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Bye bye baby

My baby is truly a baby no longer. We had a momentous day on Saturday – the crib came down and out of Ethan’s room. So sad. He was done with it, but I am not quite sure I’m ready to be completely out of the baby stage of our lives. Oh well…..time pulls us forward, sometimes kicking and screaming, but onward we go.

Ethan tore apart the crib tent late last week. It had been the last thing keeping him in his crib since November. I finally caved and took it out. There went naps. On Saturday, I bought him a Cars toddler bed. I thought about just going and getting him a big bed, but I decided to wait until we re-do his room completely and then he’ll get the truly big boy furniture. For now, a Cars bed it is. It looks so cute in his room. Just a miniature little bed sitting there, waiting for my boy to jump in. I thought it might be incentive for him to stay in his bed if he had something he loves (Cars). No such luck. So now we begin the stay-in-bed battle. I have dreaded this for a year now and here we are. Ryley was very easy to transition to a bed. Grace was a complete nightmare. I’m thinking Ethan is going to follow the same trail Grace has blazed. I honestly don’t know if I have the patience to deal with it at this point. But we’ll give it a valiant effort and hope for the best.

I had to laugh yesterday though. The Superbowl party was at our house, so I was running around like a madman all day trying to get the house and food ready. I didn’t have time to fight with Ethan to get him to stay in bed and take his nap. So, he went without. Once the party started and kids were running everywhere, I assumed he was playing with them. And he was, for awhile. But then, he seemed to be missing. So we started searching around the house. I found him, crashed out asleep on the landing of the stairs. It was so cute! He was so exhausted. So I put him to bed and he stayed there for three hours, completely knocked out. When it came time for bed, he was fighting it so I laid down with him. Three hours later, I woke up, cramped from curling up in this little bed. But he’d stayed in his bed and was sound asleep.

So now it’s bye bye baby for good. On to full toddler mode. He starts preschool next month. Too many milestones all at once for me.

6 thoughts on “Bye bye baby

  1. Oh Donna-
    What huge accomplishments, and changes! Don’t those milestones seem to come in streaks? That is just too cute, about falling asleep on the landing.

  2. BIG HUGS for Momma!! I know this feeling.. as I was forced into this one by Kirk…. who placed Will in his big boy bed for a nap while I was out one afternoon a year ago! I did cry.. and I cried even more when the crib came down. Especially knowing it’s not going back up in my house, for my child. This is a big milestone! Hang in there, and try to embrace Toddlerhood. Love and Hugs!

  3. Wow!!! Those are some big changes in your house. I hope that it works out for you. I am sending some good vibes (and good wine) your way!!! Angi “Phoenix’s mom”

  4. Losing the crib was hard. I totally empathize. But how cool for Ethan that he has a Cars bed. I know the one you’re talking about, and Logan would just love it. I’m holding out to find one I like in a twin though. Don’t tell him Ethan has the “cool bed”. Congrats to your big boy. I can’t believe he’s big enough to go off to school. Wow! *tear* Darcy

  5. His bed sounds cute! I’d love to see a picture of it! I’m dreading the day Camden gets a toddler bed, naps will be gone in an instant. I feel for you! -Shonda

  6. Wow Donna…that’s HUGE! Good luck keeping him in bed. I dread it…I dread it. So far – I’ve removed the bumper from Em’s bed…and it’s keeping her there for now. This is one time I”m glad she’s short! Hang in there! Denise

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