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I have a reader!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, he can read!!!!!!!!! This is just so awesome, so amazing. It is one of the most incredible things to watch your child learn to read. This is almost as good as him rolling over, standing, walking, talking. RYLEY CAN READ!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been over six years since we came home from the NICU. Those first few years, I was so worried about him developmentally. But he pulled through all of that, relatively unscathed. Six years later, I still find myself looking up to the sky for the other shoe to drop. The asthma thing two years ago was part of that shoe, but pretty much expected. As we started school this past Fall, I found myself holding my breath once again. Does he have a learning disability?Would some new issue come out of the woodwork? He is easily distracted by things around him, but even that seems to be “normal” for a six year old boy. And now he can read!!!!!! I still worry, but my heart just about burst out of my chest. He can read!!!!! I told him how proud I was of him, and I thought his heart was going to burst out of *his* chest!

He does have a low frustration level. That’s always been there. And he is a perfectionist (hmmm….wonder where that came from?!!! LOL!) so we constantly have to calm him and reassure him. That does worry me a little bit. He freaks out over the smallest mistake. Sometimes it just an outburst and then he will try again, but sometimes there are full-on tears and meltdowns. Michael has no patience for this type of breakdown. I understand it – I felt that way a lot as a child. Everything HAD to be perfect or I had to start all over again. But my gracious, if this is all we have to deal with, then so be it. HE CAN READ!!!!!!!

We went to the dentist yesterday – me and the three kids. What fun. Grace was the usual drama queen. I heard her start to whimper, so I started down the hall to see how things were going. I have to say I love our dentist. He is so calm, and he handled her really well, so I backed away and let him handle it. She was fine. Usually if something gets to her, she will tell me all about it for days on end, but she never said anything about it. Ryley has two cavities. We get to go back next week for a couple of small fillings. I just wonder how that is going to go. This was Ethan’s first time in the exam chair. I had to hold him on my lap. Again, I love our dentist. The first visit with the kids, he just lets them go up and down in the chair, and counts their teeth so they get used to opening their mouths for him and get used to the gloved fingers, etc. Ethan was scared at first, but then it was an adventure, and as soon as he found out he would be able to pick a prize out of the prize box, he was extremely cooperative!

The last bit of news is that T-Ball has started again. YIPPEE!! Ryley is an Oriole this year. Pretty cute. I can handle him being anything except a Yankee again. UGH! Their first game will be while Michael and I are gone, which is a serious bummer, but we’ve had this trip planned since last May and we need it. I’ll post pictures soon. He is definitely much better this year than last year. We’ll just see how the games go. They’re usually pretty entertaining!

8 thoughts on “I have a reader!!!!!!

  1. Donna, I just found your blog and enjoy reading about your children. Thanks for sharing Ryley’s success. My son is 3 1/2 and I still worry about learning disabilities (though he’s shown no signs, just me panicking). It’s nice to hear from an older preemie and see that he’s doing just fine. Lisa

  2. Reading, how much fun is that! Sounds like you have a pretty busy household. Oh the dentist, hope I can find one like that for Lesley when its time. Hugs,

  3. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!! Great, fantastic, wonderful, exuberant news. Remember that mom at Outback Steakhouse who was concerned about a sweet little boy who couldn’t form all his letters? You’ve come a long way, baby!!!!!! Darcy

  4. Oh yeah!!! Woohoo for reading!! I worry so much about London’s abilities for school, it is so nice to hear another mom who has been there and come out victorious!! An Oriole, how cute. But my oh my do I hope London is a Yankee. -Shonda

  5. I am so happy for you that you have a reader!!!!! I wish we had a dentist like yours. I need someone to give me a prize when I get out of the chair. Angi “Phoenix’s mom”

  6. My premmie (26 weeks – 1 lb. 13 oz.) is a sophmore in high school. I have always looked for learning disabilities. Now that she can explain it. She said its frustrating that other kids get something in a few minutes and she has to work and work and still not understand it. It is mostly in math and now biology. But my nephew (born full term – 10 lbs) has the same difficulties in school. So I’m trying not to blame it on the premmie thing now. Its hard as we all know that us preemie mom’s are conformed “worrier’s” after what we went through at their birth. Hang in there. I think all kids are going to go at their own pace with school. It just breaks your heart when they come home frustrated and crying. (Teenage girls). But at least she’s here to listen to her whinning.

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