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Recovering and new loves

I do believe we have finally kicked this flu to the curb. Can I get an AMEN?!!!!!!!! It took over a week, but I think we’re done. I hope we’re done. Now I just pray that neither Michael nor I get it. Ryley started it early last week, at 2:30 in the morning to be precise. Gotta love how that boy spikes his fevers in the middle of the night. At least he’s consistent. Whenever he’s sick with a fever, he sleeps in our bed just because he has this tendency to hit the peak between 11pm and 1am. ALWAYS. He’s been that way from the beginning. But we know it, so we take precaution by keeping him close. Wednesday, Valentine’s Day – Grace went to school for her party. She seemed completely fine. Different story by the time I picked her up. An hour later, she started the fever. GREAT. I called school to warn them and apologize. Have I said before how much I LOVE our preschool? So, we’re in. Two kids down, completely. Thankfully, we have a well-stocked kid movie library. And thankfully, it was raining buckets outside three days last week. We made it to the end of the week, and our regular, wonderful sitter was set for Friday night so I could get out of the house for a couple of hours. An hour before go-time, Ethan’s fever started. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! They’ve shared stuff before, but never in such quick succession. Oh well…at least we got it all done and over with in just over a week. I can happily say that the fevers are all gone. The coughs are nearly gone. As was predictable, Ryley got the sickest the fastest. Grace never got it quite as bad as the other two, and Ethan is still hanging onto his yecky nose much longer than the other two did. Funny how different they all are, but we know pretty much how each one will react. They followed their general paths. Ryley and Grace are back in school today, and we’re almost back to normal. Ryley is still on the albuterol until that cough is completely gone. Gotta love the albuterol-induced behavior, but even that seems a little more under control than in the past. Maybe we’ve turned another corner?

I have learned in the past week that my kids are growing up. Okay, so I knew that before, but there’s knowing, and there’s *KNOWING*. The indicator this time was the movie selection. They are moving a bit out of all of the animal animated movies. They still enjoy them, but given the choice, they have started to pick other stuff first. Bummer – now I’m going to have to start watching my favorites on the sly. DARN! Our new favorites are any of the original Star Wars trilogy, Narnia, Pirates, and Spiderman. How does this happen? Where does time go? It really does seem like just yesterday we were buying our first Clifford the Big Red Dog video for Ryley, and now the only thing Ethan wants to see is Empire Strikes Back.

On the nap front – things have still been going pretty well. Yesterday, I stood outside of his room for just a few moments to make sure he wasn’t going to bounce right out of his bed. He stayed in and slept for almost 3 hours! I don’t know if it’s because he still hasn’t been feeling 100% or if he’s getting the fact that Mom is NOT going to give up or give in. I don’t really care either way as long as he stays in his bed and gets his nap. Michael has taken to calling him the monster child. I tell him he’s just trying to give the combination of Ryley and Grace a run for the money, while driving Mommy slowly insane!

8 thoughts on “Recovering and new loves

  1. Donna AMEN!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! I too thought that over this weekend with Jayson and Kaia… growing up sure is something, ain’t it?! take care!

  2. Yikes Donna – your house has been germ central! So glad everyone is feeling better. Maybe this Friday you can get out for a bit???? Way to go on the naps! I dread the day Emerson is no longer in her crib. Denise

  3. Yay for Ethan napping! I know just how frustrating it is! I still deal with hours of Q crying unless she is sick. I’m glad the kids got over the flu. Hopefully mom and dad don’t get it! -Sarah

  4. How about an AMEN and a BINGO!!!!! I was hoping for a laugh there. I am glad that everyone is on the mend. Angi “Phoenix’s Mom”

  5. AMEN SISTER!! I’m glad it’s been officially kicked at your house. I’ll say some extra prayers that you and Michael manage to stay healthy in all this. And on the nap front.. I’m doing the silent happy nappy dance.. just incase he tries to back slide. I’ll do the loud dance when we’re sure you’ve won! Love and Hugs!

  6. hehehe…I just got a kick out of Karri’s silent happy nappy dance..lol (I’ll dance with ya too!) So happy that the kids are getting back to normal. I pray that nasty bug is gone for good. Karen
    oh yea I forgot…..AMEN!!!!!

  7. Hooray for health!! You’re doing better than we are on the nap front. My boys *suddenly* – six months after switching to big boy beds, decided it’s time to revolt! ugh! Take care,

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