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Ryley update

We’re back from the doctor’s office. Boy, they really don’t hesitate to bring you in when you have an asthmatic child on your hands. The conclusion being that Ryley has influenza. WHAT? The doctor was even surprised when the swab came back positive. He had the flu shot back in October, but apparently it was ineffective against this strain. Tamaflu here we come, and he will likely be out of school the rest of the week. No Valentine’s Day party for him. Homework gets put off. The couch and our entire dvd collection will become his friends over the next few days.

The good news is that he sats were between 95 and 97%, and his lungs are clear so far. She did say to continue to be vigilant that this doesn’t bring on a full-scale asthma attack. We’ve been mid-yellow zone since 11:30. Pray that it stays that way.

I found myself near tears while we waited in the exam room. There he lay, barely able to move, his face, ears, and neck bright red from the fever, eyes watery, face pale, shivering from the fever too. I haven’t seen him this sick in a couple of years. But it all comes back so quickly. You so want to take it all away and just make him feel better. I watched his pulse race as the vein on the side of his neck pounded. I watched his breathing – too quick for a 6 year old. I saw him cry as I moved him to a sitting position. I saw him fall into a disturbed sleep as we waited for the doctor to come in. And I was reminded of those helpless days in the NICU when I could only sit by his bedside and watch, and hope, and pray. At least now I can touch him and hold him to try to provide some measure of comfort. At least now I can talk to him about taking medicine instead of him just having to endure it without even having the capability of fighting back as another needle or line is inserted. At least now I know his lungs are much stronger, his body so much bigger to give him added strength to battle this illness. How times change, but how they somehow stay the same.

10 thoughts on “Ryley update

  1. Donna,
    Your words are just so real… about how times change, but how they somehow stay the same.
    I sure hope he is on the mend soon. No good for you or him. Tracy

  2. Oh Donna! I’m so sorry… The flu shot is only 3 strains of flu virus. The CDC tries to predict which 3 strains will be most prevalent across the country but there really is no way to pick a shot that covers the whole country from all the flu variations there are. I’m so very sorry Ryley caught one he wasn’t safe from. Go figure, huh? I’m literally shaking my head sitting here feeling so bad… you can do everything right and still get bit. I know Ryley is bigger, older and stronger than Logan was last year when he has the flu, but about a week in, Logan’s developed into pneumonia and he got worse before he got better. I’m not sure if it’s an old wives tale or not, but some say keeping them upright helps from all the liquid gunk settling in their chests. Hopefully Ryley will mend quickly, and be back to himself soon. Last year we had our Valentine’s Day party at the end of the month. The good news was all the stuff was 75% off, so for $10 we were able to throw a HUGE party at home. You can tell Ryley that as soon as he feels better, you’ll make up the V-day party. This weekend, you’ll get a great deal on pink-red and heart stuff and have a “Better Late Than Never” party, too. Thinking of you,

  3. So very sorry to hear Ryley caught the flu. No fun. Especially for an asthmatic. From one asthmatic to another, it’s not an old wives tale. It really does help the breathing to be sitting up. Back rubs also help the resulting sore chest/back muscles. I do so hope and pray he gets better soon. Mary

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the flu. Definately no fun…my 29 weeker (who is 16 months now) has very bad asthma as well…Plus now we are battleing the croupe…and did venture to the dr.s this morning due to the whole asthma thing. Its hard to watch your child struggle to breathe.. I hope Riley gets well soon!

  5. Donna: I am sorry Ryley is so sick. It’s very hard to see your kids sick and all you can do is be “Mommy Nurse” like my oldest says. Know I am praying get well vibes his way! Shari

  6. Poor Ryley, I am so sorry he’s sick and will have to the rest of the week and Valentine’s festivities. I’m sending you a virtual Valentine right now, full of candy and hugs. Whenever London gets sick, we still elevate his bed at least six inches on the end where his head lays…..less pressure on the lungs. Not sure if it is scientific or not, but it sure seems to help him not get to anything worse. -Shonda

  7. Oh Sweetie!! I’m sorry to hear that Ryley is so sick. How sad to see him like this! Poor baby. I hope the Tamaflu works it’s wonders, and he’s back to himself in a few days! Just curious did they offer it to the other two? If they’ve not show signs of the flu.. it can protect them. Worth asking if they didn’t offer it! That is what we did last year when I came down with it. It worked in protecting two of the kids from it. Hang in there. I’ll check with you tomorrow to see how he’s doing!
    Love and Hugs!

  8. I’m so sorry about Ryley having the flu. It must be hard. Not too long ago, Quinn was battling a fever… I saw her pulse beating through her neck too and she was red as a cherry with a fever of 105. It landed us 2 days in the hospital. I feel your pain. And the situation took me straight back to the NICU too. No, we can’t protect them from all the sickies… but we can be by their side to help them through it. That’s what moms are for. I do hope that Ryley feels better soon. -Sarah

  9. Donna –
    I’m SO sorry Ryley has the flu! Poor guy. Poor Mommy. Like Darcy said – celebrate Valentines Day this weekend when he feels better – better late than never! Hang in there. I hope he’s feeling better very soon. Denise

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