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Stone soup and other new loves

Whenever I go away, even if for just a couple of days, I always try to bring something back for my kids. And they know it’s coming so I get blasted by them if I happen to forget. Rarely do I forget anymore. I love seeing their little faces light up – glad that Mommy is home again, and excited about whatever little prize they might receive. My trip to San Francisco was no exception. And their treat was a new book, Stone Soup.

My children LOVE books. It’s crazy the number of books they each have. It’s even more exciting now that Ryley is learning to read and Grace isn’t far behind. Ethan has been the best at bedtime reading. He has his own little stack of books in his room, and has his favorites among those. We usually go through three or four books a night before he is satisfied and will quietly go off to bed. Ryley and Grace used to run around the room like crazy when they were toddlers…never sitting still long enough for us to get through one book. I love this quiet time with Ethan. Well, Stone Soup has taken up residence in Ethan’s room, and is the first book he asks for every night. Not much to the story…three soldiers come into a town. They’re hungry but the townspeople are wary of strangers and unwilling to share their resources. So the soldiers tell them they’re going to make stone soup, and soon the whole town is involved in creating the best soup ever. It’s kind of funny. I don’t think the kids really get the story, but Ethan loves that book. He talks about it all the time, asks for it over and over everyday. Who’d have thought? I just smile.

Ryley has a new “thing” too. It’s amazing to watch him change and grow up so much. We’ve gone from Clifford to Spiderman to XBox games and sports. My husband is a documentary/informational type of guy. He loves the History Channel, Nat’l Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, etc. Ryley is starting to follow in his father’s footsteps. Apparently, Michael has had a fascination with war planes since he was a little boy. Lately, Ryley has the same fascination. There is a show on one of the channels about dog fights between fighter planes. The graphics are really cool, depicting actual battles in the sky. We’ve taken to recording them for Ryley. They’re not violent like war movies or anything like that, thankfully. But Ryley is completely into them. We live in a military town too, so there are always Marine helicopters and planes flying overhead. I’m sure that helps fuel the interest. Michael even got him a new video game where Ryley can pick which plane he wants and then go on “missions”. Being a girlie-girl, I have never completely understood the seemingly innate desire in boys to pretend they’re at war, but whatever. I did wake up in a panic the other night that this will lead Ryley to want a career in the military. Don’t get me wrong…we have lots of friends who are in or were in the Marines. My Daddy was in the Navy. I’m not putting it down as an occupation at all…it just scares me to death to think of my precious little boy going off to fight somewhere. Because Ryley would never be satisfied being on the ground…he’d have to be up in one of those planes!

Grace is blessedly status quo right now. Nothing really new on her horizon. She is showing a lot of attitude right now which I could live without. She gets that look in her eyes, crosses her arms and spouts something out of her mouth that is completely unacceptable and I sigh….what are her teenage years going to be like?

Oh, and we’re in the process of filling out Ethan’s preschool paperwork. It seems we have licked potty training…he’s even waking up in the night and during naps to go potty (although I still put a diaper on for now, until we really string some dry nights together). My baby is almost three…..ready to head off to preschool with the rest of the “big kids”. <<<sigh>>>>Not sure if Mommy’s quite ready for this, but once he saw the giant sit-on excavator in the sand box, and then saw the pictures of when the Lizard Wizard came to the school for a visit, he was hooked, and there’s no turning back now.

Here are a few of my P365 pics….Ethan showing off his Mater, and then a couple with my parents. We got to have dinner with them the other night at one of our favorite restaurants.




6 thoughts on “Stone soup and other new loves

  1. Donna
    You family is so beautiful!
    What is the fascination with men and planes? I live about 2 miles from the airport and we have a lot of military planes fueling here. Whenever one flies over (incredibly LOUD) all the men on the cul de sac are out in the street in a heartbeat trying to identify it! (Try to get them to move that fast when it is time to take the trash out ) I will have to keep an eye out for the book Stone soup. Domonique is just now starting to understand storylines. Karen

  2. It sounds like everything is peachy keen out your way. Your babies are getting so big… they’re not even babies anymore. I never understood men’s fascination with stuff like that either. It’s kinda funny. I hope everything continues to go well. -Sarah

  3. Grace’s hair has gotten so long since the last pic you posted and I swear Ethan’s grown about 2 inches. Why do these kids keep growing?! For the love of God – make them stop!! Don’t they know they keep us young?? I love Stone Soup, too. It’s one of those books you should read at 3 stages in your life… as a child, as a teen and as an adult. I swear it means something different each time. Books are such a great gift, and fostering a love of books… well, their momma is a smart, voracious reader so it would surprise me if they don’t see YOUR love of books and want to find out why. What a gift that is… Your family is beautiful… all of them. Darcy

  4. What an awesome gift you have given your children, the love of reading! They will get to travel the world, meet new people and let their imaginations run wild all from the comfort of their home! Your children are adorable, what a beautiful family! Talk with you soon,

  5. I LOVE Stone Soup!! It’s a great book with so many lessons to be taught through it. Great choice to add to your ever growing collection! Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love and Hugs!

  6. Your family is beautiful…your parents look so happy with the kids. I love that your kids love books. Mine do as well. I always hoped my love of books would wear off on them – and I’m thankful that it has. I don’t have Stone Soup – but I”m going to get it now! Take care,

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