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Breaking my heart

This must be one yucky illness. I’ve gotten used to Ryley bouncing back fairly quickly even when he does get sick. Not so with this flu bug. He’s still completely down. I’m trying to pump fluids. I’ve taken to writing myself notes on what his temp was, what meds were given in what amounts, what he’s eaten/drank and when for all of that. Sound familiar to anyone?

What a bummer of a Valentine’s Day for this kid. I got each of the three kids a shirt for V-Day. Ryley has his on, along with his pajama pants. I have to give him credit for trying. He hasn’t even complained about missing his party at school. The only thing he’s asked for is the treat I promised him yesterday when he didn’t get his coin at the dr’s office yesterday to get a prize out of the machine. Just how do I manage to get to Target to get what we desperately need and get to the pharmacy to pick up his meds without distressing him and without exposing strangers to this stuff?

He asked for some paper and crayons or markers to make Valentine’s cards. He’s been at that for half an hour and just brought me mine. There are two hearts on the front and inside, without any help, he has written “I *heart” Mom”. It broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. He obviously feels so awful but yet can make something so sweet. He is learning something at school! He knows how to write a sentence. And what a sweet sentence it is.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Breaking my heart

  1. Ughhh… That poor, *sweet* boy. He’s feeling so crummy, but still wanted to make others smile. Ahh… “I *heart* Mom”… That has to be just about the sweetest sentence ever!!! I hope he feels better soon,

  2. How sweet!! I am sorry to hear that he’s still not feeling well. Influenza is awful.. and it makes you feel awful.. for at least a few days.
    It took me a grown adult 3 days to get out of bed last year.
    I hope he’s up and around soon! Love and Hugs,

  3. I think the flu is easy to underestimate because it’s so “common”. But it’s rough. And I hope Ryley gets better soon. I think it was a full 2 weeks before recovery here… but Ryley is much stronger… so hoping for much less time. What a sweet, sweet Valentine. Better than any store bought card any day!! Darcy

  4. aaawwwwwwww… how stinkin sweet. The Valentines day card of course but definitely not that flu bug. I do hope that Ryley will be back to normal soon. -Sarah

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