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T-ball orioles take the field!

Our first t-ball game of the season was last night. The rain held out, but it was COLD (cold for San Diego anyways!). Ryley was completely decked out. We’ve smartened up this year – he had sleeves underneath his team t-shirt, new batting gloves and a pair of sliding shorts underneath his way-too-big baseball pants to help keep him warm. I’m not usually a huge fan of the color orange, but there’s something about orange with black that just looks pretty cool. And of course Ryley looked adorable (don’t tell him I said that) in his uniform. I can’t believe we’re starting baseball again already!

You can really tell the difference between the first and second year players. Ryley has both on his team. His attention span was so much better than last year, and I can tell he’s really starting to get into the game. He was hitting second-to-last and the wait seemed so long before it was his turn to come up to bat. All the kids had that hesitation after they’d hit the ball, not quite sure what to do next, until they heard all the parents in the stands yelling “RUN!!” and then they’d take off. So cute. Finally it was Ryley’s turn. He was pulling at his batting gloves as he walked to the plate, and one of his back pockets was hanging out. He pulled his batting helmet down low, and took his place in the batter’s box – the only left-handed hitter on his team this year. CRACK! The ball flew over the pitcher’s head and Ryley was safe at first. We were off to a great start. I think he’s really having fun now and I love to watch him play.

Ryley played short stop yesterday. In our t-ball league, they don’t keep score, and every kid hits each inning instead of three outs and you’re done. Most of the kids hit right back at the pitcher, or down the first base line, but some of them hit it towards 3rd. Ryley got seven kids out by getting the ball and running to 3rd. I thought Michael was going to explode watching Ryley run and do so well in the game last night. He called his dad mid-game to let him know what he was missing (Michael’s parents usually come out for the games). Ryley seems to be doing much better without Michael on the field. Kids just seem to listen better to people who are not their parents and Ryley is no exception.

The game ended and Ryley was in a great mood. He’d had fun, which is the most important thing. I hope he continues to have a good time out there. Coach already says he wants Ryley on his team next year, and that he will probably keep him at short stop or 3rd base for most of the games. We’ll see. I just want Ryley to enjoy himself and learn the love of the game that his parents have. One game down in a season that will last until June. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

2 thoughts on “T-ball orioles take the field!

  1. Oh how fun!! I remember going to my oldest brother’s Little League games. I wasn’t old enough to pay much attention, but certainly had fun playing on the playground equiment. Glad to hear Ryley is having such a good time. Mary

  2. Lord how I wish it were baseball season here!! If it were it wouldn’t be cold, and snowy… well at least not likely! I can’t wait to see pictures. Isn’t the reading thing cool!! It’s just so amazing! Glad to hear he’s doing so well with school. Love and Hugs!

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