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Walk kick-off

We had our Walk Kick-Off Breakfast this morning at the beautiful Salk Institute. It is a gorgeous day outside, and there is just something about seeing the ocean and the clear blue sky to lift my spirits. It was a beautiful view as we walked from the car to the Reception area.

This was actually my first Kick-Off event ever. I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was so nervous. This would be my first time speaking as the Ambassador Mom. I so want to do the local office proud, mostly as a way of saying thank you for the honor, and thank you for my son’s life. There weren’t any Family Teams there – mostly corporate people, and some state biggies from the March of Dimes. But they were very friendly faces – faces I had seen before. They were so encouraging, so friendly (and also so helpful as I had all three kids in tow and Michael was not able to go with me). Monica R is our state Walk director and is amazing. She has so much energy, and I an easily tell why she does what she does – she is amazing with children. Ryley will talk to anyone, but Grace and Ethan can be pretty shy. They opened right up to her. I guess it helped her cause that she was getting them food and drinks most of the morning!!

I could hardly eat I was so nervous. The program began and I was moved to tears. These people were here to raise money for our kids! They care about my son and what happened to him, and they want to help fight the battle to keep it happening to other parents and babies. They were energized, and excited. The goals are daunting, but I have no doubt we will reach them. And then it was my turn to talk. Ryley joined me at the podium, and Ethan decided to be a cling-on and had to have Mommy hold him. I was at a front table with my back to the room as Ryley’s video played. I could hear some sniffs, but I wasn’t really paying much attention. I would have to talk in a minute!!!! The video ended and it was time to tell our story. There I stood, Ryley glued to one side, Ethan in my arms on the other side. Ethan stole the show, laying his head on my shoulder, kicking the podium, grabbing the mike, and just about everything else he could do to distract me. Practicing my speech until 11:30 last night paid off. It went well, I think, in spite of the distractions. When it was over, I couldn’t believe how quickly it had gone by. I survived!!!

The Kick-Off itself was great. And we’ve been asked to speak at a couple other corporate events in our area. I am excited, and I am awed.

As for Ryley – he lapped up the attention. I think he’s going to believe he should get a present every time we do anything with the March of Dimes. He’s getting used to being in the middle of things. I ended up taking him this morning in spite of yesterday’s diagnosis because the fever has been gone since late yesterday afternoon, and the antibiotics seemed to have kicked in as well. Why is it their illnesses are always the worst right before you take them to the doctor? I’m keeping him down this afternoon with more movies. No t-ball practice, no playing outside, no running around, and we’ll have an early bedtime tonight. It seems the couples trip will still be a go, barring any relapse between this afternoon and 4am Saturday morning.

Can I just say though that I am completely over the albuterol roid rage? So over it. It’s making me completely insane. I have no sympathy for his behavior. I KNOW it’s induced by the meds, but gimme a break. He has been bouncing off the walls, spinning in circles, pitching fits when he doesn’t get what he wants (this from a 6 year old!), and just generally being a brat. I want him better because I hate when he’s sick, but I *need* him better because we need to be done with the albuterol-induced roid rage!!!!

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words yesterday. I was in a dark place after our dr. visit yesterday, and you all lifted me right back up. THANK YOU!!!

6 thoughts on “Walk kick-off

  1. I am so glad that your kickoff went well. I knew that you would so an awesome job speaking. I hope that Ethan gets better. Angi “Phoenix’s mom”

  2. Glad to hear your kick-off went well. I imagine those corporate faces will bring in a lot of money for your chapter and the MOD. You are very brave to have taken all three kids along! -Shonda

  3. Donna
    Congrats on a wonderful kick-off!! Yay! You made it through just great. It is amazing, I can be to so many of these functions and watch these videos and I get so choked up. I guess this just means that prematurity is not something we will allow ourselves to ‘get used to’. I hope Ryley continues to get better. Karen

  4. I am glad the kick off went well. The clear blue sky talk braught slight jealousy here….we are stuck in too much SNOW!!!!!!! I hope the roid rage phase passes off soon. Good luck!

  5. Hurray! So glad your kick-off was a huge success…I knew you would do amazing. I’m with you…roid rage sucks! Denise

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