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Planes, trains & automobiles (buses, boats & carts, too!)

Well, in spite of another round of illness striking our household, Michael and I were able to go on our couples’ trip. I’m so glad…we both really needed it, and it was an amazing, eventful, relaxing, beautiful week. We went to Belize with six other couples – people who are good friends and whom we’ve traveled with before. I’ve never been to Central America, never been that far south. I’ve been to the Caribbean, but oh my, this was just incredible.

We stayed in a house on Ambergris Caye – a ways off the mainland. I honestly cannot say enough about how breathtaking it is there. It is a poor country, and not nearly developed as many places. On Ambergris, you either get around by golf cart, bike, or boat. We mostly used the boats. We had this wonderful guy, Clemente, who was almost our own personal boat chauffeur. He took us everywhere we went, for the most part, and even delivered food and beverages a couple of times. He organized most of our excursions and just became part of our group. If you’re ever going to Ambergris Caye in Belize, let me know….I’ll hook you up with Clem. He rocks!

Let’s see……Belize is not a beachy place to go – not like Hawaii, Cabo, Cancun, etc. It is full of water activities, and a huge dive destination. Michael got his partial dive certification before we left, and dove four times while we were there. We snorkeled twice, had a beach with fish the men had speared while we were snorkeling, went zip lining on the mainland, and cave tubing. So we were busy, but then we also had times of just laying around the pool talking, eating, listening to music, and reading trashy novels. One night, five of the girls stayed up until 12:30 just talking – one of those “sisterhood” conversations. It was probably one of my favorite nights of the entire trip. We had one of those conversations where you just lay it all out there, don’t put anyone down or judge for things they have done or not done, things they believe, where they’re coming from, etc. I have been friends with most of these women for the past four years. After that night, I felt like I really knew them. I think we all came home much closer than when we left.

Things I will remember the most about Belize – gorgeous water, a very bumpy boatride to the mainland (1 hour each way!), seeing more fish than I’ve ever seen before while snorkeling, beach bbq’s with great friends, bugs!!!!, bad wine, a cute little bar two houses up, Belikin beer, Olga the defiant cook, rice and beans and more rice and beans and then even more rice and beans, poker games, HUMIDITY!!!!!, conch shells, Clemente and his crew, no water pressure, zip lines, Belize time (ish), great conversations and good times with good friends.

I would definitely go back in a heartbeat, and next time, I’m taking the kids!!!

2 thoughts on “Planes, trains & automobiles (buses, boats & carts, too!)

  1. It sounds amazing..I’m with Denise, I’m so jealous!! I’m glad you had a good time, you so deserve that…

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