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Give and take

First, the updates, then the blog. Ethan seems to be better. We’ve actually gone more than 48 hours without any yucky tush. AMEN!!!! I’m worried he may have a milk allergy. He hasn’t had any dairy in those 48 hours. So now, was it all the flu? Or a milk allergy mixed in? I guess we’ll find out soon, because to test my theory, I gave him a cup of milk this morning. Wish us luck….this kid is addicted to milk. Having to tell him repeatedly for the past two days that he can’t have milk has been torture for him and for me – full-blown toddler temper tantrums!

A lot has been going on around Share this week. Seems we sometimes go through these times where grief is so evident, struggles are so difficult. Share is a place of give and take. Sometimes you come here, your children are doing well, live seems great. And you give….you give words of encouragement, words of healing, words of prayer, words of kindness and friendship. You lift those up who are not in the wonderful place and who may be struggling. Sometimes you come here and your heart is breaking, you can’t breath….you need to reach out and receive – receive those things you have given in the past. That is what makes this community so beautiful…..life is cyclical. There are ups and downs. Share is more than just a social gathering; it is a community of caring people.

A few weeks ago, our pastor at church was talking about community in our congregation. Somehow it hit me how much his entire sermon could have been applied directly to this community. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. We each have different backgrounds and experiences. Individually, we may struggle with the life we have been handed, but together, we are strong. Together, we have created a safe, caring, encouraging, and supportive community.

I used to feel guilty about needing. I used to hate asking for prayers, advice, commiseration, encouragement. I don’t anymore. Because sometimes I can come here and be that uplifting person for others. It all comes back around. Your words, when I am struggling, help me. Your virtual hugs when I can’t seem to figure life and motherhood out lift me back up. And your ability to ask for help, to ask for whatever you need makes me understand just what a special community we have.

6 thoughts on “Give and take

  1. Donna, you couldn’t have said it any better, or described Share any better. This community is very giving… I’m addicted. So sorry Ethan has a tummy bug. I’m having the same troubles with Quinn, but she doesn’t have a fever or anything like that. I do hope that you can find out if it was a milk allergy. -Sarah

  2. So glad Ethan is doing better. That’s wonderful. I’m with you on Share…I agree with all my heart. When I’m hurting…this is the first place I come. When someone else is hurting – I hurt right along with them. This community is amazing. I’m so glad you’re a part of it! Denise

  3. Yeah for Ethan doing better! That is great news! Sometimes I wonder how your sickness in Cali compares to ours in Iowa during the winter. I guess each state has its ups and downs. Ask for help, that is what Share is all about! -Shonda

  4. So glad to hear that Ethan is feeling better! That is wonderful. I know it’s been a long week. You hit the nail on the head. We are a community created out compassion and understanding, give and take. It is a remarkable place to have, and I’m so very greatful for it… and each of you. Love and Hugs!

  5. Yay, Ethan! Bet you’re ready for that “break”. Hoping it lasts! Share IS such a great community! I’ve also found – quite honesty – that it feels GOOD to help. Never feel bad for being “needy” – it makes the people who help you HAPPY to help! I had a hard time accepting this… until I realized that the people offering to mow our law, bring us meals, receive calls at midnight – really MEANT it. It made THEM feel good to know they were helping us. And who am I to deny them that feeling. You rock – thanks for everything you do for the March of Dimes, for Share, and for me! Take care,

  6. Yipee that Ethan is feeling a little better! Share is amazing, isn’t it? It’s been a Godsend for me. I’ve grown to love and admire so many here. You are inspiring! ~Jaclyn~

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