck… I hope he is better soon! I hope that Ryley got his much needed sleep and you get back into the school routine. I also take things away and sometimes it takes a lot of things before Quinten finally gives in. Gavin on the other hand…I think this boy might be into testing me! Crystal

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