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I’ll admit it…I’ve begun to really look forward to Wednesday nights. Oh yes, there’s first the SYTYCD results show and one of my favorite parts of that is the group dance leading off. But after the boot-ees are booted, the excitement hasn’t ended. My night is not over……Glee is on next. The first few times I watched it, I wasn’t really sure if I liked it or not.  I wasn’t in love with any of the characters.  I can’t honestly say that  has changed.  If I examine my reasoning behind it, I realize that each character is so  human….strengths and weaknesses, failures and successes….any maybe after years of seeing pretty flat characters on tv, we’re not programmed to fully and immediately accept such human characters. I’m getting there.

The story lines have gotten more complicated with each episode….wow, almost like real life. There are layers, multiple facets, differing viewpoints. It’s comedy, but it also touches the heart with sincerity. 

So, done with my personal review of the show, I’ll tell you why I really love it….It’s the music. I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!! Yes, I do have the soundtrack on my iPod.  Every week, I consider adding whatever new songs they’ve done.  The mash-ups are some of my favorites. The week they did all the Color Me Badd, I was in heaven, and was totally giggling over memories from college of our baseball team doing a spot-on rendition at karaoke, complete with all the CMB dance moves.

Music has always been such a part of my life.  Give me a song, and I’m guaranteed to have a memory tied to it, whether that be a person, place or event. If we’re in church and one of the hymns for the day is one I sang at my Grandmother’s funeral, I immediately tear up.  Neil Diamond always makes me think of my  Daddy, Elvis my Mom. Paul Revere (Beastie Boys, circa 1986/87) and Control (Janet Jackson of the same era), put me back on the bus to basketball games my senior year of high school.   Kris Allen won my heart the first week of American Idol last year when he sang our wedding song, To Make You Feel My Love. Even my kids know which songs are “theirs”…..lullabies I sang to them when they were babies, songs that are on their video montages chosen specifically because they made me think of them (He’s  my  Son for Ryley, My Little Girl for Grace, Beautiful  Boy for Ethan).  When I hear Moments by Emerson Drive, I think of my brother running his marathons.  I have a “Friday Night Music” playlist on my iPod in honor of my sister and the year we spent together in college in a dinky apartment in Turlock. I almost always have music on…getting ready in the morning, driving in the car, sitting at my desk at work, on the computer at home, when I’m cleaning, when I’m running or working out. I wake up with songs in my head most mornings.   I can’t imagine a life without music. 

I read an article about Glee this morning. One of the cast-members noted that none of the songs were sung “just because”….there’s a point, an emotion, a connection to the story for each song chosen.  That’s why I think I love the show so much. The music means something, or they make it mean something because they do connect it to the characters, the story, the emotion of the episode. That’s my life.  I love the show for more than just the usual “rooting for the underdog” or wondering what’s coming next.  I love the music, and I love it even more because, like my life, it is meaningful. So if you catch me these days  humming or singing “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Keep Holding On”, “I Bust the Windows Out Your Car”, or “Take a Bow”, you’ll understand.  And if I don’t answer texts, emails, FB updates, or the phone between 9 and 10pm on Wednesday nights, you’ll know why.

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