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First days

I was going to blog about where I’ve been for the past week (just in case anyone noticed I wasn’t around Share ), but we had a huge event in our household this morning that takes way more precedence over my week away……

Ethan, my youngest, started preschool today. <<sigh, heavy sigh>>> My baby will always be my baby, but he’s no longer a baby. There have been lots of signs in the past few months that this was happening, but in true mommy style, I was in denial. I can deny no longer. He is a preschooler. When Ryley started preschool, Ethan was barely six weeks old and I carried him in to the school in an infant carrier to drop Ryley off. Today, Ethan walked in with his little Nemo backpack, ready to go. Mommy was not quite ready.

Michael went in late to work just so he could be there with us for drop-off. He held E’s hand as we walked across the parking lot. We went in and Ethan was so excited to find his cubby and put his backpack in. He was even more excited that some of the “big boys” had the trains out – Ethan’s personal heaven. They welcomed him right in. It seemed like the big boys were excited that Ethan would finally get to stay and play with them. Ethan was fine until it was time to clean-up for morning circle time. He just couldn’t get that he wasn’t going to be able to just play all morning long. That’s when the tears started. Miss J took him and sat with him on her lap next to Grace. I stood outside, watching through the window, and my tears started. It was hard to see him upset, it was hard to believe that my baby was in school, it was hard to leave him. Miss S assured me he would be okay, and she would call me if he wasn’t calming down. And then I walked out of the building, by myself, for the first time in three years.

I made it through my workout by checking my phone every 30 seconds to see if his teacher had called. I made it through Party City picking up birthday party supplies for his party next week. And then I caved and called. Miss S said he cried for about 10 minutes, then went outside to play and he was fine after that. Ethan is in that shy stage. Ryley never really had that. Grace was minimally shy. He’s so independent at home, but so mommy-attached away from home. I know he will settle in and take off. He’s so ready to be in preschool. He’s been asking to go since September. It’s just a little hard on mommy to let go.

I did take pictures. They’re on my big camera and I haven’t resized them yet. I will. It was a morning to remember!!

11 thoughts on “First days

  1. It sounds like he had a pretty good day. I can imagine it was tough on you, your little one growing up and off to school……where does the time go? I hope he continues to do well and enjoys playing with the other kids. -Shonda

  2. Awww, I know how you feel about the preschool thing. Jack starts in the fall. I can’t imagine him not being here during the day. I hope he keeps on enjoying himself as I’m sure he will. Take care, Kelly

  3. <sniff, sniff> What a BIG boy!! I *constantly* check my phone while the boys are at school. I am terrified I won’t know it is ringing and miss an “emergency”!! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Kara

  4. Aww poor mommy. I’m glad Ethan settled in, I’m sure he will love school. It must have been hard for you to see him go off into big kid land. They get to school so fast don’t they? Kathy

  5. Oh Donna,
    Sounds like an amazing morning! And you did great!!! I can’t imagine going through that! Good thing you’ll be a pro for when it comes for my time with Lesley! Thanks for sharing. Hugs,

  6. Oh my. What a day. I can’t imagine walking out of a building, yet, and leaving little Logan in it. Just the thought makes me shiver. Sounds like the day was a success, other than Mom’s emotions and a short bit of crying. Looking forward to pictures!

  7. Donna~What a day! I’m sure it was weird leaving there for the first time alone. WOW! My DH and I were just discussing this event last night…Braden will start preschool in August and I asked Chris if he could take the day off to *support* me Where does the time go? Can’t wait to see the pictures of the big day!

  8. First days are incredibly tough on Moms. You know (and this is going to sound like it was a really long time ago, but it was really just last Aug.) I remember when my 3 went to their first day of pre-pre school. That was …. Well …. Deeply heartbreaking and at times unbearably sad. After cutting the crust off lunch sandwiches and scraping play dough off the floor after Jack’s Big Music Show and during naps … I did not know what to do with myself. It felt as if I’d been a mom all my life. Hang in there! You’ll find your new normal. Hugs! Congrats! Melissa

  9. Congrats! I can’t imagine my youngest going to school…you did such a good job! Can’t wait to see pictures! Hugs

  10. Donna –
    My heart goes out to you….I’m not far from where you are right now…I feel for ya! sounds like it went well for Ethan, and not as well for Mommy. In time – it’ll get easier. I can’t wait for pics! Denise

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